an affair to remember 3

As i came out of the bathroom . Susan was waiting for me and i could see that she wasnt entirely satiated...Good for me...i walked up to her and she begged to see my rock hard cock...i grinned and pulled my briefs off and i was shocked as she practically jumped and grabbed my cock...she ran her fingers up and down the entire length and said she loved the thickness of it. she started pumping me with her hands and my precum was enough lubrication for her hands to slide up and down....i had something more in mind...i asked her to push 2-3 fingers inside her pussy and then use that to wank me....she was embarassed and said that she usually didnt play with herself....i told her i needed to see her fingers play with her pussy...she hesitatingly pushed her fingers up her pussy and she got out 3 fingers covered in her juices...she then grabbed my cock again and started pumping away...her speed got faster and faster and i was seeing all sorts of black spots and hallucinations....i was on the verge of cumming and i told her so....she positioned her self close to my cock and i burst with 3-4 eruptions of my cum onto her neck, boobs and a bit of her hair as well...she giggled and said she loved the feel of my cum....she didnt want to suck me off yet as she wasnt used to blow jobs...her husband was a prude and never tried oral for either of cock was throbbing and i cleaned myself up and we both lay in bed....holding each other....we still had time before i needed to leave to pick up the f****y... so i got in between her legs and started to lick her pussy once again...she moaned and spread herself wide....the sight of her leaking hairy pussy was such a turn on that i couldnt help sliding my tongue in deeper...she screamed and pushed herself closer to my mouth.. i used my mouth to move sideways on her pussy lips and the juices were smearing all over my face.... i got up and put on a condom...and i slid my rock hard cock into her pussy...she took it in well and she felt a lot tighter than my wife....i pushed it in slowly and started moving it in and out, in and out, in and out, setting a good rythem... i used to suddenly give a hard and full stroke and she waould moan and hold me tighter.....i then started to pump in harder and harder and she was all red and breathing extremely hard.....i kept on pumping till i couldnt hold on and burst into her pussy...luckily the condom held or else she would have had a pussy full of cum....i pulled my self out and then proceeded to push 2 fingers inside her and started massaging the G spot...she was on fire and drool was coming out of her open mouth....i finger fucked her for 2-3 minutes and she begged me to stop as she felt she was going to pee....i pumped even faster and she was screaming moaning telling me she loved me...she burst with an orgasm and my fingers were soaked in her cum....the bed sheet was soaked too and the whole room was filled with the smell of her juices....she practically fainted and she was totally all zonked out....i washed my hands and face and used her semi soaked panties to clean her up...the panties got totally soaked too....i helped her into her clothes and i presented her with a sexy pair of i wanted to keep her juice soaked ones....we put in the bed sheet into the washing machine and i aired out the room....we cleaned up as best as we could and i dropped her to the door...she was so exhausted, but her skin was radiant and she lloked even hotter than possible....she promised that she would give me a blowjob the next time and she wanted to see some porn so that she knew what to do...i promised that her wish was my command.....
i then picked up the f****y and even my wife noticed how shiny my skin was looking....told her i had a work out after getting back from work...if only she knew what kind or strenous work out it was.......
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3 years ago
lol she would have cut you off in more ways than one