an affair to remember 2

Hi all...This is the continuation to my earlier description of my first affair with the hot lady from our neighbourhood. We were not able to meet for a few days after the hot session we had. We both were longing for some more time together and we just couldnt get together...finally a day came a week later where my wife and k**s were to go to an aunts place in the other side of the city. She took a cab to reach there and the idea was for me to pick them up around dinner time...I called up the hot lady ( lets call her Susan) and asked her to meet me at my house by 5.30 p.m, so that we could have atleast 2 hurs to ourselves.
The doorbell rang at 5.30 sharp and by that time, i had taken a shower, worn a tee and shorts and i rushed to open the door...Susan looked stunning in a white shirt, jeans and had her hair pulled and tied in a bun....
i invited her in and i poured her some wine and we kissed while we sipped on the chilled wine. She looked nervous ,but there was a glimmer in her eyes and could make out that she was probably turned on already.. i took her to my guest room, where i had put on a fresh bed sheet and we sat on the bed and were playing with our fingers and hands... i put on some music and asked her to dance with me. we hugged and i could smell the scent on the back of her neck..i could feel the pressure of her boobs on my chest and i was starting to get hard...she felt my bulge and gave a grin and pulled me closer....i kissed her nape and then moved my lips forward kissing her neck and then her throat...she liked that and moaned...i took a step back and pulled off my fairly fit and she liked what she saw....i pulled down my shorts too and was only in my briefs, which could not hide the bulge of my cock...she loved seeing the bulge and she tried tried to grab it... i pusher had away and told her that it was hers to play with but much later...she asked me what i had in mind for the present and i laughed....i sat on the bed and asked her to strip off...throwing her clothes to me one by one...she giggled and said it would be embarassing....i told her that i was so horny that i would probably tear the clothes of her and she would have a big problem going back home....she saw the look in my eyes and knew i was serious....she stood by the bed and removed her belt from the jeans...she then unbuttoned her jeans and slid it down her legs...
she was wearing white panties and i thought i saw some moisture between her legs...she threw the jeans to me and i smelled the crotch area...she asked me what i was doing and i laughed and told her that i was trying to get a whiff of her juices...she was embarassed and told me she had never been licked below the way i had last time and she couldnt believe i could want to get so close and personal with her'juices'. she then proceeded to unbutton her white shirt and as more and more buttons opened, saw her white lacy bra and the soft skin on her tummy...she was pretty fit...she wasnt all hard and sporty, but was definately not chubby by any means... she pulled of her shirt and threw it to me...loved seeing her standing only in her under garments and i grew harder and harder. she turned around and undid her bra...she threw it backwords to me and i saw that she was a size 34b...the bra was warm and i kissed the area that used to cover her nipples...she turned and her breasts were magnificent...she was on the darker side and her full proud breasts were capped with the most delicous looking deep brown nipples that i had seen...the nipples were rock hard and when she saw the hunger in my eyes, she couldnt help but squeeze her own boobs and nipples....i told her huskily that i wanted her panties...she hesitated and said No...i told her again....she said breathlessly that her panties were all messy with her juices....i got off the bed and sat on the floor in front of her....i took my moth close to the waistline of her panties and grabbed the waistband with my teeth and started to pull it down...she moaned loudly as she had never been handled so raunchily....the panties came off her waist, below the curly nest of pussy hair, below the soaked joining of her thighs, down her thighs, knees, shins and ankles...she stepped out of her panties and i took the soaked and funky smelling panties to my nose and took a deep breath of the very pissy,juice filled smell and kissed the wetness on the crotch..she was shivering and she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me close to her pussy. i made her spread herself wide and pushed my tongue deep into the soaked pussy hole... she jumped as she had not expected such a deep entry into her pussy with my tongue and i sucked on the lips of her pussy and could feel the trickle of her juices run down my chin...i grabbed her by her butt and pulled her pussy down as close as was possible....she moaned and hissed and was shuddering....i licked her till she was not even aware of what was happening around her....
i threw her onto the bed and opened her legs wide and licked her inner thighs, folds of her outer pussy, inner pussy, tugged on each pussy lip individually and then opened her clit and took it into my mouth and vacuum sucked her....she screamed and had a mini orgasm. she bucked and went all red and then she pushed me away....the time was 6.15 p.m and i still had more than an hour to go....i let her rest for a few minutes and i washed her juices off my face and i started to play with her toes and feet....she was breahting heavily and i told her that the evening was only beginning....she said that she hadnt even had so much pleasure even after a full fledged sex session with her husband...and here we were only 30-40% into our sex romp....
to be continued.....
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