an affair to remember 1

Its been a close to 11 years of an up and down marraige, where after having k**s, the sex life is not on a priority with the wife... Its been years of masturbating and its actually surprising since when my wife and i do make love...she cums atleast 95% of the times...I guess its just the priority being everything else but the intimacy.
Would always bump into this pretty slightly older lady when i would drop my k** to the school bus and over a period of months, she would try and chat up with me and even told my wife, that she felt i was a great guy and very courteous.
Didnt take the praise to heart as it sounded very general.
Out of the blue, i get a call one evening from the lady asking me to meet her for a walk. I made an excuse and stepped out of the house and met the lady and we walked around the block. She candidly told me that she was happily married, but she was attracted to me and wanted to know if i found her hot...i had noticed her sexy figure and pretty face on many occasions and told her that she was a bomb...she laughed and took my hand in hers and played with my finger tips..i noticed the bulge in my jeans and so did she....she told me she wanted to hug me and we went behind this giant tree where i grabbed her in my arms and felt the pressure of her full breasts, and the warmth of her breath on my neck.
we broke off and we decided that we would meet the next day in the late afternoon after i could break away from work.
The next day, took extra care to shave well, smell good and dress up sporty..
Picked her up from a spot away from our block and we drove to a secluded spot a distance away. she was playing with my hands as i drove the car and it was refreshing to see a woman being proactive. We talked about our married lives and sex lives and it was bliss to hear a woman say that she loved sex and that her husband was too dull and extremely limited when it came to the whole bedding scene.
She asked me to kiss her and i couldnt wait any more...i held her bronzed face in my palms and kissed her forehead, kissed her eyebrows, kissed her eyelids, the sides of her face, then her chin...she was liking this and her lips were shuddering and waiting for attention. i kissed her lips lightly and withdrew and i could feel the anticipation from her side...i took her upper lips between mine and tugged it and then did the same with her lower lip...she moaned and we kissed deeply moving our lips from side to side...i asked her to push out her tongue and i took it into my mouth and sucked on her juices...she wanted me to do the same and i willingly obliged...we kissed for over 5 minutes trying out various movements, variations and both of us were perspiring inspite of the cool weather outside. i took her hand and kissed each finger lightly and proceeded to suck on eeach finger and she was turned on bad...i then kissed her wrist, forearm, arms and shoulders and asked her to raise her hands...she did so not knowing what to expect. i kissed her armpits and licked the skin there..she moaned and couldnt believe i wanted to lick her sweaty pits....i kissed her neck and then down her cleavage. she was wearing a sleeveless summer dress with buttons down the front and i opened the first 3 and caught a glimpse of a black lacy bra...she had a beautiful set of tits and i pushed my hand behid her back and opened the bra hooks. she was really turned on and her eyes looked glazed. i pulled off her bra and was rewarded with the sight of 2 brown full breasts with dark brown nipples all hardened and ready.
i cupped her boobs in my palms and squeezed gently and then plyed with the hardened nipples. i bent forward and licked all around her right breast..licking in a full circle from outside to the inside licking till i reached her nipple...i could see she wanted her nipple to be played with and sucked, but i lingered and blew my warm breath at her nipple and just touched it with my lips...she quivered and begged for it to be sucked... i happily obliged and took the whole nipple into my mouth and sucked and sucked to my hearts content....the car was all steamy and is could actually smell her sweat and the smell of her arousal...i did the same to her left boob as well and she was now all flushed and waiting for more....i touched her ankle and brought my hand upwards...touching her calfs, knees, behind the knees and her thighs, inner thighs...felt the heat there pushed her legs apart...i touched her panties and found them sodden with her juices...i pulled my hand out and she moaned nooo...i wanted to smell her arousal and i brought my hand close to my nose and i was so turned on by the scent on my fingers... i pushed my hand back up her legs and massged her mound from above her panties...she was all hot and bothered and i moved one finger from the side of her panties into her pussy and i cannot forget the first feel of the soft and very long pussy hair and when i moved my finger towards the core, i encountered a hard clit with slippery pussy juices all it. i explored her pussy and she was moaning and all excited. i got out of the car now and opened her door. i made her put her feet out onto the road and i opened the rest of her buttons...she was now only covered by her extremely wet blue panties which i helped her out off. her panties were soaked and i kissed the wetness on it and pushed it into my jean pocket as a souvenier...i spread her legs wide and kissed her inner thighs moving onto the sweet core... i licked her outer lips and her clit sucking on the clit...she pulled my face closer to her pussy and i pushed my tongue into her pussy opening and moved it in and out , in and out over and over again....she was crying, moaning not knowing what to do since she had never had her pussy licked before....i drank all her juices and alternated betweeen gentle licking and a deeper tongue f--king...she couldnt hold on for long and she had a deep orgasm and her juices were all over my face....she was exhausted and wasnt able to even speak clearly....i stroked her face and she lay down on the seat for atleast 5 minutes catching her breath... she wanted to do somehting for me to get off..but i told her it could wait and she should just enjoy what she had experienced....she told me she needed to pee and i told her that i would love to see her pee...she blushed and said ' no way'....but she couldnt fight she went behind a tree, pulled up her dress and squatted and let out a hot burst of her was so sexy seeing her peeing in front of me...wanted to start licking her pussy all over again...but she was already tired so i let her be... we drove back to our neighbourhood and she kissed me goodbye and thanked me for an experience to remember....
Our next meetings were equally beautiful...but thats in the next part...if you guys want to hear it.....
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2 years ago
yes, tell us more...
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice . will wait for a part 2
2 years ago
very good