Jennifer's Plaything (Part 1: Prelude)

***This story contains female domination aka femdom, sissyfication, etc.***

My name is Nick, I'm 29 years old, and I have what I expect most people
would call a "normal" life. At least I thought I did. I came home from
work on a typical weeknight expecting the usual routine of dinner and
vegging out on the couch. I work as a network administrator in a
technical support help desk and usually come home brain dead after eight
hours of dealing with frustrating customers.

I stopped by the mailboxes out front and grabbed a stack of the usual
junk mail.

"Don't you hate that?" a voice behind me asked. I turned to see
Heather, our neighbor from two doors down smiling at me as she picked up
her mail, "Junk mail drives me crazy."

"What're you gonna do though right?" I replied. Heather was a cute, 24
year-old brunette, and at 5 foot 7 she was almost as tall as me. She
lived with her husband of three years, Andy, and had become pretty good
friends with my wife.

"I like the new shirt, Nick...tell Jenn I said 'hi,' mmkay?"

"I'll do that." I turned and made my way to my apartment. Jennifer
didn't believe me , but I insisted that Heather flirted with me on a
daily basis. Maybe she didn't, but it sure helped my self-esteem to
imagine it was true. I've been told I have an attractive face, and some
people think I can be funny (or even charming on a good day).
Physically, I'm not much to speak of; I'm 5 foot 10 inches tall, so I'm
not exactly short, but at 150 lbs. I'm pretty thin; I like to call it
"lean." I've tried to stick to a weights regimen, but there's little
motivation when someone as smoking hot as Jennifer actually thinks
you're sexy. At least that's what she tells me.

I walked in the door to the usual sight of my wife cooking dinner in the
kitchen of our small one-bedroom apartment.

Jennifer spends her days as a student at the local liberal arts
university when she's not teaching fitness classes at the gym.
Physically she's 5 foot 2 inches tall, 125 lbs. with measurements of
34C, 26, 35. She was a cheerleader in high school and it shows; she has
one of those fitness-industry bodies: strong legs, dancer's hips, with
an amazing gymnast's ass that is definitely the highlight of her figure.
She also knows how to present herself. We've all seen that potentially
good-looking girl with bad posture, clothes that just don't do her any
justice, and no self-confidence. Jennifer suffers none of these
problems exuding an electric charm with grey- blue eyes and a sunbeam
smile...and she knows how to move; with the posture of a finishing
school graduate (or cheerleader, I guess) she's a natural at alluringly
flipping her shoulder-length, golden-blonde hair as she turns her head,
or swinging a skirt back and forth with her perfect ass as she walks;
all this with a mid-western modesty that disguises any improper intent.
She must have just gotten home herself, because she was still in her
workout clothes from her afternoon step class.

"Hi, honey," she called out as I dropped my bag on the floor, "How was
your day?"

"Ugh...the usual." I dropped the mail into the trashcan. "Heather said
to tell you 'hi.'" This got Jennifer's attention; she turned with an
impish grin.

"Oh, really? Is she still 'coincidentally' checking her mail right when
you are?"

"She liked my shirt," I prodded. Jennifer walked across the room to me
and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Well, too bad for her, because this man is taken. Dinner's in the
oven; I'm going to jump in the shower." She patted me on the butt and
walked towards our bathroom, her toned ass swiveled inside her skin-
tight black workout shorts. As she turned the corner she glanced over
her shoulder, caught me watching her go, and a smile crept across her

Our sex life is good. I wouldn't say we do anything 'weird,' just your
typical married couple's repertoire: usually in bed, sometimes on the
couch, and mostly missionary, or if she's feeling wild, she'll be on
top. I've done my share of internet porn surfing, and I've seen the
stuff that's out there, but I've never felt the need to expand my
horizons at home.

Jennifer's over-the-shoulder smile was stuck in my head, and I couldn't
help but think that it was an invitation. This wasn't our usual
routine, but I thought that maybe a little showering together might lead
to some sex later tonight. I went to the bedroom and stripped off my
clothes, dumping them in the hamper.

By the time I entered the bathroom it was already warm and muggy with
steam from floor to ceiling. I could hear the hissss of the shower and
the patter of water dripping off her body onto the shower floor below.
I moved to the curtain and pulled back the corner to peek inside. She
was facing away from me, her blonde hair streaked back wet with soap
running down the gentle crease of her back, over her perfect ass, and
down her toned legs before spinning into the drain. I stepped inside
and eased up behind her, already semi-hard from the sight before me, and
pressed my cock into the soapy crack of her ass.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, "you're a bad boy."

She arched her back slightly and pressed her ass against me, then
started to slowly run her backside up and down the length of my shaft.
I was rock-hard in seconds, and she kept her soapy ass moving up and
down against me. I was starting to sweat and she flexed her derriere
giving my cock a warm slippery hug in the crack of her ass.

"Jesus," I gasped. With the thick steamy air and her gyrating ass in my
lap I was already breathless. She turned her head and gave me that
knowing, over-the-shoulder smile of hers. Then she angled the
showerhead against the wall so as not to rinse any more soap off our
bodies and then turned around to face me. She looked up into my eyes
with a soapy loofa in one hand that she started to rub on my chest; with
her other hand she took a hold of my throbbing cock with a gentle
pressure that I could feel in my eardrums. She worked the loofa under
my neck and across my chest and shoulders, and the lather rolled down my
stomach onto my cock and her hand. She slowly ran her slippery grip up
the length of my cock and then back down to the base, her blue-grey eyes
locked on mine the entire time. She pushed the loofa against my chest
until I was slumped back against the shower tiles. My breathing started
to quicken as she continued to stroke my shaft at an agonizingly slow
pace, and after a minute I was beside myself in pent-up frustration.
What had gotten into her? It was like she was toying with me, and
enjoying every second.

"Nnngh...oh, Jenn-," I whimpered involuntarily as I began to thrust my
hips into her hand.

"Awww, poor baby," she mocked with a devilish gleam in her eye. "Does
Nicky want more than what he's getting?"

"Nnn-Huhh," I moaned, my eyes closed in pleasure. I couldn't believe
how quickly she had reduced me to near speechlessness, but she didn't
increase her maddening pace. She kept the same slow rhythm, sloowwwwly
up, pause, slowwwwly back down to the base, squeeze - sloowwwwly up,
pause, slowwwwly back down to the base, squeeze... over and over. I
felt like I was hyperventilating and began to feel light-headed. I
absent-mindedly reached up with one hand and rested it on her hip, and
suddenly her hand was gone off my cock. My eyes flew open in a
desperate sulking expression, and she was staring back at me with a
steely, serious glare.

"P-please..." I breathed weakly as I thrust my stiff cock helplessly
into the air between us.

She looked down at my involuntary air-humping and tried to suppress a

"You're a horny little thing aren't you, but if Nicky wants more, then
he needs to learn: no touchy." My hand was off her hip like it was red-
hot, and a mischievous smirk crept across her face, "Good, boy...try to
show a little modesty won't you?" She gripped my dancing cock as my
face flushed in embarrassment, and she began her stroking again:
sloowwwwly up, pause, slowwwwly back down to the base, squeeze.

"Nnnnnngh," I whimpered again.

"Okay, sweetie, if you want more I want to hear you say it."

"Mmm-more," I moaned

"More, what? I want to hear some manners come out of that pretty

Where did she get this from? I didn't care, I was lost in a steamy
world that revolved around my cock and her hand...I played along, "More,
please...please, Jennifer, please."

"Please, what? What is it that you want me to do?"

"P-please, Jennif-Mmmyessss." She had dropped the loofa and cupped my
balls with her other hand. She started to roll them around gently
between my quickly weakening legs.

I don't remember consciously acknowledging when she told me to turn
around, but before I could even think to object I was facing the shower
wall with my hands pressed flat against the tile on either side of my
head. She pushed my face against the wall and my tongue darted out to
taste the cool, smooth ceramic. Her left hand was snaked around my
waist now stroking my cock into a soapy lather. Her other hand was
easing up the inside of my leg until her fingers were caressing my balls
from behind.

"Look at you, Nicky. I've got you right where I want you. You'd do
anything I asked right now wouldn't you?" My mouth was slack and a
rivulet of drool was running down the wall. I was a dumb a****l, and
she was right. "Answer me,'d do anything wouldn't you?"
She accompanied the question with a gentle squeeze of my balls.

"Nnnyessss," was all I could get out. She was starting to increase the
speed of her strokes.

"Little Nicky...I've got you up against the shower wall...completely
helpless, as helpless as a school girl, don't I, baby?"

"Mmm-hmmm." She had never talked to me like this; I felt so strangely
emasculated and euphoric. I didn't care what she said; I was in heaven.

"My baby, with your little ass sticking out into the palm of my hand."
She moved her hand back from my balls and cupped my ass. She started to
work her soapy hand up and down along my ass-crack until her middle
finger grazed my secret, sensitive spot. I let out an unexpectedly
high-pitched yelp, and moved to grab her hand, but she suddenly gripped
my wrist hard and put my hand back over my head against the tile wall.
I could have stopped her; as a man I'm certainly stronger than her, even
with all her fitness training, but I just wasn't thinking clearly. All
I could think about was her hands down there and how much I wanted to
cum. Her hand was back on my ass, her finger resting on my entrance.

"Stick your ass out further, honey. That's it." I arched my back and
pushed myself against her hand. The tip of her thumb slipped into my
tight hole. "That's it, baby...helpless as a school girl." I let out
another little squeak when she eased in her second knuckle. "Shhhhhh,
it's okay sweetie," she whispered into my ear. She was leaning over me
now, her breath hot on the back of my neck. "Spread your legs for
mommy." I slid my feet apart against the walls of the narrow shower.
She started to rub the inside front of my virgin hole, and began to
gently massage my prostate between the thumb inside my ass and her
fingertips just behind my balls.

"Uh...uh....uh," I grunted.

"Did mommy find your g-spot, baby?" I bent over more and scooted back,
resting on my elbows against the wall. A long trail of pre-cum began to
drip from the tip of my cock. I was going wild. I began to squirm in
my wife's hands: thrusting my cock into her fist and then grinding back
against the thumb up my ass.

"Look at you, you dirty slut, you can't get enough can you? Do you like
being milked? You should be ashamed of yourself. What would your co-
workers think if they could see you now, moaning like a whore while I
finger-fuck you in the ass." Her words were hot in my ear, and I
dropped my head between my arms in shame. I knew I should feel utter
humiliation, but all I could think about was the orgasm that was moments
away, and nothing she said could stop my thrusting hips.

" I'm going to milk your little cock dry, you slut. What would Heather
think if she saw you now."

"Oh, god, Jennifer..."

"Do you still think she'd want to flirt with you? Maybe I should invite
her over to see my little sissy school girl get her ass reamed. What do
you think about that?"

"Oh, God Oh FUCK!"

The embarrassing thought of Heather seeing me emasculated in my lustful
stupor was more than I could bear and my prostate started pulsing with
the forewarnings of orgasm. As my ass started rhythmically squeezing
around my wife's thumb she cooed soothingly into my ear,

"That's it, little Nicole, cum for mommy....let it all out, that's my
good girl."

The pre-flexing of my cock seemed to last a full ten seconds before I
finally began ejaculated thick white ropes against the shower tiles.
Pulse after pulse of hot semen shot from my cock as tears of pure
ecstasy and release streamed down my face. I never came as hard or as
long, and well after the flow stopped I kept involuntarily squeezing my
ass around my wife, and I was still convulsing like this with my cock
bobbing in my wife's hand when the embarrassment hit me. I was suddenly
hyper-aware of my situation: bent over against the shower wall, legs
spread with my wife's thumb deep in my ass. I didn't want to endure the
awkward feeling of her thumb slipping out. I just wanted to disappear.
I was afraid to move, and my tears of pleasure turned into a gentle
sobbing against the tile.

Jennifer let go of my cock and began stroking my hair. "Oh, Nick...It's
okay, babe. It was just a little bit of fun. You're still my big,
strong, sexy man." Her words were calming, but I didn't see the
scheming gleam in her eye.

She kept stroking my hair and then my back, running her fingertips
relaxingly along my spine, her thumb still buried deep in my ass.
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Female domination and her weak-kneed, limp dick, husband in name, who wants to be shit-fucked with his wife's fingers.
Whow! Repulsive.
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Great Story ;)

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Great start, please continue!
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Awesome story.
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wow!!! i love a strong woman who knows how to keep her victim in line, great story!!