Loving Touch

I hear your key turning in the door and smile to myself.You come in and set your bags down.I know you are grinning as you see the candels filling the room and the trail of rose petals leading upstairs.I hear you making your way upstairs and I get ready.You open the bedroom door and your eyes adjust to the candel lit room.The smell of roses and fresh flowers fill the air.I am sitting on the bed in a black silk robe,my golden hair cascading down my chest and back glinting in the candel light along with my eyes.I am holding two glasses of your favorite wine.Thats when I see your big smile and you come and sit next to me.I hand you your glass of wine then pick up the remote and turn on love songs on the tv.Still not having said a word I lean close and kiss your lips softly.We sip our wine for a minute before I stand up and set both our glasses on the nightstand.I take you by the hand and lead you into the bathroom.More candels fill this room and they flicker as I open the window letting that ocean air waft thru the room.I turn to you and kiss you again softly at first then slowly melt into you.Reaching and unbuttoning your shirt slowly and slipping it off you and it hits the floor.I then break from our kiss and slip behind you where I brush your hair to the side and gently suck on your neck.As your hands come up and run thru my hair I reach down and unclasp your bra and slide it off your shoulders and it too falls to the floor and your beautiful breasts are exposed to my wandering hands.I gently massage them and play with your nipples as I still suck gently on your neck.Your soft moans filling the bathroom.We still have not said a word .Reach down and slowly slide down your skirt till it falls to floor all the while sucking and nibbeling on your neck.I finally pull myself from you and turn you to me.You go to finally speak but I put my finger to your lips and say nothing but shhhhhh.I kiss your lips softly then slide down you kissing and trailing my fingertips lightly as I go.I back you up to the sink so you can rest against it as I press my mouth to your panties and blow warm air.I gently lick you over your panties tracing your petals over them.I moan softly with you as I lick,suck, and blow thru those panties.My hands running up and down your smooth legs,softly tracing my fingertips over the backs of your legs.When I feel you starting to quiver I stop teasing and pull those panties down and they join the rst of your clothes on the floor.I lead you over to the shower and wait a couple seconds as the steam rolls out.We slip in and hold each other and kiss so passionatly.My love just flows into you and you give it right back to me.I melt into you so happy that you are finally home.My hands roaming as I gently wash your body.Oh how I missed my love,my heart beats so hard in my chest having you near again.i pull from our deep kiss and take my time washing you.I tilt your head back and get your hair wet and even wash your hair.My fingernails feeling good upon your scalp as I massage it getting you all sudsy.After rinsing your hair I massage conditioner into your hair.While we wait a min I slide down you licking my way down till I find that pussy once again and begin to lick you as the hot water cascades over us.Sucking on those petals I am in heaven, you taste so delicious.I slide my tongue inside you and begin to fuck you slowly with it.Your hands grabing my head and pulling me into you .My nose tickeling your clit as my tongue slides in and out of you.I move up to your clit and suck and suck and tease as the water runs over my face.Thats when you guide me up and down you stoping at your tight little backdoor.I lick and lick that back door so turned to be devouring you.You moan louder and louder and I take your hand and put it on your clit to play and I slide two fingers inside your pussy and begin to finger you good hitting that g spot.Licking and licking your ass I feel you body shake and quiver and you cum so good.I grin and slide back up you and suck on that pussy wanting all your nectar.Mmmmm ,now that we got that big one out of the way I want to see how many more times I can make you shake tonight.I rinse your hair and clean you off and we step out.I take my time drying you off.Kissing each part as I go.I pull out a new silk nightie and robe for you and dress you.I slip my robe back on too and we go back to the bedroom where we sit on the bed again.Amazing all this time we still haven't said one word.The only sounds being our moans of pleasure and the music playing on the tv.We drink the rest of our wine while I trail my fingertips over the silky nightie.We are so in love we dont even have to say a word.Being on the same wavelink a touch, a look a smile, tells it all.I know we just got clean but I really want to make love to you now.I take my time kissing you and loving on you as you do me.Our bodies on such fire.We slip off our clothes and before we know it we are in the great 69.Taking our time just enjoying each other.You grind down on my face and cum once again as I slurp down your honey.I am so close to losing it myself I have to get up I want to be inside you,you want me inside you.You lay down on your back and I just gaze at you lost for a moment in how beautiful you are and how lucky a man I really am.I love you so damn much.I really want to make love to you,I need to make love to you.I slide my cock in with a moan from us both.It is heaven to be inside you.I lean down and kiss you with so much love.We just feed each other love back and forth.Our bodies grinding together like god made us specificaly to go together.Making such sweet love to you I think about how happy I am that you are finally home.When you look me in my eyes and dont say a word I know it is time.Your nails digging into my back our bodies shake and we cum together like never before.With that I roll over so you are in top of me making sure I stay inside you where we just hold each other so tight.Man I missed you and for the first time tonight I finally speak, "Welcome home Love".We both just smile and we fall asl**p just as we are.Everything is as it should be...
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