Surprise visit to an adult club

The night before you have told me you are taking me away for the weekend for a visit to the theatre and some clubs. I am all excited it’s now Saturday morning and as we jump in the car I ask 'where we are going?' you tell me we are off to London!

We decide on a walk round Hyde Park, followed by a spot of lunch and shopping, You say you’ve ordered a Taxi for 9pm to take us to the theatre, so we need to make sure we are back in time... In all the excitement I don't even bother to ask what we are going to watch.

It's a lovely sunny day and we stroll round the park hand in hand talking and laughing, I tell you I can't wait till we get back to the room later and that I hope you packed the sex toys, as I want to try out that big bed and bath. You laugh and tell me of course, and you stop me kissing me hard pushing yourself against me. We stop for a bite to eat in a pub and are constantly flirting and touching each other both feeling very horny.

In the end we are both so horny for each other, that after lunch and a couple of beers we decide to skip shopping and head back to the hotel for a nice warm bubble bath.

At the hotel lobby, we step inside the lift along with another couple, who must also be guests. I stand in front of you in the lift and you start feeling my arse and blowing into my ear, my pussy is tingling and getting wet. The lift stops and it's our floor as we walk out the couple look at us and smile we notice they follow us out and realise they are in the suite next to us.

I go straight in the bathroom and run the bath as you pour us some bubbly and bring the glasses in to the bathroom; you set them down on the side of the bath next to the lit candles. You slowly turn me to you and we start to undress each other the passion getting very intense. We climb into the huge bath and I lie against your chest your hands covered in bubbles caressing my breasts... I feel your cock hard against my back knowing that you are very horny, I say to you "what did you think of the couple in the lift, I thought they both looked really fit?", you reply "yeah I thought they were fit too, just imagine you licking and playing with her pussy whilst we watch you"

Next thing there's a knock at the door you put on the bath robe and go and to answer it. I start to play with myself in the bath, I can hear a man’s voice, I realise it’s the guy from the lift. He is saying the receptionist had told them we were in the city for a short weekend break same as he and his wife were and would we like to meet theme for a drink in the bar?

You tell him that we are busy right now but we can be in the bar by 7 as we are off out at 9. He says that's perfect as they were out at 8.30.

You come back into the bathroom and are met by the sight of me masturbating in the bubbles; you scoop me up and carry me to the bed knowing how horny I am. You spread my legs and work your tongue on my throbbing clit, I orgasm immediately!!

I sit up taking your cock in my hands but you tell me to be patient and there will be more to come later and to get dressed, you point to the chair, I look across and see some very sexy new underwear my tasselled hold ups, tartan skirt, black vest t shirt and fluffy boots. I walk across to get dressed and I can feel you watching me from the bed I turn my head to look at you and you see the lust and sexiness in my eyes.

We walk into the bar and the couple from the lift are sat in the corner near the open fire, they wave us over pointing to the wine on the table and the two spare glasses, we go over and introduce ourselves and they introduce themselves as Tyler and Sara.

I notice that she is wearing a very sexy tight dress not leaving much to the imagination and believe me my imagination is very active at this point! We sit talking, laughing and drinking, enjoying each other’s company not realising how quickly time has gone. We realise it's already 8.30 and they have to leave. We wish each other a good evening and maybe see them at breakfast.

You tell me to drink up as our taxi picking us up soon.

We climb into the taxi both feeling tipsy and horny. You run your fingertips up my leg stopping at the top of my hold ups playing with the tassels at the top. I open my legs urging you to carry on; you slide your hand up and run your fingers over my already wet knickers teasing my clit.

I whisper in your ear that later I want you to fuck me hard and I tell you that all the time we were with the couple in the bar, I was thinking I wouldn't mind finding out what was underneath that amazing dress of hers.

You look at me and grin; I say it would be pretty hot to have you and Tyler watch me and her tongue fuck each other whilst we finger each other’s arses. “Maybe even have you two wank each other off, while watching us”.

We get out the taxi and walk to the theatre, straight away I realise this is no ordinary theatre, but an Adult theatre with an adjoining Club, it looks like one of our fantasises may come true. I look at you and smile, grabbing your arse.

We notice a map on the wall showing us the layout of the place, we decide to go into the theatre first. I tell you to wait whilst I nip to the toilet, we then settle down in our seats in front of the screen and as you go to hold my hand do I pass you my damp knickers and say "I took these off to give you better access, now get on your knees and lick my pussy, I want to cum on your face... NOW".

You get on your knees and bury your face in my pussy, tasting the sweetness. I look around the darkened theatre, seeing different shapes in the gloom, as my eyes become accustomed I realise I’m seeing others in all manner of compromises; couples, threesomes, men on men women on women.
I decide there and then no matter how much I love cock this is my opportunity to taste pussy.

Whilst you are licking my pussy and I am day-dreaming about 69’ing with a woman, I look up and recognise the couple from our hotel. I gasp as he is being wanked off by a man whilst she watches.
She is only in her underwear and is as hot as I had imagined, I start to think about her sat on my face as you're delving your tongue deep into me. This thought pushes me over the edge and I thrust up my hips and cum all over your face.

You come up to kiss me so I can taste my juices off your tongue. I point out Tyler & Sara to you and tell you to ask them to come over as I want her on my face, I’m desperate to taste her wetness on my tongue. I can tell by the look on your face that you are thinking it's something you would love to watch.

She follows you over leaving Tyler with his male friend, who is a very fit black guy. I watch, mesmerised as the black guy rubs Tyler’s hard big cock. Sara starts to touch my legs and feels the wetness of my cum running down them you tell her that I’m a little tipsy and very very horny and desperate to taste her pussy. She carefully straddles my face, putting a foot on each chair either side of me, giving me full access to her clit and I take in the scent of her pussy and feel the heat from it, so close to my lips.

You sit down in the aisle in front and are torn between watching me licking and kissing Sara’s pussy and Tyler’s dick being wanked off. Your cock is so hard and your balls are throbbing you start to pull on your cock and cup your balls. Sara looks over her shoulder as she’s rubbing her clit on my face and asks if you need a “some help with that”. She motions Tyler and the black man over and they start to run their hands over your body, feeling your cock.

After lots of touching and kissing we all decide to move into another room. Christian the black bloke, says that his wife is in the gloryhole room and that we should go join her. We make our way into the room it's very dark and quiet, with 7 holes in the wall as far as I can see.

Christian finds his wife and brings her over, she is a very beautiful tall lady, her pert breasts on show in a very sexy basque. Sara immediately starts to kiss her and lick her nipples which respond to her touch. I notice a cock slip through one of the holes in the wall and you tell me that this is the opportunity I’ve fantasised about; sucking anonymous cock!

You tell me to go and suck it, as I bend over my tight round arse now on show under my skirt you see Tyler looking at it. You lean over and whisper to him how I loved to have it tongue fucked. As I start to take the cock deep in my mouth Sara and Simone notice more cocks have come through the holes, People have started to realise the gloryhole room is active. The girls make their way over and now you guys can see 3 sexy pert arses on show whilst we are sucking hard anonymous cocks!

The dribble is running down my chin as I try to take as much of this large cock through the wall, Tyler comes over and starts touching my arse, rubbing and tickling my puckered hole gently with his moist finger tip. He starts to press his hard cock against which f***es me deep onto the cock stretching my mouth. Christian moves over to Sara fingering her arse and pussy simultaneously, causing her to moan in pleasure. Not wanting to be left out, you move to Simone, her tight black arse swaying as she sucks hard, deep throating the cock she’s working on, you reach over squeezing her pert breasts and caressing her nipples.

You look over to see Tyler lay on his back his head between my legs and his tongue licking and probing in and out of my pussy, as I slide my mouth along the anonymous cock, taking it deep and enjoying every suck. You watch my arse rising up and down as Tyler’s tongue licks my clit , your cock rubbing against Simone's arse cheeks, you look across at Christian and see he is watching my arse and you can tell what he is thinking, you motion to him to move over to me as there is nothing you like more than to watch me with other men.

Christian comes over and starts caressing my arse with his hands, all the time watching you rubbing your cock up his wife's tight bum, slowly he slides his cock gently into me, just as the anonymous cock starts to shoot it's hot cum into my mouth. I am so turned on you notice the goose bumps start to appear on my body knowing that I am about to climax all over Tyler’s mouth, I look over to you with that lusty look as I let out a "fuck me" ... you smile.

Tyler tells Sara to come over as he loves to watch girl on girl, you and Christian say that us girls should put on a show for you guys, so we decide to move to a different room, as we walk out I turn to you and say " I am so horny and am loving our surprise weekend", I kiss you so you can taste the salty cum on my lips, I tell you that I would love for you to taste salty cum direct from the source., you laugh and call me a loon.

We find a room that is dimly lit with a huge bed and a couple of sofa's in there, Sara and Simone make their way to the bed and start touching and kissing each other, Tyler and Christian sit down next to each other on one of the sofa's, they look at us and smile knowing full well it's our first time in one of these places.

You whisper to me that it's up to me if I want to join in, I am a little hesitant and seeing this Sara calls me over, I lay on the bed and start to rub my finger up and down my clit, the girls start to join in and very soon the 3 of us are rolling around the bed kissing and licking each other’s wet hot tasty pussy's and erect nipples. Simone runs her tongue up my thigh and across to my clit flicking it whilst fingering my arsehole, I lay on my back legs apart, as Sara sits on top of me her pussy now on my face I taste her sweet juices on my tongue.

You and the other 2 are sat watching us, when you feel a hand take hold of your erect cock, not daring to look down but enjoying the feel of a strong hand masturbating your cock.......

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2 years ago
Nice story. Wish it was me. Tee hee. X
2 years ago
where can i find a place like that??
3 years ago
Well written. Good read and a nice evening to think about.