A chance meeting and a new Lady friend....

I arrive at yours in my very low backed black dress with my hold ups and boots on, the dress is figure hugging and you look me up and down and notice that there are no knicker lines, you ask me if I am wearing a thong, so I grab your hands and run them over my hips, you still feel nothing then I run your hands up my thigh and under my dress, you smile as you feel my hot already wet pussy!!

We catch the train and are laughing and giggling as we are both very flirty with each other and both are looking forward to a night out somewhere different but also I can't wait to get back to yours...

The train pulls in to the station and we find a very busy pub, we make our way up to the bar waiting to be served your hand placed on my back you start to gently rub it making your way to my arse, you lean in close and whisper into my ear "That's all mine tonight" I turn and smile at you saying " in that case best make it a double vodka!!"

The woman behind me looks at you and smiles hearing everything we have just said. You grab my arse and squeeze it, then taking my hand you reach down to your cock saying" Now look what you have done to me". I smile at you with lust in my eyes, groping your hard cock. We get our drinks and make our way through the pub we find a quiet booth to sit down in, the lights are low and the music is blaring finding it difficult to have a conversation, we sit there me leaning against you, people watching.

The first drinks have gone down rather nicely, so we don't lose our seat you go up the bar to get the next round, as you sit back down you ask me if there is anyone I have seen that I would quite happily have “a little fun with?” Laughing I say "there may be, have you?"

I am starting to feel really horny now and start kissing you on the neck your hands are wandering up and down my back on my bare flesh then you reach round and start caressing my leg and the further you go up the wetter I am getting your hand slides under my dress and you can feel the heat coming from my throbbing wet pussy, I pull away and tell you it's my round, as I get up and walk to the bar you decide that tonight we are going to have lots of fun and maybe fulfil a fantasy of ours.

I am stood at the bar waiting to be served when a lady turns to me and asks if I'm having a nice evening, I find this a little odd but say “yes thanks”, then she says “I bet you are in for a treat tonight?” I must have looked confused so she goes on to inform me she overheard us at the bar earlier, I realise she is the woman who was at the bar when we first arrived, I laugh and say "ah yes sorry about that", "don't apologise I wish I was in for a treat tonight" she replies telling me that her and her husband had rowed earlier this evening and she found it really nice to see a couple that were so much in love!

I felt sorry for her being alone, so invited her to join us, she asked where we were sitting and would go to the toilet and then come and join us.

As I return to you with the drinks I explain to you what had happened and that we would be having a guest joining us. You laughed and said that she could be my little play mate, we both burst out laughing as she came over, you invite her to sit down.

After some initial small talk we start to say which men we thought she should try and cop off with seeing as her hubby had stormed off and left her alone, after picking a few you then asked her if maybe a woman would be better as all the men we had said she had declined.

She turned and with a glint in her eye pointed at me, I burst out laughing (nerves I think) and said I had never been with a woman before, and you say “yes but we have often discussed it”. She smiled at us and looking me straight in the eyes, places her hand on my leg slowly pushing it up until she slips it under my dress, pausing for only a moment to gauge my reaction, she continues up and strokes a finger over my naked pussy.

OMG!! you just stare as I part my legs gingerly and allowed her to slip a finger inside me...

You decide more drinks are needed to fuel my submission to her advances and make your way to the bar, on your return you see that we are “getting along” very well but noticing the time we need to make a move after these drinks to catch the last train home.

I ask her if she would like to come back with us to your place and see how this develops with no strings or expectations. She smiles and says “I’ll go get my coat”.

You wrap your arms around your slightly d***k but very horny girlfriend and whispered to me that seeing her finger me had really made you horny and how much you wanted to fuck me right now. I smiled and said how much I wanted that too and was hoping that this could turn out to be fun back at your place.

We got on the train and took our seats, it was very quiet on the train and we have a carriage all to ourselves. She turns the conversation to sexual fantasies and you started to tell us that you would love to see me sucking another man off and also to watch me with another woman and how her caressing my thighs and pussy had got you.

With that she tells you to switch seats sits next to me placing her hand on my leg again, this time I respond and start to tweak her nipples through her very flimsy top then we started to kiss slowly at first then our tongues started probing each other’s mouths.

The train comes to a halt and we were at our stop, we looked at each other and smiled both realising that this could go a lot further and be a lot of fun.....

I make us all a drink whilst you go and light the fire, we move in to the lounge and you put some music on and we both get up and start dancing. You are sat in the middle of the settee watching us dancing and giggling, you can't take your eyes of my arse in that dress and every time I do a little move the tassels on my hold ups show...

We both flop down on the settee either side of you, and I re-start up the conversation that we were having on the train. I tell her that you really enjoy having your arse tongue fucked and that I love to use the strap-on on you. She says that she would like to see my strap-on, so I go upstairs slip out of my dress leaving me in just my hold ups and boots. I put on the strap-on and come back down the stairs, I see you have moved onto the other sofa, and she is lay on the sofa naked legs apart fingering her wet pussy I tell you that you have been a bad boy and must sit in the corner whilst I have a bit of fun.

I go over to the settee and kneel between her legs, my fingers gliding up her thighs, my head lowering in between them until my mouth reaches her sweet smelling pussy. you watch me with my arse is in the air and my tongue gently licking and tasting her clit sliding my fingers in and out of her, you tell me to turn around as you would love to watch us 69.

At this point your cock is almost bursting out of your jeans watching us licking and fingering each other to the point of climax, you watch my juice running down my thighs desperate to lick it from me. You release your cock and start wanking.

I look over at you and run my fingers up my thighs into my pussy and then putting them into my mouth tasting my juices, I call you over and start sucking your cock whilst she watches fingering her pussy. you ask her if she'd like to try something big and hard in that pussy pointing to the strap on I have attached to me.

She gets onto all fours on the floor and you can see how wet her pussy is, you pull me up from the floor and she says “it's been a long time since I’ve had a good fucking”, I move behind her opening up her very moist pussy with my fingers guiding the dildo into her. She bucks with pleasure as I slide it deep inside her, you stand there watching my arse thrusting back and forth listening to her groaning with pleasure, as she is plays with her erect nipples.

Your cock is now ready to explode and you move behind me and bend me over her which pushes the dildo deeper inside her and you slide your hard thick cock into my pussy, building up the rhythm with me. I smile saying that I feel like a filling in a sandwich!!!

I feel her body shudder as she lets out a scream and cums hard, I remove the strap on and lie down on my back with my legs spread opening my throbbing pussy to you again and my head under her dripping pussy sliding my tongue in her tasting her juices.

You push your cock towards me lifting my legs in the air as you finger my arse telling me that it would complete the night if you could fuck my arse, I am so caught up in the horniest kinkiest moment of our relationship that I tell you that you had best apply lots of lube, just as my tongue enters deep into her pussy your cock slips slowly into my tight arse gently pushing deeper. I let out a gasp as your fingers caress my clit and my orgasm builds quick from the sensations of you strumming my clit and your cock filling my tight arse. The goose bumps appear all over my body as I cum, you let out a grunting noise and you shoot your hot spunk into my arse.

We all collapse on the floor in a state of ecstasy smiles on all faces....

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