From Friend to Friend 2

I didn't expect this to happen. I mean, I was hoping but I thought he was going to reject me. That look on his face, the body language, he had me fooled.. He knew exactly what I wanted and I knew exactly what he was wishing for. We made our way to his room, took a minute to look at each other, then ripped each others clothing off. He was a decent looking man under those clothes. He had a nice chest with slight abs and a rock solid 10 inch cock. I needed him, I needed him NOW.

I jumped at him with my legs around him, kissing him as he laid me down on his bed. I moaned softly begging him to fuck me hard, to penetrate me deep. But he had other plans.

I watched as he got down and licked my clit. His finger slowly going to my pussy, but just circling it. He looked up at me with his gorgeous eyes, and for a minute I thought this was going to be passionate. When that thought hit my mind, his finger rammed inside of my juicy pussy and I let out a scream of pleasure. He was strong, and fast. I had never had so much pleasure in my life. I kept begging him with my puppy eyes to fuck me, and he did.

He laid down and rolled me on top of him. I slowly inserted him in my pussy and had just enough time to brace myself before he started ramming me hard. It was pleasure I had never felt. It was better than pleasure, it was sensational, and rough, and I loved it. He felt so good inside me. That cock made me scream, it made me squirt, it made me feel absolutely amazing! It made me feel happy, I felt great! It made my depression go away!

He rolled me off him onto my stomach and fucked me from behind, I whimpered and he knew I was going to cum. He didn't stop, he only kept going! I came so hard, I screamed so loud, loud enough for the whole city to hear! I heard his breathing get faster, I heard him moan slightly, and I knew it was his turn. He pulled out and I got down on my knees. I looked up at him waiting to taste that cum! Waiting for it to squirt all over my face.

It was the best cum I had ever tasted. It was the best cock I had ever had. He was an amazing person inside out and I remain his friend today, wishing for more...

(If you liked this story please comment below and give me feed back. If you don't like it I'm sorry, this is my first one.)
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3 years ago
Lydia, This was good story. you may want to drag it out with more descriptive details and prolong the anticipation. I know you have it in you. Thanx for sharing this story. It's very well written and deserved 5 stars.