My Friends Dad..

i had a sl**p over at my friends house,he was a mixed race boy and i had never met his dad before only his mam and she was a stunning lady plus great with me. Jason said his dad worked away but he was coming home soon. it was a Friday night and i was stopping over till Sunday as it was his 11th birthday.
Jason was looking forward to his sl**p over plus his dad coming home,Mary his mam said to me use the house like its your own and feel free to help yourself to the fridge and drinks and ask me anything don't be scared,,OK..

Jason's front door bell rang and he sprinted to the door to be greeted by his dad,,he was 6'4 big built and black,he was a rigger Jason said and he work all over the world. Jason was buzzing and his mam Mary was kissing him all over saying we have missed you, plus this is Peter and he stopping over for Jason's birthday, hello Peter i am Gary i hope you enjoy your stay with us,,now Jason would you like your present..Yes Please..

it was getting late now and we had his birthday tea and opened his presents off his dad, so Jason and i went upstairs to play and get ready for bed whilst his mam and dad were on the settee kissing and cuddling. Gary came upstairs and said right boys its bed time for you's no noise and don't disturb mammy and daddy daddy needs his sl**p, OK dad Jason said and i just nodded.

Jason and i set up a den with some covers and we had a picnic whilst watching the telly, Jason was sl**py and he said he was getting into bed and if i wanted i could still watch the telly but make sure to switch it off,,OK Jason. it wasn't long and he was out cold and i was sat up on my own but not tired at all and i was really thirsty, what should i do wake Jason or just go for a drink like his mam said help yourself but i didn't want to walk around the house on my own so i decided to see if Mary was still up, i walked across the landing and her door was ajar so i opened it a little bit more but all i could see was a big white arse bouncing up and down on his dad, i decided to watch and see what exactly was going on, Mary rolled off and Gary stood up and all i could see was his huge penis it was bigger than me. he pulled Mary towards him he lifted her legs in the air and he pushed his cock into her.

Mary was moaning for him to go deeper and fuck her hard she said she had missed his big black cock. i had this little feeling down below and it felt warm. i kept on watching and was loving what i was seeing, Gary grabbed Mary and placed her on the bed edge in a doggy style position and i could see his large cock go in and out and his wife's tits swing all over she looked awesome and so did Gary's cock the whole picture was unreal. i was seeing my 1st fucking session and my 1st black cock,i think this is where i got the liking of it, as Jason's mam and dad were finishing up i am sure Gary seen me watching but he never said anything..the years went on and Jason and i are still mate's his dad Gary is always kind to me especially this one time when i called round and Jason and his wife weren't in. he said come in Peter they have gone shopping you can wait here.

Gary made me a drink and we sat and talked about life and what i was doing in collage and he said i remember the 1st time i met you on Jason's 11th birthday,, that's right. then out the blue he said that's right that night i remember you watching me through the door when i was making love to his mam, he then started laughing and i went RED and said NO Mate.. yes you did i saw you.

i didn't know what to say he looked at me and said did you like what you seen me and his mam going for it, i was in shock, come on Peter just admit it, Jason told me you are bi sexual and you like the black men and i'm thinking that image stuck in your head.. well Gary its true i did see you 2 going for it and to this day i still see it. i think that's where my urges all came from..
he then asked if i wanted to see more of Mary and him, he had some dvd's and would i like to watch them but never tell Jason, i didn't know what to say so i said yes.

Gary said come with me and i will show you one, we walked upstairs and he put on the dvd player, i sat on the bed and watched Mary was sucking his large black cock, Gary had disappeared from the room then he walked back in with his cock in his hand and said would you like to get that image out of your head and do it for real, i sat in shock it was my mate's dad and his cock was huge and it looked awesome i just had to do it. i grabbed his cock and started sucking him off whilst watching his wife on the telly also suck his cock. Gary held my head and he was pulling me into him he must have been really excited that i was sucking him off as he shot his load deep into my throat. he stood back and said wow Peter that was great. NEVER tell Jason please but i just wanted to see what it was like getting sucked off by a bloke. that's OK Gary i will never tell it was a pleasure and i think it was something i also had to do seeing as you were the 1st Black Cock i ever saw and it was you that got interested in the bbc. i said to him if he ever wanted to take it one step further all he had to do was ask..i am waiting for the phone call..

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