she made me do it..

after Donna's work trip away i told her what i did but she knew any way cos she had already arranged for Jack to come was her gift to Jack for his b*****r H her black friend who fucks her when he wants or she wants..

at the weekend Donna said we needed a night out to let our hair down and have some fun,that sounds good we could do with just us going out..
Donna went out shopping on the morning whilst i cleaned our cars and then did some repair work in the house,Donna came in laughing and said wait till tonight you will love what i've bought you.
show me now you can't say that without showing me..No you will have to wait..

tea time came and it was time to get showered and get my clothes together to see what i should wear,i put out a nice pair of trousers and my new Ralph Polo t'shirt,Donna walked in and said you can put them away i have something new for you i told you earlier..
she pulled out the bag a mini skirt and some skin coloured tights a white shirt and a padded bra with some false tits what women wear to enlarge there small tits and a pair of heels. i said what the fuck is that you got no chance i,m wearing that,come on love for a laugh we can have some great fun with it.

Donna was so up for it so to keep her happy i said i would see what its like,i got out the shower and it was all laid out ready for me she said whilst i get showered try it on and i will do some adjustments when i get out,i put it all on she had even got a long blonde wig for me to wear,Donna walked out and seen me she said bl**dy hell you look awesome some make up nobody would know.

so with me all put together and Donna ready we headed out,the taxi came for us and he said where to ladies we both just pissed ourselves laughing,in to town the town there is a bar where we know some black guys drink and are always on the look out for white women. Donna said sit there i will go to the bar don't talk to anybody if they speak to you improvise..
Donna was at the bar and i could see that 4 big black lads were looking at her Donna had a low cut top on with her big tits showing and her mini skirt on showing her chunky calf's and thighs.
you could see the lads pointing then one of them pointed over to me and you could see he said she's with her over there, i was bricking it..Donna came back and said did you see them looking.
yes i did and they pointed over here,one of them walked over and said are you ladies with somebody or waiting for somebody if not could we sit down and have a drink with you's..

Yes come over we are alone just out for some fun. he waved his mates over and this was the hard part how do i talk in a woman's voice,Donna said i looked like one but could i now sound like one.
they sat down introduced them selves,Terry,Dave,Sam and Robbo. well i am Donna and this is Paula she has a sore throat so excuse her she has been really bad with it..good get out Donna.

we sat and talked Donna did most of the talking but you know when people look at you and think why are they looking me up and down,they were really looking me up and down.
Donna said would they like to come back to ours for a drink as we were going home,the lads straight away said yes they must have thought we are in here. i was shitting it,Donna lets go to the toilet first,what the fuck if we get back and they don't like the idea that i,m a bloke and they think we took the piss i could get a good kicking..No it will be OK i will tell them its just our way of fun and i will let all 4 of them just fuck me and you can watch but we could fall in lucky and they could fuck us both,lets play along till the shit hits the fan..OK

so we get home and we are sat talking for a bit when Donna disappears up stairs and comes down in her see through sexy gear,would anybody like a drink hot or cold,we have shorts larger beer cider you name it we have it,she is stood in the kitchen when Robbo get up and walks over to Donna he places his hand on her arse and ask if this is on the menu,if you want it to be on the menu you can have that as well,he slides his hand under short night wear and starts to rub her arse then the other hand is rubbing her tit whilst he's kissing her neck,Terry walks over and he starts to feel the other tit and his other hand went straight for her pussy,i just sat watching Donna getting rubbed up and i could feel the eyes of Sam and Dave looking at me,out the corner of my eye i seen one of them stand up and i went straight into the kitchen,Donna can i speak to you please.

we walked off and i told her its got to stop this could turn ugly. so Donna came out and said look lads this is what's going down Paula is my Husband and we go out looking for black men to fuck us but if this is not what you are in to that's fine i can just have fun with you's but look at what you could be getting,you could be fucking me and Paula?? its only a hole..

they all stood looking and one said we suspected something cos Paula sounded like a bloke and sort off looked like a bloke but as you said we are here and we want to play. Donna said well lets take it upstairs to our bedroom.
Donna stripped off letting loose her big tits and chunky body she loved showing it off,yes she is a big girl but sexy with it and her pussy and arse hole are tight.
well who want's me first,she laid out on the bed like a star fish,as i stood there waiting to see what happens. Robbo really liked Donna you could tell he went straight in on the freshly shaven pussy,he was eating her out while Terry stripped and released his huge black cock straight in to her mouth,Dave looked at me and said come here on your knees and suck this,he undid his jeans and his black cock was slack but bigger than mine on the hard,i took it in to my hand and i started to suck him off,Sam was also stripped naked now he stood over me wanting his cock sucked,i took his in my hand and started to wank him hard,i was swapping cock to cock both in licking balls and poking there little tight arse holes,they seemed to like what i was doing,now they were both rock hard Sam had a 9 inch cock it was a nice size but Dave's was 10/10 and a half and really fat.

Dave grabbed me and placed me on the bed next to Donna he pulled my skirt up and tights just showing my arse hole and he placed 2 fingers in me and started to finger fuck me dry,i was looking at Donna we were head to head she said Terry's cock was huge and she was loving him being inside her whilst i could see Robbo's cock it was in her hand wanking him and it looked a decent size to.
i told Dave that the lube was in the top draw for when he was ready.

Sam passed him the lube and he fingered it in to me and put it all over his cock ready for the fucking i was about to get,i felt his head enter me and it was tight his cock was far to fat for me but he kept pushing i must have been fighting it cos it would not go in,so Sam said let me stretch it for you mate,so Sam placed his 9 incher in me and that slid in,he started slow and then he went ball deep he was on a mission my legs were tight together cos of the tights but straight up and he was just hitting me hard,take them off he said and bend over doggy.

so i took my tights off but he wanted the skirt left on,he lifted the skirt and he entered me again,he lent right over me with his chest on my back and he banged me hard,my cock was flapping about all over then he pulled me right in and said i have filled her up for you Dave she shout be stretched and wet now,Dave was semi hard cos he had just been watching he tried to put it in but it was to soft so i took him in my mouth and i sucked him off whilst fingering his arse hole,he really liked it cos as soon as i fingered him he started to get hard,so said to him you would love the feeling of a big black cock up there??

now he was hard and Sam's cum was still inside me so it would make it nice and easy for him to slide his huge fat cock in me,Donna said you will love that one Darl inside you its fat as..
Dave slid it all the way down me it felt like it was in my stomach he was so deep and had stretched me wide,Donna had Terry in her arse and Robbo in her pussy they were rocking her world she was loving it,she said i told you it would be a fun weekend..

Dave had me on my knees with my arse right in the air but he wanted me on my back so laid ther for him and he slid his cock in me again but this time he started to wank me whilst fucking me,he said he liked my cock and he wanted to make me cum.Dave was fucking me really deep and hard whilst wanking me,my cock was now so hard i loved him wanking me its the first time i have been wanked by a man and i told him i was ready to cum he started to fuck me harder and wank harder at the same time just as i was cumming he pushed deeper inside me and he must have cum a pint inside me i could feel it,it was like a jet,he pulled out and he rubbed his cock all over my cum and he then sat on my chest and made me clean him down,whilst he was sat on my chest i felt my legs go in the air again it was Sam again he was that hard after watching us he wanted another go.

Donna was just about finished also Robbo had cum inside her and Terry was just about ready he said to fill her arse up,Donna said wait Terry go over and fill Paula up with it,so Sam pulled out and Terry fucked me until he shot his load in me then Sam jumped straight back in and he had a little load also,my hole was dripping cum,Donna said bring it over here and pour it on to my pussy then clean and suck me dry,i dripped all the cum over her pussy and i licked her out and sucked her dry.

the lads stood and watched us they loved the show we put on for them,they asked if we could wait for an hour down stairs have a drink and go again but this time swap it all around..well we said we only live once and it is the weekend so why not,,the fun started all over again and we had an all nighter..

100% (9/0)
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