Donna takes 3

Donna loved our last adventure and she was wanting more. i decided to let her have some more fun so i went to the bar where H worked and we sat down and had a pint then decided to invite his b*****r Jack and friends.

i organised for the following Saturday night to have our little get together but i wanted to make sure that the lads who were coming must be secretive and all join in and if i say stop we stop,H totally agreed and he said see you Saturday and be ready for it,we will be ready and H will your friends/b*****r be OK with me sharing them?? Yes Paul i told my b*****r Jack about what we did already and he said he would love it for you to share him..

when i got home i told Donna the plans and she was buzzing so we decided to get some practice in,we had sex that night and i had bought some new toys for her a huge black dildo and a black cock strap-on,what's the strap-on for?? i want you to take me from behind i want to join in the fun this time.

Donna put on our stap-on and she lubed it up and she fucked me hard whilst wanking me off i enjoyed it but it didn't feel right it was to hard but it did hit the spot and when i eventually cum i shot my biggest load everywhere,i got Donna bent over the bed and i fucked her pussy with the big black 12inch dildo and i made her cum whilst telling her what those guys were going to do to her on Saturday..

Saturday came around and Donna had been out and bought some fresh lube some new sexy knickers and her favourite drink to get her away a little as she is still a little shy!!
she was in the bath shaving her full body ready for tonight she was gleaming she even told me to shave down below to make it look fresh,i had never done this before its normally been a big old bush for me so i jumped in the bath with her and she shaved me arse to,it felt strange.

it was nearly 7 and i told H to be here for then,Donna was on the drink getting her relaxed i had had a few vodkas to chill me out,the door bell rang and i answered it and there was 4 big black lads,H said OK Paul had a good day,Yes mate looks like its going to get better.

Donna was sat in the front room and had not seen the lads,i asked H if he had said about our rules and he said everything was cool and you are the boss Paul. Donna would you like to come through and meet our friends??
she walked in the kitchen and her jaw dropped when she seen there was 5 of them,,Jesus!!!
No love he's not here,,we all started laughing and that really broke the ice. Donna walked over to H and gave him a kiss and said shall we take this upstairs,H said shall i take the other 3 with me and you stay and talk to Jack..

OK H i will,Jack was sat at the table i offered him a drink and we talked for a bit,i said i wonder what they are getting up to?? Jack said Donna is probably sucking black cock by now like what you should be doing,i would if i had one to suck.Jack stood up and dropped his jeans he already had no pants on he came preprepared,he had a semi on and it was cut with a really fat head,i had never seen such a big head before it looked awesome.

Jack pulled me towards him and said get on your knees and suck me hard,i have been waiting for this since H told me that you sucked him off and you shared Donna with him. i took hold of his fat semi and i tried to put his head in my mouth but it was really fat,it was easily 10/11inch when hard and his balls where huge to.Jack pulled my head deep into him so i was all the way down his shaft,i was gagging but he wouldn't let go,he finally let me up for breath then he flipped over the Kitchen table Jack parted my cheeks and stuck 2 fingers in my arse,this needs some lube Paul where is it,luckily Donna had left it on the side board,its over there Jack.

he came back over and poured it over his fat cock and then put his fingers back inside me whilst finger fucking me he was wanking my cock off i was so hard it was hurting me,Jack said its a fair size for a white boy,,cheers.
i then felt his warm head enter my cheeks and it was now resting on my arse hole,he slowly entered his head into my hole i was hurting but it was a nice pain,he was slowly getting deeper and i could really feel it now it was totally different to a rubber one it felt great,i wanted Donna to see this as she is the one who said i should do it,Jack was balls deep now hitting me hard,i was loving it but it didn't feel right without Donna.Stop Jack please i want to go upstairs and see what's going on and show Donna i,m doing it.

we entered the bedroom and H was in her arse Gary was in her pussy,she had Andy in her mouth and she was loving the situation.did you get your surprise Paul?? what's that..Jack. what do you mean.
i organised it with H for you to get some black cock for yourself and H said his b*****r was Bi so i thought why sneaky cow but thanks..well then she said let me see you take it.
Jack bent me over in front of Donna and my arse was in full view of her,Jack again pushed his semi hard cock into me and it felt even better looking at my wife and her taking the other 3 of them and we were together,Jack was hitting me hard the sound of him hitting me and the sound of the other 3 with Donna was awesome,we looked at each other and we couldn't believe what was happening.the lads swapped over with Donna and H came round to the front of me and said clean your wife of my cock Paul i have just cum inside her arse and i want you to suck me dry.

i took him in my mouth and i sucked him dry,Jack said to me watching me suck his b*****r off was sending him crazy and he was going to cum,would i like it up my arse or in my mouth,i wanted to feel him cum deep inside me,his fat cock was deep and i could feel it pumping inside me,Donna looked at me and said you took that well love but when your finished over there i now have 3 loads of cum inside me and i want you over here,Gary and Andy stood in front of me
as Jack was slowly pulling out of me they wanted me to suck them off to and clean Donna off them,i took hold of them both and i was sucking the 2 of them licking the cum off there shaft and heads and balls.
Donna was laid with her legs in the air so the cum didn't drip out,have you finished yet cos i want you over here now. i crawled over to her and i buried my tongue deep into her arse her pussy and i sucked the cum out of her i licked her dry of it and with the last mouth full i kissed her and i gave her the last few dregs of the lads and she swallowed it down and with the lads watching all this they said they were ready for another go,it was only early and we had all night so we went for another round and this time they all said would it be OK if we wanted to have a go on you Paul,Donna said Yes that would be Ok cos what ever i do he will we know who the boss is really don't we..till next time..
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