told what to do..

it was last night my wife went out with her friends and she loves a good night out with the girls,i was home as i had work the next day so i decided to stay in and not go out with the lads.
Donna has always liked to look at other men but that's as far as we go,last week whilst making love after a bottle of wine Donna was a little tipsy and she said if you could have another woman on top of you now who would it be?? i said Kelly Brook as she has it all.
in reply to her i said if you had the chance of another man inside you who would it be??
she said the bar man in the Crown pub!!! what the fuck i said WHO.. i thought it was famous people not strangers.

so who is,he is called Harry but for short he is just called H,,every time i go in there he always talks and flirts with me but that's all,so you flirt back??
yes i flirt back but he knows i,m married,,at this point my cock had lost its mojo.
what's up Paul-Donna asked,its just that you are talking about a stranger and it hurts.

Donna rang me up whilst out with the girls and said she was stopping at Mandy's as it was late and they were all going to share a taxi and have girls sl**p over and finish it off with some more wine.OK.

just before i went to bed i rang Mandy's husband Geoff and said to expect all the girls back and to take a sl**ping tablet cos we know what they are like when pissed,Geoff said that Mandy was home already and half asl**p on the settee pissed. Ohh OK mate she must have changed her mind and be on her way home.
i rang her mobile but still no reply,i had to be at work so i just thought she went to another girls,i will see her tomorrow.
the next day after work i came home and asked her about her night and where did she sl**p?? Donna said i told you Mandy's and i rang Geoff to warn him for a joke and he told me Mandy was asl**p on the settee so where did you sl**p??

well she said you know when we were making love last week and you said about who i wanted inside me well i,m sorry but i could not hold it in i wanted H inside me,the girls had gone home and i was waiting for a taxi on my own and H said would i like to share a taxi.Yes please.
H is 6'2 black and fit as fuck and i could not hold back i just kissed him and we ended in his flat and he made love to me all night. did he cum inside you or did you wear a condom.
i was tipsy love and didn't think i just wanted him inside me so Yes he came inside me.

just by talking i had a huge erection and said Donna bend over the chair i want to fuck you now,Donna dropped her pants and i could see her pussy just ready for me,i entered her and asked her to tell me how he did it and all about his cock and just every detail.

well!! she started to tell me that he had a cock so big it hurt when he put it in her pussy it had not been stretched like that before and he even picked her up and fucked her he was that strong.
i could not pick her up,Donna is not the smallest of ladies. i kept pumping away at her and the more she was telling me the more i was ready to burst,i finally filled her up and it was the best sex we have had in years. i told her if she wanted she could do it again but i want to be there.

i will ask him and if he's OK with it i,m OK with it. i said straight away its up to me not him i dictate the rules..OK OK Donna said i will sort it.
so last night Donna rang him and said she had told me all about it and that i wanted to watch,H said great he will come over after work and have some fun,i was shitting myself but Donna was all calm and gagging for his cock all she kept saying was wait till you see the size of it.
the door bell rand and i answered it Hello my name is Paul your H,,yes mate nice to meet you and your wife is a dream your a lucky man,,Cheers.

Donna sat with her mini skirt on legs wide no pants just waiting for him,Hello Don i see your all ready,Yes.
get over here and eat this now H,without a 2nd glance he was down on her eating her out,i just stood thinking wow,what's going on but i was enjoying it seeing him eat my wife's pussy.
i sat next to her kissing her and feeling her tits and i could hear was his slurping and chomping of Donna's box.
i want you upstairs H now. we entered the bedroom Donna was already naked she was undressing herself going up the stairs,H had his shirt off and his belt and as we entered the room his trousers were round his ankles.
Donna laid out on the bed and opened her legs Paul get down there whilst i get this black cock hard.she had him in her mouth i could see him just above her belly whilst eating her out and his cock was huge,it was getting bigger and bigger and H started to make his way down the bed move over Paul mate i,m going in.

H held his cock in his hand and parted her lips up and down flicking her clit making her moan and then i could see it slowly going in bit by bit black into white it looked great,Donna was moaning she wanted it hard fuck me hard H. i had my cock out slowly wanking watching him hit her hard,Donna said bring it here love i want it in my mouth she was sucking me off like never before but all the time she was sucking me i never took my eyes off his cock.

H flipped her over and started doing her doggy hitting her hard i could see his balls and hear them banging her fat arse,Donna said i want you down here all you seem to be doing is watching him,Yes Donna i,m watching his huge cock fuck you all the times we have been married to this day i never thought this would happen so i,m taking it all in, if your that interested in his cock why don't you fucking suck him off?? WHAT.

H pulled it out and said would i like to taste my wife on the end of his cock,Donna sat up and told me to do it,i want you to suck him off now,i didn't know what to do say i just stood there,again Donna said suck him NOW. so i did i held his shaft and sucked his/her juices off his cock and it tasted good,Donna was laughing at me but not nasty she was loving it and so was H.his cock was solid and he wanted to finish Donna off but asked if he could do her up the arse,i said yes but Donna said it was to big for that hole. H promised to go slow and use lube,,OK

i held his cock this time and guided it in to her arse hole i could feel the pressure of her arse ready to pop,the head slowly went in and popped,he was in so he slowly slid his shaft all the way down with Donna gasping for air,slow slow she kept saying. i told him fuck that do it hard,he pulled the shaft right back to the head just popping out and then he rammed it home but again and again Donna's pussy was dripping cum she was having an orgasm like never before,H was ready he was cumming he filled her arse up with his cum and as he pulled it out he grabbed my head and told me to clean him down i sucked his cock like i was a pro,i really sucked him off this time i had my finger in his arse his balls in my mouth i didn't know what i was doing but i did??
Donna laid on the bed and she beckoned me over i want you to clean this also,i dived in and i sucked her cum out of her pussy and i licked the rest of his cum dripping from her arse and i loved it,Donna and i now have H over ever Friday night after work and it seems to work for now i might see if he has some friends???..

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11 months ago
very nice! tell us if Donna meets other men