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so basically jimmy has a friend that we have known for ages called george and lives in berlin, george has been hitting on me since we met, i'm not a big fan of him and he's a totall sleaze bag! two weeks ago jimmy was in germany and met up with george, george end up telling jimmy after a couple of drinks that he is crazy for me and that he wanks at my facebook pictures!!! as usual jimmy loved it and ended up showing him naked pics of me...
when jimmy came home he told me all about it and that he invited george to come and stay over for a weekend! george is a big scarry guy which i dont fancy and we have a lot of common friends that dont know anything regarding our sexlife! so i really didnt want him to stay with us, i told jimmy that everytime he turns around george will be trying to grab me! jimmy said he wanted a threesome with him as he always wanted to see me with large tough guy : ) anyway george came over on a friday and we went out for dinner, we got back and openned a bottle of wine, they both started touching me and slipping their hands under my skirt!! wierdly i really didnt fancy playing, so i told jimmy that the only way i'm getting naked is if he sucks georges cock during the fun, expecting george to say no no! george loved the idea wierdly, jimmy poor thing was a bit scarred ; )
ok we started kissing and touching, jimmy went down on me while george took his cock out, it was massive!!! i've never seen anything like it, not even in porn!! i started licking his balls and sucking him, george took control and started giving out orders, jimmy fucked me while george sat on my face and made me rim him then made jimmy kiss me, then he started slaping my tits and then he got on top of me and fucked the hell out of my pussy!!! i had tears in my eyes but i was fucking loving it!! he stood up, took the condom off and told jimmy to suck his cock, jimmy got on his knees and started sucking, we loved it, george started dick slapping him on his face. jimmy came in my mouth while george fucked me doggy, he wanted anal, but now way i could take his cock! he told jimmy to get under us and lick my pussy while he fucked me, jimmy did, then george took his condom off and came on my pussy while jimmy was still under me!!!!
i fucking loved
tell u more about next morning later
kisses jo
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2 years ago
you are such a naughty, slutty wife!!!
you pretend that you don't want but you like it rough and hard like the real bitch that you are...
Please tell me, the tears in your eyes were from the pain or from the pleasure you experienced?
2 years ago
Awesome story I wish I was there
2 years ago
Love it!
2 years ago
God that is one hot scene!! Cool couple!!
2 years ago
Would love to hear more! Checked your profile, Jo you're an awesome woman. Your pussy looks so inviting!
2 years ago
grest storey, wish id been there