an arranged dogging session

we had been dogging a couple of times , but we get surrounded by a gang of men , mainly old fellas in rain coats , it was a real turn off , we decided to arrange with someone we could talk to , and even see a photo of aswell . we ended up talking to a guy and the rules and plan was set .we met near an industrial estate 30 mins from here .
the idea was we would park up between two buildings and he would wait 5 mins before coming up to the car . I met up with him a few minutes before the arranged meeting to make sure we knew what the plan was and that he was alone and not with a gang of fellas . he was a real nice guy , young good looking , fit , so I was happy and got in the car to tell S , that all was ok , lets go for it .
we drove to the site to park up and me and s started to kiss etc . we turned on the interior lights . soon I saw the guy P was standing there . as s kissed me and played with me , I told her to take off her normal clothes , underneath she wore a lace bodystocking ( the one in our photos )well the fingering and cock sucking started , she was hot , the fear we had was gone because we had built up a trust with p, so we could relax rather than wondering how many men were out there , weather the police would turn up .. it was much more relaxed .. she loves sucking me off , so , with her knees on the passenger seat and her head in my lap , she started giving me head with p out side watching , I did try to take some photos but they didn't come out too well as you can imagine .. without telling s I lowered the passenger window , p didn't react , ( he was a nice guy ) so I said , join in p she wont mind . with that , his hand came in and touched s cute arse.
she loved it , my hand and his touching her up made suck harder . we took it in turns to touch her arse and her pussy .she pooped her head up to kiss me , and I told her he was a good boy , so she sat back in her seat and put her hand out the door . his cock was out , so she grabbed it to toss it off a bit ,, I loved that , at one point she tossed me with her right hand and his with her left . what a nice sight . this was better than the other times when there were 6 men around the car .soon she opened the door and took his cock in her mouth and gave him a little suck while I fingered her . he leant in and played with her tits and now and again our hands would meet around her pussy area. this was last summer so it was warm , I said lets get out of the car ,we all stood at the front and with a guy either side we took it in turns to touch s up . I still had the camera , so I stood back to take photos of s playing with p wanking his cock , tickling his balls and now and again leaning down to suck him off . in reply he would kiss her tits and run her clit and finger her pussy .. as I wanked off .
p then had the idea of changing places , he took the camera off me and told me to go play and he would snap away .
soon I was kissing , fingering my lady in front of this guy ,it was quite a nice feeling , us playing while feeling him walk around us taking photos . pussy fingered then cock sucked , I soon decide its time to fuck this dogging bitch. I tuned her around and pushed her body onto the bonnet of the car , and pushed my cock inot her pussy , yet again the feeling was very exciting a I fucked my wife over the front of the car , as the guy took photos sometimes close , sometimes far .. she looked amazing , four inch heels and black bodystocking , out side on the bonnet with me fucking her . p was wanking aswell . lol some of the photos didn't come out ... soon it was time to cum , I took my cock out and s stood behind me with her arm commimg round to my front she wanked me off as p took photos , soon my cum shot out onto the road ,it was quite thrilling , p was so turned on , he put the camera down and came in close wanking , s put her hand on his balls to tickle them as he tossed off , soon his cum joined mine on the floor . all us very happy and excited at what went on . we spoke for a while about what went on . we all drove home , and one day we emailed p and asked him to come to our house for a 3 some ...... he did ...that's another story.
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4 months ago
What a great nite if you fancy sharing any of those pictures with us privatly get in touch we have lots of private vids and pics we share via email and would love to share with such a horny couple
5 months ago
Great story to read and it got me wanking again xx
5 months ago
Now that's a great tale oh how I wish I'd been there fuck you two girls are sexy
5 months ago
Very good fancy some dogging in Suffolk one day? : )x