crossdresser in the woods

about 30 miles form where I live is a small wood with a layby next to it. the local gays go for a walk in the trees looking for fun , so one day I decided to do just that , although I would be dressed up as my normal office girl cd.
black heels , stockings suspenders , mini skirt , blonde wig ..very similar to the photos I have posted on here .
as I parked the car there were 2 cars already there , one empty one with a single guy in it.
I walked into the wood . I didn't see anyone , so I just leant against the biggest tree . I stood for about two minutes when I heard footsteps getting closer , they were slow and the noise of the leaves and little twigs got closer and closer until they stopped . my heart started to race , oh god what have I done ? I thought to myself. i slowly turned my head to look over my shoulder and saw a middle aged man looking at me with his hand leaning against his zip on his jeans .
I turned back , but soon heard more footsteps , this time coming from another area . they stopped , and again I turned to see another man checking me out . I thought , ok in for a penny in for a pound , so I hitched up my skirt and pretended to adjust my stockings .
I then leant up against the tree again , and soon the noise from the footsteps were right behind me .
I felt a hand gently touch the back of my thighs and run up and down my legs so he could feel the lacy stocking tops , It felt electric . then all of a sudden another man appeared in front of me , and he ran his hands up the front of my thighs , god it was a great feeling . I started to breathe deeply . I came away from leaning against the tree , and stood there with slightly opened legs . so those hands went under my skirt and it seemed they took it in turns to touch my cock thru the satin knickers I was wearing . now time to add some names , guy A was the man behind me .. guy B was in front ..... soon A was crouching down , and aswell as his hands , he decided to lift my skirt and kiss my arse , fuck that felt good , he was so gentle , ( the way I like it ) . and at this point B went down on his knees and pulled out my cock and was wanking it right in front of his face ..I closed my eyes , and drank in this fantastic feeling . but then I heard more footsteps ..I suddenly felt it was getting out of control , I was nervous anyway , but more footsteps ...
I started to worry if I had bitten off more than I could chew , but wow , I didn't need to panic . a gorgeous , tall slim fit young man was suddenly standing in front of me . black jeans ,black leather jacket , tanned good looks .this may sound funny , as I am not gay , and never look at men that way . I just like naughty sexy fun with cocks now and then , but this guy C,, was a hunk .
then still with no words , he leant in and kissed me . it was very nice , so I responed . and with seconds the following took place over a 5 minute period ..
A was kissing my arse and running his hands up the back of my stocking legs ...B was sucking my cock , playing with my balls and wanking me and C was French kissing me the most amazing soft wet kisses I have ever had in my life ..I can tell you ,, it was a mind blowing 5 minutes .. now and again , A and B would stand up , so I could put my hands out to wank them both , also A did try to put his cock up my arse , but I wasn't going to allow that , so I just let him wank his cock against it .
I asked them all to stop so I could say thankyou . I crouched down and in turns took each cock in my mouth and gave them all a suck and a wank .. soon . as I done this B kept wanking me off when I was sucking someone else and soon I needed to cum . I stood up and said ,, come on boys , we need to shoot now .
we all took our own cocks in our hands and it was C who came first . not a lot , but enough to turn us all on ...then with a matter of 30 seconds , I shoot my load , then the remaining two guys ,, with all our cum landing on tope of eachothers on the forrest floor . as we stood in our small little circle wanking , it was quite a feeling . as we all tided up I was the last to leave , one guy said ... fucking heel boys looks like we all needed that . and within seconds , they were in their cars and zooming off .
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2 months ago
What a horny story got so turned on thanks
4 months ago
You sound so similar to me in your likes and your limits. Very very sexy tale
7 months ago
Fuck that was hot,I've got a raging hard on now
7 months ago
dick tizing little slut
7 months ago
I would have love to be with you I just love to suck cock asnd hasve my aee pussy filled