crossdressers first blowjob

had been a private cd for years and along with that secret I always wanted to give head .. but always to nervous . I used to be a long distance hgv driver and park up at night it what I call , naughty laybys . we all know the sort . did see quite a few things going on in them . especially single men turning up with hard cocks wanting some fun . most nights I would get dressed up and climb out and walk up and down and seeing if anyone saw me , then quickly run back to the lorry and hide . it was a thrill , but as most of us know , every thrill , dies down and you look for the next one .
so this one night I was dressed up , the normal kind of stuff , wig , heels , skirt stockings blouse . I tended to wear white , cream colour so I was seen in the darkness of the night .
this was just like that . midnight there was a single car parked about 2 lorries away from me with his interior light on .
so , deep breathe , I got out and walked down to the car , the full moon and clear skies lit up the layby , and the sound of my high heels clicking away was a turn on .
I walked past the car , he heard the steps and turned off his light , I walked past about 20 yards , turned around and walked back ,, even slower .
just past the car , I heard him say something , it made me go back to his window . I said , hi how are you .. he said , fine thank what are you up to ?... not much much I said , just stretching my legs before bed , what are you doing ?
I looked into his car . he had a coat over his lap and a porn mag on the passenger seat .
he got all nervous , I laughed , "don't worry about that .. I like porn mags lets have a look .
he switched the interior light again , and picked up the book . as he flicked thru it we both looked at sexy babes in stockings and heels . we had small talk as each page was turned , and I lowered my hands down to the bottom edge of my mini skirt and started to hitch it up .
the light from inside his car was lighting up me standing outside , and he kept looking away from the book towards me and my slightly higher hem and lacy tan stocking tops.
slowly his coat started to drop off hhis lap to expose and nice hard cock .
I leaned in and grabbed it and started to wank my first cock .it was years to get to this stage .. and even now today I still don't know what came over me , I am normally , shy , quiet , nervous , scared ,, but maybe it ws the full moon ...
after wanking him off a while , I opened the car door , got down on my knees leaned in and placed his cock in my mouth ..
I sucked his cock as I like mine to be sucked , soft , wet and nice long up and down movements .
I felt like a right slut , can you imagine the sight off me on my knees giving head in a layby at midnight .
he asked me to stop and lift up his shirt and suck and kiss his nipples .
I duly did while wanking him , then he asked me to suck him really hard .
so my head went back down and I sucked like prostitute .
without warning , he shot into my mouth .
I did not like that surprise .
he said sorry lots of times , but I stood up and walked back to the lorry , suddenly thinking , what the hell have I done there , thank god no-one saw me ..but the lorry that was parked in front of me suddenly flashed his headlights a few times , making the layby very bright and me in the middle of it dressed up like a cock sucking slut .
have you ever seen a crossdresser run in 4 inch heels .
I got back to my lorry .. and locked the doors .. what have I done .
well I guess that was the first , it didn't put me off , coz my fav past time is to go out dogging and cock sucking ,, so it couldn't been so bad after all .
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23 days ago
excellent story
1 month ago
Fantastic story
Only sucked one cock before but my story is no were near as hot as yours
3 months ago
very nice story, short and sweet and detailed enough to have me hard before you'd even touched his cock, i swear i could even hear the click of your heels. wish i lived close to one of your haunts
4 months ago
So true...all those feelings...had them all...but we are what we are!
4 months ago
Gotta start somewhere. Great story.
6 months ago
i love this story. shame you didn't like him cumming in your mouth. maybe next time?
6 months ago
A very naughty girly slut we have here youll have to suck me dry soon
6 months ago
the best cocks I've evered sucked were in reast areas and truck stops a lot of cream and trucker can cum twice to three time in le=ss than an hour
6 months ago
Such a naughty boy . . .!!
6 months ago
fantastic need to read more of your exploites
6 months ago