sun tan

so your laying down on the beach, letting the sun burn your back you silly girl
suddenly you feel the cold drip of lotion on your back , quickly followed by warm hands massaging into your shoulders and down your back
you hear a voice saying"don"t look round", you decide not to as the rubbing feels so good and you needed lotion on your back anyway
the hands move slowly up and down your back, the fingers every now and then brushing against your breasts as you lay on your front, the hands slowly move lower on your back until they reach the top of your bum,
they slide beneath your bikini bottoms the massage lowers to your arse, your begining to feel different to the relaxed sun worshipper, you feel the beginins of wetness between your legs
the hands move between your thighs as well as your buttocks
and down your legs
on the way up a fingers brushes the back of your pussy
you moan
as if encouraged the finger begins to probe this area, sliding between your thighs and to your pussy lips
you arch your back allowing the fingers to slide inside and feel how wet you have become
now you feel a greater weight across your fingers as he has straddled you and you feel his cock slap down on your arse
slapping between your buttocks
you arch some more and feel him press the tip between those cheeks, searching for the entrance to your pussy
it slides along the wet wet lips
and at last penetrates you , pushing deep deep inside
as he pulls you up of the sand to kneel as he thrusts his cock deep deep insdie
you rub your clit moving with the waves of movement from his cock
rubbing as he thrusts
deep deep deep
long and slow

that kind of thing ?
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4 years ago
liked the story but far too short