Being a slut in the woods.

"I'm going to the park for a walk in about an hour, I'm feeling fruity so will probably be lacking underwear, I'll be wearing a red dress and walking like I have love eggs filling me ;) "
I sent the message to about 15 men I'd found on the sex site I'd been playing on for a couple of weeks. I had carefully selected each one based on who was close and the size of their manhood, they were all massive and their profiles were full of filth. I didn't expect them all to turn up, one would be enough to scratch my itch.

I dropped the towel to the floor and slathered myself in oil, paying particular attention to my pussy and ass, rubbing for a little too long, making my pussy ache for more. I did my hair and makeup whilst still naked, the cold air making my nipples stand on end. I slipped into my red strapless dress. Admiring myself in the mirror, tweaking my large nipples so they protrude through my dress. Oh I definitely looked like a cock hungry slut. I reached in my secret drawer for the love eggs, my eyes immediately drawn to the big black dildo, 10 inch long and so thick, its rubber veins begging to rub the walls of my slick vagina. I picked it up and threw it into my bag with the picnic blanket and baby oil I'd already packed. Grabbing desperately the eggs, I lifted my leg onto the bed. Rubbing the silver metal of the egg around the wetness of my pussy, it felt so good, I popped in the first and shuddered as it filled me, the second had me weak at the knees, I pushed my fingers deep inside, pushing the eggs higher.

It takes around 20 minutes to reach the park, the drive was only just bearable. Every time I changed gear my pussy spasmed around the moving balls, taking me closer to orgasm, yet keeping me on the edge. I started to flush and had to wind down the window. Pulling up at traffic lights they shifted slightly, I was panting hard,
"Oh I hope someone is there to meet me, I need fucking so hard" I thought.

"Wow you filthy bitch"
I turn to the voice, instantly wetter at his words. A white van in the lane at the right of me holds the owner of the deep voice, mid-late twenties blonde tanned and muscular, he's staring hungrily at my chest. Automatically I look down suddenly realising I'm teasing my nipples, I wonder how long I've been doing that, they're enormous, I look back to the man who's licking his lips, I give my right nipples a long slow tug as the light turns to green. He keeps pace with me up to the next lights, I look around at him smile seductively and pull down my dress, my fabulous tits bouncing free, his eyes nearly pop out of his head. The lights change again and off we go, this is the last set before I reach the park. Looking at his hunger at my naked breasts fuels my desire, I slip my hand in my bag and pull out the dildo, I put in my mouth and suck,
"Fuck!!! you little Fucking whore" he says.
I can see he's rubbing his cock. Pushing it deeper until I gag, he's panting as he watches. The light changes and I drop the dildo turning into the carpark,

I park up, my tits still free, he parks at the side of me, before I know it he's out of his van with his hands on my breasts kneading and pulling at the nipples.
"Get in my van" he growls.
Sliding open the side door, opening mine he pulls me by my hair throwing me inside, he grabs the dildo and slams the door, plunging us into darkness, I feels his hands and mouth on my tits, I groan as it sends tingling to my pussy. He pulled me up, pushing me face first against the racking on the side of the van.
"Hold tight bitch"
My hands wrapped around the metal bars, he kicked my legs apart.
"This is it" I thought "I'm about to be fucked hard, I need to be, oh so badly"
His hand carressed my ass, probing, his fingers in my holes, gently tugging out the eggs. I feel his cock trying to gain entry, sliding up and down my moist slit, he pushes slowly into me, my god he's so big. He pulls out again and slowly back in.
"Fuck me please" I beg, the torment driving me insane.
"Not a chance whore, I don't know where you've been" he pants.
He rams back in deep, it hurts, I squeal, suddenly I'm dragged to my knees. It's the dildo inside me, no wonder it felt huge. He groans as I feel a warm splash to my tits.
"Mmmmm you dirty bitch" he groans. The van door opens, he helps me out, the dildo making its exit onto the tarmac, he hands me the love eggs, kisses my cheek and says
"Cheers love"
"You're Fucking k**ding right" I snarl.
He laughs and gets back into the van and drives away.

I grab the dildo and get in my car. I can't believe it, the bastard, I'm absolutely seething. Taking a wetwipe out of my bag I clean his filth from my breasts and pull up my dress. I clean the dildo and put it away, the love eggs are pushed back inside me, my anger subsiding. Checking my make-up before getting out of the car.
"Okay, let's try again"

Walking toward the lake I get many lustfull gazes from dog walkers and fishermen and a few dirty looks, mainly from the women. I walk around the lake heading for the woods, all the while looking for anyone that might be waiting for me, so far no-one, I'm so pissed off. I reach the woods and not a single person seems to be following.
"For crying out loud!! How hard can it be to get laid?"
In desperation I pull my dress up enough to show the bottom of my ass. I pretend to drop something, part my legs slightly so my pussy shows and bend. Apart from a giant 'I need cock' sign I couldn't be anymore obvious. I take the dildo out of my bag for all who may be watching and disappear into the woods.

I find a nice flat spot, out of sight of the path but close enough for anyone seeking, and lay out my blanket.
"Well if all else fails I'm going to get myself off" I thought.
I pulled my dress down and carressed my tits, it felt so good. I laid back on the blanket, my wide open legs pointing in the direction of the path. Removing the eggs, I immediately pushed the dildo into my dripping hole, closing my eyes as I pushed it in and out, making me moan. I felt something touch my lips. My eyes flying open, I'm faced with a big black dick.
"Saw you liked black baby" he says nodding to the dildo
"YES!!!" My insides screaming at sight of him. I open my mouth wide to allow him inside. I suck him hard, I want him so badly, he starts pulling on my nipples I think I'm going to explode. He thrusts his cock deeper until I gag.
"Fuck me please" I pant as he pulls his hard member out of my mouth.
"No u fuck me" he grins as he slides down pulling me on top of him.
His cock straight up, I need it, I grab his manhood and plunge it into me. Yes oh god yes it feels amazing. He grabs the oil from my open bag, and drops it into my ass, I'm bouncing up and down on him, he pulls me into him hugging me tightly, kissing me, I hear something behind me. I try to turn but he has me gripped. I jump as I feel it, a cock against my ass. I struggle to move but I can't. Its painful as he pushes against me,
"No please stop it hurts" I plead. I've never had both holes filled together, its so tight I'm sure he's going to damage me.
"No please!" The cock at my ass disappears, oh thank god. Something small, cold and hard is pushed into my ass, it doesn't hurt but suddenly I feel a whoosh and its removed, leaving my asshole dripping with what I can only assume is oil. Again the cock is there, I'm still pinned to the guy beneath me, who's grinning up at me.
"Ready dirty girl?"
"No please.... Ow oh my god no no take it out!!!!"
The cock has slid all the way in, I'm bursting. Screaming, pleading.
"Ssshhh baby relax, you want to be fucked dirty like a slut don't you?" comes the soothing voice from behind me. I still don't know what he even looks like, my ass is on fire as they just hold me there not moving. It's getting easier, my ass getting used to the intrusion. The cock in my pussy is moving slowly, it feels amazing, I start to rock into him taking him as deep as I can, he let's go of me so I can sit up slightly, black hands grab my hips from behind and the cock in my ass starts to match the rocking motion, it hurts a little but I'm past caring, I need to be pounded. They move slowly one in, one out, I need pounding, I speed up hoping they'll follow, they do, I need to cum, I need to be pounded. I moan loudly as my orgasm builds, they understand, faster they go, higher I fly, I need it
"Fuck me!! Fuck me hard!!" I shout.
"Mmmm you're attracting attention horny slut" I look up and there's one of the fisherman stood by us stroking his cock.
"Shout louder, be a whore, come on slut tell everyone"
I'm so turned on I want to cum
"Fuck me, oh yes! Harder! Fuck me like a slut! Ram your big black cocks into my soaking cunt and tight little ass, Fuck yes, make me cum, please I need to cum"
I orgasm hard and loud, they pump into me fast as I squeeze their cocks, the guy beneath me is the first to go, groaning loudly he lifts me off him and cums on my stomach, I'm yanked back by my hair as the other one rams into me painfully
"Oh fuck, you bitch, oh yes fuck!!!" he pulls out and shoots over my ass.

As I come back down I glance around us, shit my screaming has attracted attention. There's the fisherman, 2 lads about 24 year old, an old chubby guy who looks around 60 and my biggest cock on my list Damon74.
I'm horny again immediately at the thought of them all wanking over me getting fucked. I want more but can I really take them all? The two black guys are rising to the occasion again, that's 7 cocks, until today I'd never had more than one. I look around apprehensively.
"Come on fellas, help yourself, our little horny99 said she wanted to be fucked like a slutty whore today"
Oh it was CraigHung in my ass, he's been trying to fuck me for months, we've had some amazing kinky cyber fucks, I grin at him, he slaps me in the face with his cock. I giggle. He lays me down parts my legs and shoves 2 fingers in.
"Do I remember correctly, did u say u can squirt?" the others have surrounded me, cocks out ready for me. Craig pushes another finger into me and starts vigorously fingering. I can feel it build inside me, I'm soaked already, he continues harder and faster, hands are grabbing my tits. I'm climbing, building I want to cum.. Faster and faster he goes, I'm going to, I scream out as I reach orgasm, he keeps going I'm wailing and cumming again and again, finally my body gives in and I begin squirting. The men cheer as I'm writhing in ecstasy, the old guy puts his cock in my mouth, grabs my hair and begins to facefuck me, he's not very big and I take it easily. Craig continues his assault on my pussy adding another finger,
"Baby oil" someone exclaims and I feel it splash my pussy
"Fist the dirty little bitch" I feel his thumb go in, he starts to push, twisting his hand, pushing harder, I'm groaning around the cock as he gets rougher and rougher. My hands are grabbed and held to cocks and I wank them. His fist pops as it succeeds into me, I cry out, oh shit yes it feels amazing. The old guy speeds up saying
"Suck it whore yes come on" he starts to jerk and pulls his cock out of my mouth splashing his cum in my face, Craig is now ramming his fist into me, I'm cumming again. I feel like a whore now and I love it.
Craig slowly pulls out his hand, I'm left gaping and soaking wet,
"I want to eat her" I hear a voice exclaim,
"I'm having her mouth" another says
I'm pushed back so I'm laid flat and one of the younger ones climbs over my face positioning his cock over my mouth, I take it and suck hard as he does push-ups into my mouth. He pushes in too far and I gag, trying to swallow him, I cant, it chokes me. He pulls out
'Sorry baby I got a bit excited' he pulls me up onto my knees and slides his cock back into my mouth. The other younger guys head appears between my legs
"Sit on my face honey" he pulls me onto him, his lips immediately sucking on my clit, I moan around the cock and he grabs my hair, Fucking my face. The tongue is inside me, he's moaning sending vibrations through my pussy, lapping up as I get wetter. I'm moaning loudly as my orgasm builds again. My mouth being hammered, he's close I can feel it. fingers enter my pussy and ass as the tongue moves back to my hard clit, I'm gyrating into his face, riding his tongue. Suddenly the cock slams to the back of my throat, my head held as he starts to jerk, shooting his load,
"Oh fuck yes u bitch, swallow it" I try but there's too much swallowing quickly around his cock, but he keeps on cumming. He pulls out of my mouth and I cough cum allover myself. Craig appears in front of me
"You were told to swallow bad girl" he slaps my breast, it tingles all the way to my pussy, I ride the tongue and fingers in response. He slaps me again, I moan.
"Oh pain gets u off too does it?"
"Only a little" I pant "No real pain, just a few slaps now and then"
"What about this?" he grabs my nipples and twists, I scream and flood with orgasm.
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4 months ago
Great story - and what a filthy, sexual, lovely mind you have x
5 months ago
this is crazy hot
6 months ago
great story, been to golden acre myself but didnt have the fun you appeared to
9 months ago
Naughty story
1 year ago
Very good rounday park ?? xxx
1 year ago
That is so fucking hot, wish I'd have been there to slide my cock in you, were you at Golden Acre park by any chance..xxxxx
1 year ago
wish i had have been there
2 years ago
I wish I was one of the fishermen
2 years ago
that is a fucking hot story... you got more?
2 years ago
it's so good to be bad!