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As promised....

He walked in removing his hard cock from his trousers, it was already wet with precum. He stood for a moment wanking it as I fingered myself. I grinned up at him, " You need Fucking like a slut, dirty bitch? " I just grinned wider dipping two fingers into my wetness. He pulled my hand away and slapped my pussy lips, it hurt like hell and I loved it.
I bucked as he slammed his fingers into me hard and fast. Grabbing my tits, squeezing hard with his other hand, he pounded me with 2 then 3 fingers " cum for me bitch, come on squirt all over like a dirty slut" That triggered me and I came hard. SLAP I jumped as he whacked my pussy.
" Ow no " I moaned, I was too sensitive.
SLAP I tried to move away he held me in place and slapped me again, it wasn't hard just enough to make me jump. " you didn't squirt, you only gushed, naughty slut" he grinned as he slapped me again. I laughed " Not doing your job properly " I teased. He straightened up looking around the room. I saw what he was looking at, " on all fours now " he said as he walked to my dresser. He picked up a pillar candle, it was about 12 inch tall and 5 inch around. " There is no way" I giggled. He poured baby oil on it " I'm going to love watching your cunt swallow this ".
He got on the bed and started to push it against my hole, harder, twisting it, pushing, It finally went in. It was amazing stretching and filling me, he groaned and started wanking again.
"fuck yourself with it" I placed it onto the bed and rode it up and down, he laid wanking, watching. I only managed 8 inch of it but oh my god. He then got up behind me and pushed his thumb into my ass. "oh yes" I moaned.
"Oh yes what?" He slapped my ass, "tell me, you want Fucking in the ass like a slut?"
"beg me, be dirty" he sapped my ass again as he lined up his cock.
"fuck me in the ass, please fuck my arse" Grabbing my hair he thrusted deep, I screamed. Both holes full, it hurt. He held it as I rubbed my clit, the pain subsided and he slowly moved in and out.
"slut you love it" he growled as he sped up. "tell me, tell me what a slut you are"
"I'm a slut, I love your cock in my arse, fuck me, harder please harder".
He went crazy ramming so hard the candle fell out, slapping my ass, pulling my hair, calling me vulgar names, I was cumming and cumming, screaming for him to fuck me hard. I was in the most intense orgasm as his hit, he pulled out of me and shot his cum all over my ass and back. I collapsed onto my stomach panting.
After he cleaned up we had a chat about his new job and a 5 minute catch up and then he left leaving me face down covered in cum xx

Posted by naughty1000 2 years ago
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6 months ago
Well that's got me wanking,lets share a bottle of wine some time. I'll fuck you with it while you suck my cock...
1 year ago
fucking hell!
2 years ago
Jesus! This could have been written for my benefit! Cunt slapping rough sex and anal! Brilliant!
2 years ago
Wow I've just realise how shit my PM are I send after read this, am guna get my little note pad out here and write down a few ideas ?