Convinced her to...con't

It's not long before he has turned me over, on my hands and knees and is fucking me hard from behind. I feel him spit some lube down the crack of my ass and begin to work his thumb into my tight little hole. Sending me into a frenzy and no longer willing to allow his wife to hold out, I grab her by the waist and bring her closer to me. Although she is a bit stunned, she makes no move to stop me, this pleases me very much. Spreading her legs, I reach under her skirt and remove her now soaked panties quickly. Turning to look behind me for approval, I hear him moan, "Yes, eat her pussy baby!", as he begins to fuck me harder, in both holes.
I'm so close to another orgasm, I want her to feel as it happens, my face buried deep inside her delicious cunt. As I wrap my wet mouth around her throbbing button, she raises her hips in appreciation and begins to moan herself. He is now pounding my face into her from behind. Deciding there will be no holds barred, I spit down the crack of her ass as well, lube up my middle finger with the juices being squeezed from between my pussy lips and begin to enter her ass as well. Seems that was all she needed and as he pounds his cock deeper and harder into me, forcing my face deeper into her, we both explode in orgasm, sending quivers from us both.
"Before I cum, I'm going to fuck your dirty ass bitch", he says. I asked him what had taken him so long. I guess I should have been a little nicer about it because in that split second he rammed his huge cock so deep into my ass, I cried out from the pain. But it didn't take long before that pain, turned into raw a****l pleasure and I begged him to fuck me harder as I fingered his wife's pussy and asshole. She seemed oblivious as to anything else going on but what I was doing to her, and it showed. She had juices flowing from both holes and moans coming deep from within her, begging me not to stop.
I could feel him close to dumping his huge load deep in my ass, his head swelling and filling me even fuller with his fuck stick and I told her "Baby, it's almost over and I'm going to make you scream when you release that last orgasm!" To this she replied, "I wish to cum with the two of you, work your magic bitch" and with that note, I began to eat her pussy with the passion I had only put into sucking cock before. She began rotating her hips in motion with his thrusts which caused me to suck that throbbing clit even harder.
In minutes, the three of us were moaning in unison as all three of us unleashed our last bits of juices we could muster. He laid there moaning, I laid there breathing heavily, and she rolled over, looking at us both and began to softly laugh......
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2 years ago
We need to make this happen.
3 years ago
awesome & hot
3 years ago
this needs to be made into a good dirty movie...
3 years ago
me next
3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
Great story, I wish I was the guy getting your tight hole from behind.
3 years ago
brilliant vivid story,who did you enjoy the most??
3 years ago
Interesting. I was curious as to your it from life or your beautiful imagination? Well done.
3 years ago
wonder as each takes each other higher.
WEll done
3 years ago