The Most Memorable Anniversary

My boyfriend and I were about to celebrate our one year anniversary and he knew what I wanted. I wanted a threesome with him and another man. My man AJ was bisexual so I was hoping he would want to do this someday but I never thought someday would come so soon. The night of our anniversary he took me out to a lovely dinner and then took me back to his place. He was horny and I could tell he wanted me badly. I was already so wet myself that I could barely stand the drive to his place. I was wearing a short skirt and tight button up shirt and no bra with a tiny thong and I was afraid of getting my skirt wet. When we finally got to his door he whispered in my ear “I have a surprise for you.” He opened his door and a young friend of AJ’s named Tristan was sitting on the couch looking at us. Tristan was hot with short blonde hair and a very chiseled chest and arms. He looked almost like AJ’s twin except AJ has long hair. AJ looked at my confused face and said “I am going to give you the one fantasy we haven’t tried out yet.” I was stunned and could only say “you mean I am going to see you fuck him and we are going have a threesome?” He smiled and removed my coat then led me to the couch where I was placed in between him and Tristan. “We are all yours,” was all AJ said. I passionately kissed him in gratitude as Tristan started to undo my shirt. My man pulled my shirt off quickly once it was unbuttoned completely and he ran his lips down my neck as Tristan sucked and nibbled on my nipples. I broke the kiss and asked the men to undress each other as I watched, they stood up at the same time and kissed as they freed each other from their clothes and I watched in ecstasy as the two men frenched passionately as the last of their clothing hit the floor. After they were both completely naked AJ picked me up and we all walked into the bedroom. Tristan sat on the pillow and AJ laid me so my head touched Tristan’s knees then Tristan held my hands above my head as AJ pulled off my skirt and thong and tossed them to the floor before licking and kissing my pussy. I moaned softly and begged for more. AJ poked one finger inside my now dripping pussy then three more fingers and I almost screamed in amazement as to how wonderful it felt. He went in as deep as possible while Tristan held my hands down and sucked my nipples. I screamed and came all over my boyfriend’s fingers. My whole body shook as I orgasmed and you could tell the men loved it. Once my orgasm subsided AJ pulled out of me and Tristan let me go. I sat up and turned around so that Tristan could lick my pussy clean; which he did happily. Then I asked him to lick AJ’s fingers clean and he did so nice and slowly. I then moved to the bottom of the bed and Tristan laid down and AJ leaned down and sucked his cock and sucked it all the way into the back of his throat. This made me hot and I was loving every minute of it, watching my man suck a cock was hot and I could already feel my pussy throbbing as I watched. AJ then opened Tristan’s legs and rubbed lube on his ass hole and his own cock and slide his very long cock into Tristan’s very nice looking hole, they both moaned and Tristan begged to be fucked harder. AJ looked over at me and asked if I loved what I was seeing. I said yes I wanted to see more and I told him to fuck Tristan as hard as possible. I moved so I was right by Tristan’s head so I could watch AJ’s cock thrust in and out as hard as he could go. They were both moaning loudly and I was getting wet just watching. They both came hard and Tristan’s cum hit and covered his chest and balls while AJ’s went deep inside Tristan’s ass. After they both came down from their orgasms AJ pulled out and licked Tristan clean then sat on the bed and asked me to do the same to him. I went over and was happy to do it. I sucked his cock clean and rubbed his shaft until it was hard yet again. Then I did the same for Tristan. After they were both hard again I turned and put my pussy to Tristan’s cock and helped his cock get into my wet eager pussy. I rode his cock hard and moaned loudly begging for him to go in as deep as he could. He went in all the way and I screamed loving the feeling of it all. I rode him hard and shook with ecstasy as he was about to cum inside me. I told him to hold his orgasm and asked AJ to straddle Tristan and put his cock into my ass, and fuck me at the same time. He did just that and I screamed excitedly as both AJ and Tristan started to fuck me in a rhythm. We bounced and shook together as all three of us came at the same time. Cum filled my ass and pussy and spilled out making AJ’s balls sticky with sweet cum. After our orgasms subsided AJ pulled out and I pulled out of Tristan’s cock and we were all breathing heavy. Tristan licked me clean and I licked both cocks clean. All three of us got into the bed and as we fell asl**p I thanked my boy friend and said it was the most wonderful sexual experience I had ever had. We then slept like babies and the next morning agreed to do it again soon.
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2 years ago
Nice work Nature Girl!
3 years ago
My goodness ... what a story!
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Amazingly hot story! Would love to be a part of this for my girl ;)
3 years ago
Praise the Lord for Tristan's ass.