Our First Night

(I wrote this purely out of my head, these boys are not real or based on anyone I know.)
Eric and I met in the school bathroom, both gay freshmen that were dressing for gym in the bathroom because we were afraid the other guys could tell we were watching them. Eric was so hot, skinny with light skin and bail green eyes and light brown hair. We started to secretly date, only close friends knew that we were together. Because our families did know we were a couple we got a lot of alone time but despite that we had never been able to have sex. After a two year wait Eric’s Mother was going away for the weekend and she had given us permission for me to stay all weekend!! I was so excited and so was Eric, we both got horny just thinking about it. Eric went to the store and bought lube, and condoms then went home and downloaded some porn to get us in the mood. I got to the house around 6:30 and the minute he opened the door he grabbed me and passionately kissed me and pulled me into the house. I pulled my coat off and dropped it onto the floor. He pushed me gently to the couch and pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor. I did the same with his shirt and rubbed his already pointed nipples and kissed down his neck, nibbling his ear. He begged me to go with him to his room and that just what we did. My cock was throbbing and need out of my tight jeans. When we got to his room I laid on the bed and watched him pull his pants and boxers off and leave them on the floor. God he was so hot!! I begged him to undress me and take me now. I need him to pleasure me all weekend. He came down and gently kissed me, holding my face in his hands. Whispering “I love you!” in my ear he pulled my clothes off and put them with his. My cock was already sticking straight out and oozing pre-cum. I was a little embarrassed by how small I was compared to Eric who was 8.5 inches when hard. My cock was only 6.5 inches but Eric didn’t mind and kissed my shaft and rubbed me hard but gently. I moaned softly and wanted to explode right there but held on. He kissed up my belly and rubbed and licked my nipples. I begged for more and said “I love you too.” He kissed me and rubbed my balls and ass gently. After he got onto the bed and straddled my stomach I put his cock in my mouth and sucked him deep inside, cupping his balls with one hand and rubbing his ass with the other. I found his rose colored ass hole and poked in just a little and he moaned loudly and pushed my head further onto his throbbing cock. When he came close to cumming I grabbed the lube from his bedside table and kissed is balls once then turned around and begged him to fill me with cum. He rubbed lube all over his cock and my ass hole (we had eventually decided that condoms weren’t need sense we were both virgins). I was going crazy with his touch and he knew it. He poked his finger all the way in then pulled out and pulled my hips up so I could be on all fours. Then he rubbed the tip of his cock against my tight virgin hole and plunged in slowly. I moaned loudly and started pumping my cock hard. He pushed all the way in and I could feel his balls touch my ass. He held my hips firmly and picked up speed; hitting me hard and fast. Our groans of pleasure mixed and we both came together. He filled my ass with his wonderful cum and I squirted all over the bedspread. I could feel his hot lips kiss my shoulder gently as he came. I moaned loudly as he emptied his full load into my once virgin ass. We were both loving every minute of it and tried to make it last as long as possible but finally our orgasms subsided and he pulled out and kissed me then fell back first against the bed next to me. I kissed him softly and let him lick my cock clean as I licked his clean. I then snuggled against his warm body and he softly whisperer “I want this with you forever and I love you baby.” We had a great night sl**p knowing this wouldn’t be the last night we spent together.
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3 years ago
Good one baby,,but a little confused