A Nice Shower for Two

My man and I had just had the most passionate dirty sex and we were dripping with sweat and cum so I asked him to take me to the bathroom and shower with me. He picked me up and carried me into the nice bathroom. I could still feel his cock on my pussy, which made me hot again. He set me on the toilet and knelt down to turn the water on; I got horny just by watching his naked body move. When the water was warm he picked me up and stepped into the shower. He sat on the shower floor and I straddled his naked lap and we french kissed passionately as he rubbed my ass and nipples hard. My nipples were so hard I thought they were going to kill me and him touching me was just making me harder. I moved so I could suck his cock and pump it to get him hard. When I could feel that he was hard and he was screaming that he was going to cum soon I put my legs on either side on his lap and I put his cock into my wet pussy. It slid in very nicely and felt so good. I moved so he could go in all the way and I rode his cock hard, as hard as physically possible. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes letting the hot water run down my face, neck, and chest. I screamed “HARDER BABY HARDER!” And he moved me up and down holding my ass and screaming in ecstasy as he came close to cumming. He told me he was going to cum and I asked him to fill my pussy with his hot sweet cum. I begged for it and was close to cumming myself. He moaned loudly then shot his hot cum into my pussy. I yelled and came all over his cock. I kissed him and he held me until his orgasm subsided. We both breathed heavy as our orgasms lessened. He pulled out of me and I sucked him clean and then moved my pussy close to his mouth so he could clean me. After we were both clean he turned the water off and carried me out of the tub and rested me on the toilet. He wrapped a towel around my shoulder and pushed me gently back against the toilet then spread my legs and licked me dry. Then he dried me with the towel and I asked him to let me dry him and so I dried his whole body, touching every last wet piece of skin. I know I got him horny just by touching him but we did need to get some sl**p so I’ll do him again later.
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3 years ago
OMG! Sexy Stevie Maria... You did it again!
Another Naughty Story gave me Such an Enormous Throbbing Hard On! I Stroked and Pleasured my Monster Cock the whole time that I was Reading!
You're Awesome and Your Stories ain't bad either!
Naughty Johnny in L.A. 4 U....
3 years ago
that hot baby
3 years ago
Omg baby,,u r amazing,luv it