My First Time

I had only been working for the company for a few weeks but I felt like I’d known Davey for years. We had many f****y related issues in common and connected on that and many other levels. One night we had just finished working and took our rental car back to the hotel. When we got to our floor he asked if I wanted to stay with him in his room. We hadn’t had sex yet and I personally had never had sex before. He knew I was nervous so he wrapped his big strong arms around my waist and whispered “it will be okay, I promise.” He pulled my wheelchair into his room and picked me up gently. He carried me to the bed and we started making out.I straddled his lap and put my tongue in his mouth. We wrapped our tongues around each other for several minutes. I pulled his shirt off and did the same wit me, he laid me down and started sucked my now hard nipples. I freed his hard cock from his pants and underwear and started rubbing his shaft. He licked and kissed down my body and licked my pussy. I moaned in pleasure and asked for his tongue to go inside me. He ate me out nice and soft at first then harder and harder. The pleasure was indescribable. I wanted more, so much more. He sat up and asked me to suck him. I put his 8 inch long cock deep in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down. I rubbed his balls ask I sucked his hardening cock. He put his sweet tasting cock all the way in and down my throat. I licked his cock with my hot tongue. When he was close to cumming He pulled out and softly pushed me back against the bed.
I spread my legs and pulled him down on top of me. He rubbed his cock against my clit and wet pussy then stuck it in. I moaned loud and begged for deeper but I also said ouch and he stopped and asked if I was okay. I said I was he just took my virginity is all, and I smiled. He kissed my lips and started pounding me softly, “Oh god yes more MORE” is all I could mutter. He went in as far as he could and moaned loudly. We both moaned as I begged him to go harder. I wanted it hard and he was quick to comply. He came quick and sighed with relief. His cock felt warm and filled my pussy so much some spilled out onto his cock and balls. I came with a loud moan of pleasure and leaked my juices all over his cock. He kissed each nipple again and pulled out softly as soon as I was finished cumming. He cuddled up against me and kissed me softly. I asked him if he had been nervous and he said only because he worried he might accidentally hurt me because he was so much bigger than me and that is why when I felt pain he asked if I was alright. He didn’t want me to feel any pain, just pleasure. Then he asked why I had been so nervous? I said it was because I was afraid he would see my scars and think I was ugly and never want to see me again. He sat up on one elbow and looked me straight in the eye and said “You are the sexiest and most beautiful woman I have ever seen and those scars are a sign of just how strong you are. They make you beautiful.” He covered me with his naked body and started kissing every scar from top right down to my feet. Then he turned me around and kissed ever scar on my back. Afterwards we covered ourselves with the comforter and fell asl**p, holding each other.
The next morning we took a long bath together and I rode his cock until we both came hard. He took me from the bath and dried me then licked my pussy dry. We then got dressed and went to work as if nothing happened. I never got my own hotel room again.

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1 year ago
I push them open with my hands.
2 years ago
Now that's an awesome story, I love it
3 years ago
very sweet story
3 years ago
OMG "Naughty Stevie!" I just Loved this Story So much that I have an Enormous Hard On now as I envisioning this Erotic Scenerio... but with You and ME! You also Sparked an Erotic Fantasy to form in My imagination... Check my Private Message while I save this Story in my Faves!
Johnny 4 U... :>0
3 years ago
Thank you everyone for the feed back. I just added another. I hope it shows up here soon so everyone can read it.
3 years ago
Intense. Worthy of several repeat performances.
3 years ago
If you are in a wheelchair, how do you find it possible to open your legs for your lover to enter you?
3 years ago
A great story
3 years ago
Great story...
3 years ago
3 years ago
Not just have to make it a reality now.
3 years ago