The Christmas Tree

I’ve always loved Christmas and this was my first Christmas having a boyfriend so I decided to make it special for both of us. I put on my special Christmas outfit which was a pair of red see through panties, a red and white corset and I taped a piece of mistletoe to my stomach pointed directly at my pussy so when he took off the corset he would find a surprise. I topped it off with a Santa hat and red stilettos. Mike (My boyfriend) arrived at my place after his day at work was over and he looked me up and down in approval before handing me my gift and taking the glass of wine I had for him. I shut the door behind him and we went straight to the mistletoe that was on the ceiling and started kissing, he picked me up and rubbed my ass in lust and love as our tongues hit and wrestled each other. Before I knew it he carried me to the Christmas tree and laid me on the floor under it. He lifted my leg and kissed it softly as he took off my heel, then he did the same with the other foot. He then covered me with his hot body and kissed me passionately, his hot lips moved down my neck and onto my chest as he moaned into my skin, I could tell he wanted me and I whispered “Take me now!!” I moaned loudly as he ripped my corset open and bit each rock hard nipple roughly.
I bit my lip and moaned loudly as he licked and kissed all over my chest and stomach, making my nipples sticky with his saliva. He kissed and bit both thighs then sniffed my pussy scent before ripping my panties in two and throwing them aside, as soon as I was completely naked before him I sat up and slowly pulled off his clothes, I instantly became wet just by looking at him and I could see his manly 9” cock was twitching and aching for me. I immediately got on my knees and took his cock deep into my throat, I gagged only for a second before he grabbed my hair hard and started to fuck my face, he groaned like and a****l and smacked my ass checks until they were red and his cock grew in my mouth. I loved the taste of his thick meat and he knew it, “You like that baby, and you like sucking my cock don’t you?” he said quietly with a smirk. He slowed his fucking down until he was barely moving. I moaned yes into his cock before he took it out of my mouth and I moved so I could lick his balls softly. As soon as pre-cum started to ooze out from his tip he laid me back onto the floor and spread my legs as far a part as they would go, then he spit into my clit before plunging his cock deep into me! He didn’t even start slow he just plunged into me and started pounding the fuck out of me. We both groaned and moaned loudly as he pounded into my pussy hard. “OH GOD FUCK ME NOW!!! GIVE ME THAT COCK” I screamed as his balls slapped against my skin. He leaned his head back a little and I could see sweat on his brow as he fucked me as hard as he could. “I’m going to cum and cum now” he moaned as his hot sticky load filled my soaking wet pussy. UGGGHHHH he groaned as he emptied, my orgasm would soon follow and it’s the best one I’ve ever had up to that point in my sex life. He then pulled out of me and laid next to me under my lighted up sparkly tree. We cuddled up together under the tree a slept for a few hours.
Before I knew it I woke to him whispering in my ear “give me that pussy” I opened my eyes as he went down and spread my legs once again, but this time he started to lick my pussy lips with that amazing tongue he has. He sucked my clit and plunged his tongue into my pussy as far as it would go. He even ate all the cum that was still sitting inside me, he loves eating his cum mixed with mine directly from my pussy. I held his hair and practically smothered him with my pussy as he ate me out. I did so until I shot more cum all over his face. Once I let out a loud moan and finished cumming I released him from my pussy and asked him to give me his dirty cock so I could clean it and make him hard again. He put one leg on each side of me and stuck his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and licked up all the cum that I could taste. He moaned softly as I licked his shaft and sucked him clean, I loved watching him grow and harden right before my eyes. I could also feel his hands pinch and rub my nipples until they hardened once again. Soon he was hard again and wet with just my saliva covering his cock. But before I could ask him where he wanted to put it next he flipped me over onto my stomach and smacked my ass, then he licked my rim once before pushing his rock hard 9”s into my tiny hole. He pushed all the way in at once with a loud groan and then slowly moved out until just the tip was inside me and pushed back in. He did this slowly for a few minutes before he really started pounding my ass as hard as he could. He smacked my ass once in a while as he fucked my hole hard, God I loved how he groaned and moaned with every thrust, he even grabbed and pinched my nipples a few times making me scream even louder. As he started to fill my ass with his seed he pulled me up by my hair and held me against his sweaty body with one arm as he used the other arm to finger my pussy deep and hard. Now his moans were quiet but going directly into my ear and it didn’t take long for me to cum all over his fingers and once I covered them in my cum he took them out of my pussy and made me lick my own cum off his fingers. I did so eagerly as he left my ass and went limp. After all this love making we were both spent so he took me upstairs to my room and we slept like babies.

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1 year ago
mmmm fucking hot baby
1 year ago
Pretty nice gift exchange.