Day Two with my Master

I woke in the morning to my Master turning me around, grabbing my ass and putting his morning wood into my tiny ass hole. He pinched my butt cheek hard and I moaned softly as he fucked my ass quickly, cumming nice and hard!! Once he had filled my ass up with his cum he picked me up gently and took me to the bathroom where he turned on the hot water and sat me in the tub. He gently washed my nipples (which got them very hard) and ran the flowery soap all over the rest of my body, rubbing my dirty pussy and ass hole hard. Making sure to get all the cum out of my tender holes. When I was all clean he removed me from the tub and dried me off on the floor. My Master then gave me a nice perfume to wear and told me to put on a dress and thong he had purchased for me. It was deep red with a slit going up to my thigh, there was no, bra he said there was no need for one where we were going. After we both got dressed he took me to the car and we drove quickly to another house down the street. I asked what he was up to but he said it was a surprise.
When we arrived at the house he lead me in the front door where we were greeted by several young and very hot men all naked and hard, waiting for pussy and ass to use. I never did count how many there were exactly but that didn’t matter as the night went on. We walked to the middle of the room and my Master showed me off telling the other men “this is the woman I was telling you all about, she is ready for anything. Just be good to her.” He then told me that I was being loaned out to these men and I had to do what they wanted but he would be there to watch all that happened. I was eager to comply with their demands and I could feel my pussy getting wet just thinking of what they’d do to me. One man came over and lead me to the couch and told me to lay back against the couch while they took over. I did just that and relaxed as they opened the slit of my dress and pulled down the thong I had on. When my pussy was finally exposed he started licking and sucking on my already wet pussy. Another man pulled down the top of my dress and started to bite my nipples hard. I moaned loudly and begged for more. After they got me so wet and horny I thought I would cum all over the new men, they pulled off my dress and laid me down on the couch, I soon felt hands opening my legs and a mouth eating my clit, another set of hands held my arms against the couch while a third man straddled my stomach and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked him as best I could from my position and he soon exploded into my mouth!! I ate what I could and the rest dripped down my neck. I moaned and soon squirted all over the face of the first man. Soon the lips disappeared from my pussy and a cock entered, I gasped as the cock started to pound me hard!!. Soon the man on my chest got up and pushed me closer to the new cock, I was soon riding him and moaning loudly as he spanked me and pushed his cock as deep as it would go. Another cock soon entered my ass and they were both pounding me hard. I was screaming and begging for harder. We all came quickly and when we all had come down from our orgasms they pulled out of me and sat me back on the couch.
A new man picked me up quickly and we all moved to a back bedroom where the new man laid me on my stomach and handcuffed me to the bed. He then put his very thick cock into my cum soaked pussy and started pounding me as hard as he could. I was screaming and begging for more!! This mystery man was moaning and slapping my ass as he was starting to cum inside me. He was then told by another mystery man to hold on, then he climbed onto my ass and put his hard cock inside my tiny hole and started to pound me in the same rhythm as the other man. All three of us were screaming and moaning as one by one we all came and soon I was a total mess!! After the mystery men were finished they got off the bed and both smacked my ass one more time before releasing me from the bed. I was then ordered to kneel on the bed as all the new men surrounded me with their cocks limp and ready for me. I was told to suck all of them until they were hard but not let them cum in my mouth. I did just that, so many cocks!! All different and all loved the back of my throat. When each of these eager men were hard yet again, I was told to climb onto a a blonde man with a small cock and ride him hard. I was happy to do so and he also loved smacking my ass and biting my nipples as I rode him. He told me to scream and moan as loud as I could, I complied. He shot his hot cum inside me and I screamed loudly as my cum poured all over him. I was then pulled off of him and held by my wrists to the bed each hand was held by a different man, as one man put his cock inside my pussy and another climbed on top of me and laid his cock between my breasts fucking my breasts while the other man fucked my pussy! We came in unison and I quivered as I was covered in hot sweet cum. As the day progressed I took all of the men in every way I could. I was so sore I could barely move but I loved every minute of it. When the clock turned to midnight my Master declared that it was time for us to leave and he took me into the bathroom and cleaned me up and dressed me. We then said goodbye and I agreed we would do it again very soon. My Master and I then went back to his place and he kissed every sore place on my body before he put me to bed and told me to get some rest. “More surprised to come” he whispered as I fell asl**p quickly.
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2 years ago
and some follow up would love to know what other surprises he has for you
2 years ago
2 years ago
It is good, my dear, but I think you need a few more details...if you need my help, just let me know ;) Y.F.M.