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[Story] The Massage

My roommate is a massage ther****t (a legitimate one)and I finally found something I could get out of it. One of our friends is a client of hers and he is totally sexy! Long blonde hair with an amazing eight pack abs and I wanted to cum every time he got down to his boxer briefs in order to get the massage done. One day he was over and he happened to notice me looking at him as he was undressing. I looked away immediately but he still noticed, I was really embarrassed as I went over to the sink to wash some dishes but my embarrassment washed away as I felt him come up from behind me and start ... Continue»
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[Story] First Day of Spring

I had no idea what my boyfriend had planned but I was excited as I sat in the car with my blindfold on and wearing the button up dress he had bought me as a birthday present. It was the first sunny day of the year and a sweet 72 degrees Fahrenheit so I was plenty comfortable not wearing anything but the dress and my bra and panties underneath. We arrived at our destination and I could tell we were outside as he sat me down onto a blanket that was on the grass. He started to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear as he removed the blindfold and I could see the beautiful and remote area we were in. H... Continue»
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[Story] Having Fun in My Motel Room

I had just showered and I was on my bed running lotion all over my naked body when I noticed a man looking in at me through the window, just watching me. He even looked like he might have been touching himself but I couldn’t tell through the window. He was good looking: buff and blonde with sea blue eyes. So I did what any normal horny woman would do and I went to the door and unlocked it then I invited him in. Turns out he was jacking off to the sight of me even though it was cold out. When I pulled him inside his dick was sticking straight out and was hard as a rock!!! I almost couldn’t beli... Continue»
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[Story] The Christmas Tree

I’ve always loved Christmas and this was my first Christmas having a boyfriend so I decided to make it special for both of us. I put on my special Christmas outfit which was a pair of red see through panties, a red and white corset and I taped a piece of mistletoe to my stomach pointed directly at my pussy so when he took off the corset he would find a surprise. I topped it off with a Santa hat and red stilettos. Mike (My boyfriend) arrived at my place after his day at work was over and he looked me up and down in approval before handing me my gift and taking the glass of wine I had for him. ... Continue»
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[Story] I Took Control

I wanted to try something different and since he always had control of me I figured tonight I would take control of him and see how well he could take orders for once. So I put on my cute little police officer out fit and I called him and invited him over then I called a friend who was gay and I told him I have someone who would be a great fuck for him, guaranteed!! They both arrived at around the same time and I introduced them before telling them what the plan was: “I will be giving the orders tonight and babe you will be taken care of by this friend of mine and visa versa.” I smiled at them... Continue»
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[Story] He Took Control

I didn't know what to expect but I was wet as he pulled into the drive way. I answered the door eager to meet my Master in person. We kissed passionately for the longest time then I led him up to my room, letting him know that my Aunt was gone for the week and we had the place to ourselves. When we got to my room I removed my clothing quickly and showed him the body of his slave, hoping to please him. I then got permission to remove his clothing and after doing so I put his entire already hardening member in my mouth and down my throat. I could taste his wonderful balls as I ran my tongue up a... Continue»
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[Story] Airport Layover

My boyfriend and I were headed to my hometown for Christmas and so he could meet my f****y and our second flight was delayed by hours. This wouldn’t be bad except I was so horny I was going crazy so I decided to give him his present early, see we hadn’t had sex yet in fact we hadn’t done anything yet so I was going to give my body to him Christmas night. But hey a day early would be just as amazing so I looked around to make sure we were alone then I started to rub his thigh softly, I rubbed it up until I met his cock and balls. I started to rub them as I whispered in his ear “Meet me in the f... Continue»
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[Story] Food and Much Much More Pt. 2

We heard a knock at our apartment door and got very excited. It was the waiter, his name turned out to be Mark. I was wearing a wife beater and a thong which he seemed to enjoy so much he unzipped his pants right away and out came his 9 inch long cock. My boyfriend told him “She’s all yours for the night but I have to sit and watch. My cock will be out too.” “Alright sounds like a fun night.” was Marks reply as he told me to get on all fours on the bed and suck his dick. I did just that, choking a little from his long 9 inches. My boyfriend helped him with the rest of his clothes before sittin... Continue»
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[Story] My First Gangbang

I had been living with my Master for over a month when he came home from work and told me he had a surprise for me. He said I was going to be pleasured by five cocks of his choosing. The only condition was that we had to do everything he commanded of us. He was going to control the whole night. I eagerly agreed and went to clean up and put on my sexiest corset, thong, and heels. As soon as I was ready I went back into the bedroom and all five of the men had arrived while I was getting ready. They were all naked and ready for me and our first order from my Master was I had to get on my kne... Continue»
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[Story] Food and Much Much More Pt. 1

He said he had a special night planned for me so I put on a very short strapless dress and a thong, as well as black thigh high stockings and heels and I was ready to go. I was so horny as I waited for him I almost couldn’t take it. He arrived and quickly pulled me to the car after kissing me passionately and I wanted to take him right then and there. We got into the car and I could see his member getting hard through his slacks. As we got on the road we talked and I rubbed his thigh as a way of telling him I was horny and wanted to deal with the bulge in his pants. Soon he pulled off the road... Continue»
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[Story] The Best Tip I Could Give

I had just moved to the city and I was staying in a hotel alone until I could find a place to live. One night I was bored and very horny so I decided to order pizza and give the pizza guy a tip that would benefit both of us. I showered and put on my sexiest lingerie and heels, then sprayed perfume on my hot skin. After I had fully prepared I called and put in my order and waited the whole 35 minutes or so for the delivery to get to my room. He arrived and looked instantly excited to see me dressed as I was. I invited him in and asked him to put the pizza on the table, I then got bold and pre... Continue»
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[Story] Day Two with my Master

I woke in the morning to my Master turning me around, grabbing my ass and putting his morning wood into my tiny ass hole. He pinched my butt cheek hard and I moaned softly as he fucked my ass quickly, cumming nice and hard!! Once he had filled my ass up with his cum he picked me up gently and took me to the bathroom where he turned on the hot water and sat me in the tub. He gently washed my nipples (which got them very hard) and ran the flowery soap all over the rest of my body, rubbing my dirty pussy and ass hole hard. Making sure to get all the cum out of my tender holes. When I was all clea... Continue»
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[Story] My Master

I’d never thought this date would end with me not only going home with him but staying there for a week but when I saw him at my door I knew I had to give myself up to him. We had a fabulous meal at an Italian restaurant then we were supposed to go to a movie but I asked him to take me home and show me what it was like to have a Master and be pleasured by him. We rushed to his place and I could see through his slacks that he couldn’t wait to be my Master. When we got into his house he picked me up and carried me hurriedly to his bedroom and gently put me on the bed and told me to remove my clo... Continue»
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[Story] A Cold Night by the Fireplace

It was cold out and I was horny so I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to come over so I could act out one of my fantasies. We would have the house to ourselves all night so I decided that this was the night to make love to him on the living room floor with the fireplace burning. I started the fire then put down some blankets and the comforter from my bed then I ran upstairs and put on my best lingerie.’ When he got to the house I opened the door and kissed him hard, pulling him right to the blankets. He pushed me gently down and I laid there and watched him undress quickly. The fire glowed on h... Continue»
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[Story] His Birthday Present

My boyfriend had a birthday coming up and we had done every fantasy possible except one. He had always wanted a threesome with two women and him. I was reluctant but decided his birthday was the perfect opportunity to give him what he wanted. I took him out to dinner the night of his birthday and told him that I had a surprise waiting for him at the house. We drove home as quite as possible and I wanted him eyes closed straight to his bedroom where my best friend was waiting in his bed naked and ready for some fun. I grabbed him and whispered in his ear “we are all yours tonight” then I undres... Continue»
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[Story] The Most Memorable Anniversary

My boyfriend and I were about to celebrate our one year anniversary and he knew what I wanted. I wanted a threesome with him and another man. My man AJ was bisexual so I was hoping he would want to do this someday but I never thought someday would come so soon. The night of our anniversary he took me out to a lovely dinner and then took me back to his place. He was horny and I could tell he wanted me badly. I was already so wet myself that I could barely stand the drive to his place. I was wearing a short skirt and tight button up shirt and no bra with a tiny thong and I was afraid of getting ... Continue»
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[Story] He Helped Me Masturbate

My man and I have been together for several weeks and I had finally let him stay the night. We had a wonderful first night of pleasure where I had more than a few orgasms. Afterward we were talking on the bed and he asked me how my first time was and I said wonderful, a large smile spreading across my face. Then he asked me if it was better tan masturbating and I admitted with my head down in shame that I had never masturbated. “What, really?” He asked in surprise. “Yes, I just never had the need, sense I don’t have feeling down there. I’m just glad I was able to feel my orgasms tonight” He s... Continue»
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[Story] Our First Night

(I wrote this purely out of my head, these boys are not real or based on anyone I know.)
Eric and I met in the school bathroom, both gay freshmen that were dressing for gym in the bathroom because we were afraid the other guys could tell we were watching them. Eric was so hot, skinny with light skin and bail green eyes and light brown hair. We started to secretly date, only close friends knew that we were together. Because our families did know we were a couple we got a lot of alone time but despite that we had never been able to have sex. After a two year wait Eric’s Mother was going away fo... Continue»
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[Story] A Nice Shower for Two

My man and I had just had the most passionate dirty sex and we were dripping with sweat and cum so I asked him to take me to the bathroom and shower with me. He picked me up and carried me into the nice bathroom. I could still feel his cock on my pussy, which made me hot again. He set me on the toilet and knelt down to turn the water on; I got horny just by watching his naked body move. When the water was warm he picked me up and stepped into the shower. He sat on the shower floor and I straddled his naked lap and we french kissed passionately as he rubbed my ass and nipples hard. My nipples w... Continue»
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[Story] I Wanted it in My Tight Ass

I loved my boyfriend more than anything and he knew it. I was willing to do anything in bed to show him I loved him but I wanted one favor. I wanted to be fucked in the ass. Right as my birthday was only days away I finally decided to tell him what I wanted. When I told him what I wanted for my birthday, he was all too happy to give it too me. That night after dinner we when to a sex toy shop and bought lube and latex free condoms. Then we went back to his house as fast as we could. He picked me up in his big strong arms and took me into his apartment and straight to the bedroom. I undressed o... Continue»
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