Hot BBW Jill 2

Back at the Marriott in Tallahassee sitting on the sofa and Jill is sitting on the edge of the bed leaning back on her hands. She's cut her long hair since the last time we were together. It's now short the way she used to wear it.

She's just turned 65 and I'm 49. After about a 10 year hiatus we hooked up about a month ago fucking each other like teenagers. Jill has a body that drives me to jerk off just about every day. She's wearing a blue shirt with a picture of a large parrot on it, but all I really see are her small, tiny tits and her large belly underneath. She's wearing jeans and has kicked off her shoes. She's kicking her legs a bit as she half smiles half smirks at me as she asks "so, what do you want to do to me?"

I smile and start rubbing my cock through my jeans as I adjust. I say, "I don't know yet. Why don't you show me what I have to work with first."

She stands up and takes off her shirt. Her tits are nice and small but still just large enough that they sag down over her the top ofher belly, her nipples pointing down and out nice and hard. Her belly is large and hanges down over the top of her jeans which are already unbuttoned. She turns around and gives me a profile view. She runs her hands over her belly and looks at me.

She then removes her jeans and kicks them to the side. I see her fat pussy covered in pubic hair. Her bush is the silkiest and softest I've ever felt. She turns around and sits back down on the bed leaning back again making sure I get a good view of her beautiful fat bush.

I remove my jeans and sit back down and start stroking my cock. She says, "well, any ideas?" I say, "yes. I'm going to do two things. Every time we've ever fucked I've always cum on you. I either cum on your tits, your belly, ass, or all over your bush." She says, "I know, I love it, it's like you own me." I say, "yea, well today, every time I bust a load it's going to be as hard and deep inside your cunt as I can go." Her face turns all serious and she says "I'd love that. What's the second thing?" I say, "You're just going to have to wait and find out."

I walk over to the bed and sit next to her and kiss her, then push her down on her knees in from of me while I sit on the bed and she begins sucking my cock. Jill always sucked my cock like no one ever did, she just always knew what to do. The first couple of times I couldn't keep from squirting in her mouth, but she always swallowed and cleaned me up.

I start getting a little too aroused so I bring her up on the bed and lay her down and tell her I want to taste my cock in her mouth. I know it really turns her on when I say that, she is really into bi porn and has a fantasy of being in a 3-way with two bi guys. I hold her and kiss her, she shoves her tongue far into my mouth and I suck on it just as she'd sucked on my cock. I pinch her nipples as she arches her back and moves her legs around as she gets more aroused. I suck her tongue harder into my mouth and she moves her right hand down to her pussy and begins to masturbate. I begin rubbing my left hand all over her belly then I move it over her hand as she rubs herself. I suck her tongue faster and she cums hard and long, moaning loud into my mouth.

As she calms down I let go of her tongue, raise up and start kissing her neck and running my hand over her belly and down to her soaking wet bush. I raise up, grab her legs and drag her to the edge of the bed, I kneel on the floor before her and spread her legs over my shoulders and bury my mouth and face into her pussy. I reach around her hips and with my hands lift her belly up and press my mouth and tongue in between her lips and begin licking until I find her swollen clit.

Jill smells like a woman should smell and she tastes amazing. She's wonderfully hairy and incredibly sexy. Her pubic hair is a mixure of dark and gray hairs. Her clit is just large enough that you can suck it into your mouth and nurse it like a tit.

I feel her grab my arms and pull, she goes tense, she breathes in, her belly rises and I hear this loud, and low, gutteral moan that rises in volume, until she relaxes and pushes me away. My face is dripping wet. She looks up and says, "Oh god, I made a mess!" I laugh. I grab a towel from the bathroom and wipe my face dry.

I come back and she's pushed herself back up on the bed her head on the pillows. "Fuck that felt good." I lay down next to her and say, "turn over on your face." She says, "ok.." I lay down on top of her back, my legs and arms propping me up, arms around her, legs against hers and begin kissing the back of her neck and ears. After a few minutes I begin talking to her.

Me: "You remember Lake City?"
Her: "That was the last time we fucked before you dissappeared."
Me: "Yea. You don't know this but I came so hard I hurt for a week. I'm serious."
Her: "Really? I remember my ass was soaking wet, couldn't believe how wet I was."

We'd met in Lake City on a spur of the moment hookup in a hotel just off of I-10. We spent the afternoon fucking and fucking. At the end of the evening Jill positions herself at the edge of the bed, spreads her legs and says, "I want you to jerk off on my pussy hair. C'mon dude, cum on me." I immediately stood there and started jerking my cock, then all of a sudden she says, "No, I know what you want.." and begins positioning herself at the end of the bed on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air doggy style, "you want to cum on my love my ass." This was very true.

I walk over and see her gorgeous ass and hairy cunt lit up by the TV that had been on the whole time and five strokes in bust all over her asscrack. It was the most intense and painful orgasm I'd ever experienced.

Me: "Well, you don't know the whole story about that. It was really intense for me but also very frustrating." I continue kissing her neck.
Her: "How so? what do you mean?"
Me: "You see, when I stood behind you, I saw your amazing ass, your perfect cunt lips framed by your wet hair...but you may not remember I didn't just start jerking off right away..." I start sucking on part of her neck now.
Her: "Please tell me".
Me: "I realized at that moment that the entire afternoon I could have been devouring your asshole...i was looking at your perfect asshole and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to eat you out...but just that thought cause me to have to cum since I was so ended up jerking off on your ass which was amazing."
Her: "It was all was what are you saying?"
Me: "I'm saying when I move toward your legs you're going to spread your asscheeks so I can make up 10 years"
Her: "omg, are you serious? are you sure??"

I move back and kneel behind her. She says "are you sure?" I spread her legs apart and move in. "Spread your ass Jill." She reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks apart to reveal her puckered anus circled my soaking wet dark hair. I begin kissing the inside of her ass cheeks moving in slow towards her hole. The entire time she's making little noises. I grab her ass cheeks from her, spreading them and begin circling her asshole with my tongue and I get an "oh god" from her. "oh god, i can't believe your doing this.'

I steadily increase the pressure as I continue to rim her, never pressing directly on her hole, just around it. I stop for a bit, kissing her around the area, then I kiss her direcly on her hole, then I begin frenching her, and that gets a big moan and i realize she's masturbating.

When i realize this I latch onto her anus and begin licking her hard with long strokes of my tongue, trying to push into her every so often. Within the course of 10 minutes (?) she makes herself cum four or five times and I now have a case of lockjaw.

I raise up, open and close my mouth a few times to ease the cramping, turn her over on her back, kneel beside her and bend over her face to face, "I want you to taste your asshole in my mouth" and I start kissing her. She immediately takes my tongue in her mouth and starts sucking it as if it is my cock, at the same time she rubs her pussy again and makes herself cum.

I reposition my self between her legs and stick my cock in her fat hairy pussy. It feels amazing to be back in her. Laying on her back her tits are completely flat they are so small, her fat belly up against me, her legs spread out, she reaches back and pulls a pillow up under her head, then lays her arms back above her head. Her arm pits are hairy, another sexy thing about her.

She looks at me and says "Are you going to fuck me or use me to masturbate?"
I say, "Definitely going to use your cunt to masturbate."
She says, "Good, fucking use me."

I start moving my cock in and out of her soaking wet cunt. The thing about Jill is that her cunt, despite being 65 and having two offspring, is tighter than any asshole I've ever fucked. I start slow and watch her laying there in total submission as I use her to get myself off. She's always loved the idea of me using her as a jerk off toy from the very first time we met.

I increase my thrusting and her belly begins to swell as she breaths in and moans as she cums, at that point I feel myself well up and for the first time I start thrusting inside her fat hairy cunt as hard as I can and she yells, "oh god make me fucking pregnant!!" I explode inside her trying to push my hips into her as far and hard as I can, an intense and painful orgasm.

Breathing hard I slowly begin to pull my cock out of her, still hard as a rock. I grab my phone off the night stand and begin taking pictures of my cum leaking out of her hairy cunt. As she lays there with a freshly fucked look on her face I keep taking pictures of her laying there and of her fucked pussy. Then she turns over and gets on all fours and says, "what about this angle?" I take pictures of her ass and belly hanging down, and her small titties, from all angles, then she bends over and grabs her ass and spreads it and says, "I know you want this shot, too".

We spend another three hours playing and fucking. I cum on her pussy hair and even cum on her pit hair for a laugh. We're going to get together again in a month.

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