My girlfriends mom.

So it was night and me and my girlfriend and her smoking mom decided we should all go downtown after a great thanksgiving day in 2006 to celebrate my graduation from basic training for the army so i thought it would be a great idea. After a long night of drinking and me and her mom talking about how it was my girlfriend went to buy us more drink during all of that and left me and her mom alone for about 20 minutes.

While me and her mom where talking she had mentioned something about how cute i was and what a hunk i was becoming and what responsibility's i would be taking on soon as a soldier, Which was great and all but i was 18 and just wanted to get fucked up d***k with my girl, then she started rubbing my inner thigh and telling me how she wants me to fuck her up the ass with that cock she has been hearing about from her daughter which made me spit up my drink and choke alittle.

I was so suprised by this and so immensly turned on by this i grabbed her hand and we rushed outside to my car and then back to her house at about 90 miles an hour. A few blocks later and boom there we were front door flung open undressing enroute to her big elaborate bed and lights turned on, I shoved my tounge down her throat and she was jacking my cock kinda rough. I laid her down and went down on her licking her soaking wet pussy as she squirted a few times in my mouth and i sucked it down without thinking.

With her bent over the side of her bed i thrust it deep inside of her tight pussy and loosened her up a bit getting my dick really wet then while that was going on she had a toy in her ass getting it ready for me and god she screamed so loud i covered both my ears and told her to shutup pushing her head into a pillow i dragged over to us. So as i pushed it in slowly to her ass she told that her daughter was a very lucky girl and started pushing her ass onto my dick harder and harder until i filled it. So thats my first anal experience and it was fucking awesome.
80% (15/4)
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1 month ago
Good start, need to build up more slowly story was fast and you did not tell about you GF you had just left at the club alone
2 years ago
it was okay
2 years ago
Nice! Wish my mother in law was that fucking hot and fiesty!
2 years ago
Getting stiff and swollen thinking about what happened to you:)
2 years ago of a story ...more details......good start