Cuckold Sissy's First Meet Fantasy

This fantasy summary was sent to my wife and her prospective boyfriend to let her boyfriend know our fantasies and for me to know which bits got my wife and bf really wet? And feeling very horny? Which bits she really liked? And what they would you like to add to also?

The text was sent to the prospective boyfriend's iphone with a picture of me on all fours showing my girlie soft pathetic knickered and caged boi-clit after he sent me a picky of his gorgeous cock which I had previously been lucky enough to suck.

The wife's fantasy has been incorporated into the hubby's fantasy which is a very graphic step by step view into a sissy's mind hope you enjoy.

For bf read boyfriend.

Wife's fantasy - wants bf who will tie her hands behind her back, push her face into the bed covers and use an ankle spreader to keep her feet apart while he playfully spanks and teases her in front of her hubby with a whip with multiple tassels like a leather cat of nine tails until her arse is crimson red. Then still bent on all fours the bf fucks her hard across the bed from behind using her until he cums in her. The hubby is verbally humiliated and f***ed to watch all of the fun.

Hubby - in above scenario would want :
- have to bathe and dress wife for date to meet bf's texted demands ie what he wants wife dressed in for the sexy session
- hubby has to dress enfem and sissy to show subservience to bf
- hubby to answer the door to bf dressed in feminine attire
- hubby to serve bf and wife drinks and be verbally humiliated by wife and bf while they start petting ending in being told to go and get the bedroom ready for them to use for wife's formal cuckold deflowering and fucking
- humiliation of having wife and bf taking pics and video of sissy's humiliation through out evening
- humiliation of on return finding bf and wife snogging and her with his cock in her hands and him with hand in her top and knickers, clearly fingering wife
- more verbal humiliation of sissy told to curtesy and call wife and bf mistress and master, that must always be I'm knickers or dressed enfem in bf's presence etc told that hubby will be referred to as chosen girlie name or slave etc etc
- hubby told to kneel in front of wife and bf and then told to suck bf's cock while he plays with wife and wife holds cock and pushes head onto his cock
-hubby collared and taken upstairs by wife and bf and in bedroom told to undress bf and wife while humiliated more verbally
- wife and bf ensure sissy hubby is laughed at and made to kneel next to bed and feel, sniff and suck wife's soaking wet knickers while watching bf and wife fondle and play with each other on the bed
--- not sure - sissy hubby made to drop knickers and have big anal plug inserted making sissy clitty go soft and then be made to fetch cock cage and is then locked in cock cage by wife in front of bf and then knickers pulled back up to make sissy look pretty
--- worse have wife give lock to master and have humiliation of being locked up by bf
- hubby made to kneel and watch wife enjoying being touched, fondled and turned on by a real man
--- sissy made to stand outside or be blindfolded at end of bed with hands tied behind back and only listen to wife and master for 5 minutes
- made to watch bf tie wife's hands and ankles to bed and watching her submit to him calling him lover and master and watching her being whipped and teased in til crimson red on her buttocks, dripping wet and writhing and loving her lovers attentions
-sissy told to bend over next to wife by bf and have skirt hem pulled over her back and knickers pulled down and made to take whipping next to wife while holding hands and being verbally humiliated by wife and bf
- sissy told by wife to feel how wet she is for real man. How she wants him not sissy hubby to own her. Told on front of bf that no sissy like hubby should fuck his wife and that you are not allowed to fuck her anymore. Made to cry in front of her bf while he films and eggs wife on.
- Sissy then made to lick wife wetter for his BIG cock. Told to suck him also to get him wet and made to taste his pre-cum while being made to admit what a sissy cuckold you are in front of bf, laughed at and made to perform for the camera.
- while sissy sucks bf to be told to take cock out of your mouth put a condom on it and put bf's cock into your wife. Your wife sliding incredibly slowly onto his big cock to prolong sissy's agony.
- made to watch wife's bf's cock fuck her hard and have your sissy mouth ready to be used every time he pops out of her tasting her juices and his precum and then having to put him into her again for more hard real fucking
- the humiliation and torture of listening to her loving his cock
- listening to her telling him how good he is and how pathetic you are how cross she is she has put up with such a sissy cuckold for so long
- both of them making you watch him use your wife. Her holding your sissy face right next to your wife's bf's cock while she rides it slowly making you watch her being invaded and hearing her bf call her his bitch and whore and making her say he owns her and can have her whenever he desires and that you are a worthless pathetic sissy in front of you her husband
- hearing your wife beg her bf for his cock while he stops and pulls out of her making sissy suck him. Making her beg and buck for it and push your head away so she can have more. And bf not letting her sit on his cock again until she tells husband how pathetic his sissy boiclit is and then makes her f***e her sissy husband to beg and plead for bf to fuck his wife again
- hearing your wife say she does not want anything between her and her bf's lovely cock and being told to take off his condom for her and then being ordered to put his cock back into your wife's pussy and hearing her beg her bf to fill her with his cum for her pathetic sissy hubby to clean out
- hearing your wife's bf's balls slapping hard against your wife knowing you would have c already and hearing your wife loving it
- watching your wife and holding her hand supportively as she screams and shudders to orgasm on bf's cock and tells him she wants and needs him so so badly while you are sat next to her and hearing her begging him to let her be his bitch
- sissy hubby being humiliated post orgasm by wife while he sucks bf so wife can recover and have more of his cock
--- sissy hubby being bent over at suggestion of wife and made to take bf's cock in his boi-pussy guided in by wife to give wife a break while she watches her sissy husband squirm and make girlie noises while she ridicules him
- sissy hubby then turned over onto back legs held wide at ankles and fucked missionary style lying next to wife with bf taking turns to fuck wife and sissy both while sissy and wife hold hands and looking at each other
- humiliation of having wife filming sissy hubby begging for and taking bf's cock like a slut while she makes sissy admit for the camera what a sissy slut he is letting her bf fuck him , how much he wants cum in and on himself, how much he loves being told he is a good girl and loves taking cock like a common slut and makes him admit how useless he is as a male while she films your caged clitty and makes you beg for cock and admit you love being a sissy cuckold thanking her bf for fucking you both and begging again for his cum while they both laugh at you and humiliate you
- wife then pulls bf's cock out of sissy boicunt and f***es bf's cock into sissy's mouth making sissy clean it for her. While she takes sissy's anal plug and reinserts it onto your sissy hole saying this will always be filled from today sissy. To train you for ALL of my bf's
- sissy is then told to hold cock for wife to ride and fuck again. Wife straddles and fucks cock while sissy is made to kneel at end of bed and watch again. Bf rolls wife over and fucks her hard to orgasm again and cums hard into wife, with wife begging for her bf to cum deep in her to fill her with his gorgeous seed.
-ends with sissy hubby being made to clean up bf's cock and then lick creampie out of wife and have her squat over sissies face and feeds him bf's cum while being verbally humiliated by bf and wife especially when they see cum dribbling out of your cock cage and through your sissy knickers
- being made to suck bf off again til he is hard to their joint verbal humiliation
- then once cleanup is done being asked if poor sissy hubby needs to be allowed to make a mess and be laughed at as you are made to beg wife and bf, then being made to lie on your back with your wife squatting over your face pulling your ankles up over your head so she is holding your legs up with your sissy caged boiclit dangling limply over your open sissy mouth. Then she tells you to beg her bf to fuck you as he films you again. He sets up the camera to get a great view of all the action and to hear all of the verbal humiliation and then standing over sissy bf pulls your sissy knickers off over your high heels takes out your anal plug, spitting into your gapping sissy hole and wife pushes his big cock into your sissy boicunt and she pulls his hips into you making her bf start to fuck you as your wife jiggles your cock cage rhythmically asking her lover how long he thinks her pathetic sissy will last when you lower your cum stained pussy back onto her sissy husbands mouth again for more cleaning as your wife can feel more cum dribbling out. Your wife lowers her dripping pussy onto sissy husbands mouth and pushes bf's cum out while wanking sissy's clit cage up and down giving sissy's clitty some stimulation. As sissy swallows the cum she starts to pulsate and cum. As sissy hubby starts to cums wife jumps off and directs all sissy juice dribbling out of her cage into sissy's mouth ensuring it is all caught on film. Then bf starts to fuck sissy hard and cums in his boi- pussy pulling out and pushing his cum dripping cock into sissy hubby's mouth as he kisses wife.
- wife and bf then film sissy gaping boipussy dribbling cum and verbally humiliate sissy hubby for the camera and then leave to shower together while sissy is left alone, used, abused and humiliated on the bed and is told to clear up the bedroom for wife and lover to use and to make herself presentable.
- wife and bf return from shower wrapped in a towel giggling and laughing after about 1/2 hour, bf tells sissy to kneel next to the bed again while wife laughs and turns the camera back on while hubby's wife sits on the bed in front of sissy and spreads her legs wife, bf pushes sissy face into wife's crotch holding sissy's face against his wife's wet pussy and says there's another load in there for you fag better get cleaning and sissy's wife says 'bury your tongue in deep hunny his big cock was so so deep this time when he came, so much deeper than your pathetic clit has ever got' .... And 'you better get used to this position from now on hunny cause this is all the sex you are ever getting here on in.' Wife dumps load of cum into sissy hubby's mouth and makes him show the camera him swallowing it. 'Hope your enjoying our new sex life as much me baby cause I am never going back to your sissy clit again bf and I were chatting as we came back in the room and I think I deserve a real fucking at least twice a week. So I really have no use for your clit anymore so you don 't have any use for it either do you my lull sissy girlie'
- wife then says 'go and clean up properly sissy and leave us alone it,s time for bed now you know where your bed is now don't you that's right fag in the spare room only real men share my bed now. I will get you in the morning when we need breakfast in bed off you go sissy and I don't want to hear your crying do you understand sissy. I bet you know what you will be getting for breakfast your breakfast cucky don't you.' Then your wife leads you out of bedroom while they both laugh at you and pushes you out the door with her foot.
- woken up early by very loud fucking noises your wife orgasming loudly multiple times while chanting the mantra 'I need your cock ( bf's name here), I need your cock ( bf's name)' with bf saying louder in between each chant until your wife is screaming 'I need your cock (bf's name)' as you hear his cock slapping hard into you are sure your neighbours can hear everything as your wife orgasms over and over on his cock. And you hear him shout 'yes bitch take my seed' as he cums loudly. You like on bed in your silky nightie all quiet as you hear your wife coming into the room laugh at your feminine attire and locked clit as she sits on your face declaring 'breakfast time sissy' dumping another load in your sissy mouth as you hear male laughing and a camera clicking then being told she is going back for more so you better get dressed appropriately for serving breakfast and get their breakfast in bed organised while they have round two and think up some diabolically humiliating things to do to you for their amusement.

Nat x

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1 month ago
Very hot sissy story!
2 months ago
every sissy cucks dream tell us more please xx
6 months ago
Great story