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There i was typing away on the keyboard chatting to others in the hope of a meet up for dressed up playing together.

The private screen popped open to reveal a message from a genuine girl requesting a chat, well as I was there and hopeing for a meet what was there to lose, she started by the introduction that she liked to be called barbara and her other half she would tell me later depending how things went.

babara stated that she wanted both a lover to give her some good sex and a tv to try sex with as that excited her also and she may want her other half to experiment with the tv, well as I was chatting away she explaned that she had chatted with a lover who wanted to give her one that afternoon and could I make a meet for then.

The location was near to where both of us were as that was the the meaning of her introduction in the first place as she did not want to wait for others to travel long distances all the time, so we both arrandged to meet at thiers this afternoon at 1400 hours and to bring along some clothes to excite her, and as she was making all the moves she explaned that she would be dressed in a pvc basque and black stockings with thigh high mistress boots with a 5" heel and she would open the front door after I had knocked with a tap tap tripple tap tap tap and once opened I was to enter and proceed up the stairs which would be in front of me and go into the bedroom marked with my name on it, it will be typed on A4 paper in black letters, and once inside I was to get dressed in the clothes as in my profile picture and await further instructions once I had knocked on the floor with my right heel just once.

The time had come round ever so quickly and it was time to go for our meet so with rucksack in hand I went to the address given which was only 10 miles away, the instructions were carried out on the front door and true enough it was opened and i entered but i gave a quick look to my left just behind the front door and she was there as she had said she would be and dressed as she described, she gave me a smile and pointed to the stairs and I proceeded to climb them to find the room which was given for my change, on entering the room there was a double bed on the right and a part mirrored wardrobe in front of me witha small dresseing table in the middle of the wardrobe all in white but I did notice a black satin maids dress hanging up behind the bedroom door and after inspection I found it was too small for me?.

I quickly got dressed as instructed all the while having an odd glance at the maids dress, I knocked on the floor with my heel and within seconds barbara opened the door and entered holding a glass of ice cubes and ordering me to lay on the bed head at the bottom and feet where the pillows go.

I did as intructed and she placed an ice cube in my mouth and then stradled my face telling me to use me both teeth and tongue to get the ice cube into her awaiting pussy and to make her come any way I could, now barbara around 40ish probally size 14 and shaply legs and 36ish boobs and with her dressed in pvc and boots to die for I swung my arms around so that I could hold onto the heels and lick and suck for all I was worth and true enough she came quickly and came by the bucket filling my mouth and face with cold water and yum yum juice and the latter was ever so thick and gooey and tasted like only yum yum juice can.
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12 months ago
Thanks Nat but is there more to this story?
2 years ago
Good story but your others are better