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this story has just happened, I had been browsing a well known tv site when i looked into the phsyical meet section and there was a tv who lived fairly close to me and wanted meets weds/sunday from 12 till 3pm and only accomodates but will not meet outdoors as she has her own place she cannot understand why she needs to.

The day I was browsing was thursday 16th and the meet was the next day at 12.00 at hers, as we have never meet before as timings and days were never compatable this time was my lucky day she could meet at that time tommorrow friday 17th.

I got her address and turned up at 12.00 as planned, she opened the door but stayed behind it in fear of being seen, once inside i was ushered into the bathroom on the left and instructed i could change in there and to meet her in the bedroom straight ahead.

I got changed into pvc basque ff nylons black satin knickers and 4" stilletoe boots for effect bright red lipstick and my black wig, once changed I proceeded to the bedroom where I was instructed, she was on the bed and a film was playing on the small screen at the foot of the bed showing a tv/cd film where a guy was giving head and licking the tv`s arse and that was all I saw till later as emma was on the bed with ff nylons 5" black stilletoes with a metal heel and a black basque also and lovely slutty red lipstick, she becond me over by playing with her clit which was hard as hell as she had been watching the movie waiting for me to get changed for play.

to jump straight in and start stroking her clit would be rude so I started with those lovely metal heels kissing my way up them sucking them and kissing the patient shoes and my first mistake was to take the left shoe of to suck her toes as she was tickily she pulled it back and said no anything but as she is extreamly tickely so I placed it back on and continued to kiss and suck those heels and feet, whilst doing so i was gliding my hands up her lovely ff stocking clad legs feeling the seam at the rear of her calves with excitment.

she becond me up towards her head and we had the most enjoyable snog with tongues going in and out of each others mouth with a vengence, thats where you notice a close shave helps, her hands were all over me like a rash as i had started on her feet she had been waiting long enough to explore me.

i broke off the kiss till later and went straight for her nipples sucking and nibbling them was sending her wild she was rubbing her legs up and down mine and the sound and feeling was fab, no other sound like it, she was grabing my nipples and kneeding my chest as i was sucking her nipples and with a little shuffle we had changed places and it was reversed with mine being sucked whilst i kneedind hers, this crried on for a few moments when her land line at the side of the bed started to ring, as she reached over to answer it i cupped her balls with my right hand and started to suck her clit which was no mean feat as she was on her left side with the phone to her right ear trying to sound nornmal to whoever had rung her and as we all know when you are excited and you try to sound normal on the phone the pitch is slightly higher than normal but the added part of someone taking your clit in thier mouth was just w little too much so all she got out was I will ring you back in a mo and hung up almost as quick as she had taken the call and that was mistake number two.

the arrangment was for us both to enjoy each other with oral but as i had made a few mistakes she suggested we have a 69 with me on top, no sonner were we in position when she licked around my ring and said was i ready but without an answer she applied some lub into the ring area and slipped in a finger into my anus she pushed my down towards her feet a little so that she could slap my arse with her left hand whilst slipping a finger up me with her right hand, at this point my face was aroung her knee area and i could have taken one of her shoes off again but thought perhaps that fun could wait for a further meet.

after a few playfull slaps she pulled her finger out and grabbed my thighs to bring me back up so that we could then take each other in our mouths for some oral fun, she came first exploding her load into my mouth, it didnt hit the back of my throat but it was just creamy, but the feeling of her mouth around my clit was shear devine and i soon followed her and shot my load into her mouth and the wonderfull feeling was fantastic, lingerie and blowjobs are for ever.

emma aploligised as she had been entaitaning the prvious day so the amount of cum she had was not too great but the feeling on my mouth around her clit was worth it all and I had to agrea with that her foreskin was also a lttle tender as the other tv she had meet yesterday was into bitting it also so when I only sucked it she was realeved.

The film had been playing all that time but we never took much notice, but the ts in the film also looked great in stockings with nice firm tits, we kissed as soon as i was changed and promissed to try to do it all again sooner rather tan later.

nat xx
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2 years ago
very hot, can you send me a message with the name of this site you speak of please?