Jeff and his daughter Part III

Part III

The first images pop up on the screen as Caitlyn climbs on Jeff's cock.

“Ohhh fuck!” he groaned as his tool slides easily into the sexy brunette. “Mmmm, I love it.” Caitlyn moans as her pink tunnel is filled.

“There she is Jeff. She's got a lot of potential to be as big a whore as Caitlyn and Jessica here” I proclaim. Referring to the women on the screen on her hands and knees with her head in a mans crotch, her ass and pussy exposed.

“Nice looking pussy.” He said, getting a getting a hand on the vernacular.

“Isn't it.” I said. “I spent almost an hour licking and finger fucking her.”

“Oh, that's you?” Jeff asked.

“Yep, these first few photos I took. Here's another of her cunt spread wide. You can tell she hasn't had a lot of cock yet, but she does eventually, and I mean a lot of cock.” I say slyly. “What do you think?”

“I'd fuck the little whore!” He said with new found authority.

“That's what I'm talking about Jeff. Now your getting it. These women are just places for men to put their cocks.” I tell him.

“I can see that.” He says as the next photo comes up of the unidentified young women on her back getting fucked.

“Jake, Caitlyns cunt is really great but you know what I would really love to do?” He asks me.

“What's that?” I ask

“I would really love to fuck your daughter in the ass.” He tells me.

“Jeff.” I say extending my hand to shake his. “Fuck her in the ass, the mouth, her pussy. Call some friends and barrow her for the weekend and turn her into a party cum receptacle.” I say with a laugh. I pull my dick from Jessica's mouth . “Uncle Jeff needs your ass sweetie.”

“Yes daddy.” she obediently replies.

As every one is shifting around, another photo appears of the new girl sucking dick, her hair obscuring her face for the most part. The next is the money shot of the girls face covered in cum.

“There she is Jeff, now you can see the little cock whores face.” I tell him as he's getting behind Jessica.

“That's, that's Heather, that's my daughter.” He says stunned.
Another photo comes up, full frontal of his daughter. Long legs, trimmed bush, belly button pierced, 34 b tits, perky pink nipples, her face speckled with cum. Some of it in her curly auburn hair. She's smiling and waving at the camera as I stand next to her. My cock still glistening with the juices from her pussy.
“That's a hot piece of ass.” I say to Jeff. “She saw Jessica's photos from the party, stripped down in front of me and said she wanted to be fucked like that.”

Jeff starred at the screen as Jessica continued to message his cock. Caitlyn and I both trying to read his expression. The slide show ended and a press play logo appeared on screen. I quickly hit the button on the remote so as not to leave the screen blank for any amount of time.

The video picked up where the last photo left off, Heather standing next to me naked with a big satisfied smile on her face, waving at the camera.

“Hi daddy, I hope your not mad but when I saw the photos from the party, I wanted to try that too. It's been so much fun, every one has been amazing.”

“Jeff, it's your daughter that's been amazing.” The image from the TV exclaims into the camera. “Just look at her body, perfection my friend. Her body was built for sex! We thought we might give you a tour of Heather's hot body. I'm sure you've seen her in her bikini, or maybe a bra and panties, but I thought you might like to see the rest of your daughter. So here we go Jeff. Oh, by the way, Jessica will be doing the camera work as we go along.”

The camera turns to show Jessica from the tits up.
“Hi Mr Davis.” She says, then turning the camera back on his naked daughter and I.

“So Jeff, lets start with Heather's pretty face. Obviously you get to see that every day, but have you ever noticed how sensuous her mouth is?” I say as motioning Jessica to move in tighter on her lips.
Heather begins to purse and lick her lips with her tongue.

“Jeff, those lips, that tongue, perfect for sucking cock. Heather? Do you enjoy sucking cock?”

“Mmm, I love sucking cock Mr. Williams.” She says directly into the camera with a big smile.

“She really does Jeff, she's been coming over just about every night for the past week or so just to suck my dick.” I say grinning.

“Don't forget that little football party you had Saturday afternoon Mr. Williams. It was just a few guys daddy , don't worry, they were all really nice.” Heather says into the camera.

“Yea Jeff, they're couldn't have been more than 10 or 12 guys over that day.” I explain. “I'll have to show you that video sometime Jeff, she was great. Sucked cock all through the game.”

“Oh my god, what have you done. I thought...I mean...What???” Jeff Stammered.

The video continued on with the tour.

“Next Jeff, we have Heather's tits. I'm guessing you haven't seen these before.” I say cupping them from behind his daughter. “These are great to play with while she's blowing you or... any time actually.” I say as I squeeze and pinch her nipples, pulling on them. “Are your nipples sensitive Heather?” I ask.

“Yea, they are Mr. Williams, it makes my pussy really wet when guys play with them.” she says.

“Keep that in mind Jeff.” I say with a wink. “Next on our tour of Heather's body we have her ass.” I say as I turn her around. “Mmm, damn will you look at that. Have you ever seen a finer ass than this.” as I squeeze and spread her cheeks. “Bend over a bit so we can get a good shot. Jessica, get in there tight so we can see her asshole.”

The camera moves in on Heather's spread cheeks as I press a finger into her brown eye.

“Oooo, that feels good Mr Williams, mmm so good.” She moans as my digit sins into her ass.

“Damn Jeff, When I see an ass like that... I just want to slide my cock into it balls deep. You know what Jess, set the camera down. I'm rock hard for some ass fucking, we'll continue this later. I just can't hold back any longer. Hang on Jeff.”

The screen goes black.

“Wait! What! What happened? You fucked her? You fucked her ass Jake?” Jeff asked in exasperation.

Before I could answer the screen comes back to life. The frame filled with Heather's face. A mix of pleasure and pain across her face as she's rocked back and fourth. The image pulls back to reveal her on all fours with me behind her.

“Fuck Jeff, I think this is the tightest ass I've ever broken in. Nice and tight!”
As I say that, Heather's expression changes to a smile and then a slight giggle and then back to a look of seriousness and then a full on laugh.

“Is that how you sell it Heather?” I say smiling myself. “Were just messing with you Jeff. No one has fucked her ass... yet any way.” I say laughing.

“Sorry Mr. Williams, it just seemed to funny to fake it with everyone watching.” Heather explained.

Back on the couch.

“Jesus Jake, I...I mean she's never done that, has she? I mean.. I can't believe what I'm seeing, what I'm watching.” Jeff said. Jessica playing with his cock and balls while Caitlyn fingered herself on the couch next to me
“And what did she mean, every one watching?” Jeff asked.

“Keep watching Jeff, It's just getting good.” I say, running my hand over Caitlyns thigh.

Back in the video

Jessica is shooting up Heather's legs from the floor while I crouch down about mid thigh.

“And here we have a beautiful set of legs, Jeff. Judging from what I’ve seen her wear, I bet you get to see these often. Gorgeous legs, can't really do to much with these, run my hands up and down them. Nice smooth skin, very nice though.”

The video cuts to Heather and I standing side by side naked again with my arm around her.

“There you have it Jeff. Your daughters body, all 5 foot ….” I'm interrupted by Heather.

“Ah, Mr. Williams, I think you forgot something.”

“I did? What did I forget?” Asking the naked women.

She leans up and whispers in my ear.

“Your what?”
“You, know, my ah...vagina.” she says coyly.
“Vagina? I say, sounding like I've never heard the term before.
“Yea, you know... my fuck pink gash. You know, where your cock goes!” Heather says going down the list of euphemisms.
“Oh yea, your main fuck hole.” I look directly into the camera. “We can't for get about that can we Jeff?” I say with a wink. “I just thought of something we can do with Heather's legs Jeff. SPREAD EM!” I pick up the petite young women under here thighs, holding her legs apart presenting her to the camera. Her trimmed bush topping her pink snatch fills the screen as Heather spreads her lips and inserts 2 fingers into her wet cunt.

“There it is Jeff. I have to tell you, the first time I slid my cock into your daughter's cunt, I knew this was one piece of ass I had to share. It's heaven Jeff. That's what it feels like to put the head of your cock against her pussy lips and feel it envelope your cock all the way to your balls. The way she moans as you pump in and out of her. It's amazing Jeff.
You can probably tell I fucked her before we shot this, that's not just her wetness, that's my cum in your little girls pussy Jeff. I'm getting hard again just thinking about it. Did you like our little fuck session Heather?” I ask as the camera pulls back and I put her back on her feet.

“Oh my god! I loved it Mr. Williams. It was so hot! I came like 3 times!” She exclaimed. “He fucked me for like an hour daddy.” She said looking into the camera.

“We're not done yet Jeff. “I want to introduce you to some of my friends, and some of Heather's new friends too.” I say leading our new fuck toy into the living room as the camera fallows us.

“I guess it's time for my initiation now daddy'”

As the video plays I lead Heather into the same living room where Jeff has spent the afternoon with my daughter, Caitlyn and I. Only in the video, 5 naked men in a semi circle are waiting,

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1 year ago
nice addition to the series. When does Jeff get to fuck Heather? Soon I hope. Nothing hotter than a willing young 18 yo dau sucking her Dad and then fucking him.
2 years ago
Now it's time for the "stove boxes" (if you get my drift) to heat up and heat up...and continue to Heat Up. Oh, bejeeezzzus!

Damn, and I only have my imagination that my daughter is the leader of the pack. Oh, woe is me!
2 years ago
Totally HOT!
3 years ago
Anxiously awaiting the next part. Great series..
3 years ago
its great hope dad gets her ass cherry
3 years ago
i love it man , i wish i could be there , it felt like i was there with your great writing, keep it up
3 years ago
Can't wait to read the next ch.
3 years ago
This has been an amazing read! Really can't wait to see part 4, 5, 6, .... I am so hard right now!
3 years ago
Great story. I bet Heather's ass is left for her dad to take.
3 years ago
Love it - hurry with the next part.