Pool Party

My name is Dennis, my wife and I recently finished renovating our basement, turning it into a rec room complete with a bar and pool table. Its a great place to entertain friends.

One weekend about a month ago, my wife went to visit f****y out of town and our daughter Claire said she was going to be staying at a friends house. So, I invited over a few buddies to watch some sports and have a few beers.

After the game we were playing pool when my daughter came home . My daughter Claire is 18 5"9 curly brown hair slim athletic body, with very pert 36 D breasts, she gets noticed often. Claire asked if we minded if she stayed and played some pool too. My friends didn't seem to mind at all, so Claire got her self a drink and watched as we finished the game.

I noticed the guys checking her out a lot, especially her long lean tanned legs, it didn't help matters that she was wearing a short black skirt and a scoop neck top that showed off her cleavage. Claire joined in the next game and every one was having a good time joking and laughing. Every time some one would make a joke, Claire would touch one of the jokers arms.

As she was bending over to shoot, several times we all got a nice view down the front of her shirt where you could see her lacy pink bra. I heard the guys whispering comments about her legs and ass. Then my friend Eric said "great ass" loud enough for every one to hear. Claire just laughed telling him to behave.

Eventually as Claire would bend over the table to shoot her skirt would ride up a little more exposing more leg. Several times I saw my buddies "accidentally" rub up against her and cop a quick feel of her ass when they didn't think I was looking. she just giggled playfully when they did.

Claire did pretty well for a while, but after she missed a shot she complained that her heels were beginning to hurt her feet. That must have given Richie an idea because he suggested we play strip pool. At first Claire said no, saying she couldn't play strip pool with her dad, then she turned and said it was up to me. I guess I figured that if Claire started to loose she would call it quits rather than get naked, so I said "sure, why not"

The game began, and each of us took shoots and continued drinking. First Eric lost his shirt, then Doug and I lost our shoes. Then Claire was barefoot. Eventually she started to win against our d***ken play. The guys not wanting to lose started to cheat a little. When Claire would lean over the table, some one would touch or squeeze her ass, causing her shots to go bad.

Soon she was at the point of loosing her skirt if she missed the next shot. I pulled her aside, telling her she didn't have to go through with it if she missed, no one expected her to take off her skirt. She smiled and said she was a big girl and that I didn't have to worry about her.

She went back to the table and lined up her shot while the guys reminded her what was at stake, saying "no pressure" and telling her "she couldn't make that shot". Well, she made the shot but scratched the cue ball. With that Eric said "time to pay up". Claire handed him the pool stick and with out missing a beat began to wiggle out of her skirt in front of my friends. She turned her ass toward them as she slowly slid the skirt down exposing a hot pink thong. I'm not sure the guys could believe what they were seeing.

The next couple games Claire took full advantage of the fact she was half naked, often standing directly where the guys intended the the ball to go so that they were staring at her obvious camel toe, it worked too. we had lost everything but our boxers. Just when we thought she might beat us she missed the final shot and lost her top. Now the guys were really getting to see my daughter like never before.

The lace bra barely covered her aureoles and her flat stomach was accentuated by a piercing in her belly button. The guys were all starting to sport obvious hard ons. Doug's cock was so big that it stuck several inches above the band of his boxers.

My daughter paraded around the room as each of my friends tried to grope her while I pretended not to look. The guys hands were on her ass, legs and tits. She teased them mercilessly.
The next time she shot for a ball across the table, she arched her back and stuck her ass way out. Richie walked up behind her, grabbed her waist and ground his crotch against her ass like he was fucking her from behind. She just laughed going along with the joke but I heard a slight moan escape her lips.

Richie's boxers gradually worked their way down until his cock head was rubbing between Clair's ass cheeks, with him holding her waist, he told her to shoot, saying she had been teasing us and it was payback time for all the shots they had missed.
When Claire missed her shot, Richie reached up and unsnapped her bra letting it fall onto the table exposing her double D mounds of flesh to my buddies and I.

Claire was as playful as ever, smiling and laughing as she stood practically naked, now only wearing her pink lace thong which was drawn deep between her ass cheeks. I wondered how far this would go and whether I should allow it to continue.
I finished the rest of my beer and excused myself to the bathroom, when I finished I quietly snuck around the corner and peeked into the room.
Claire was standing just behind Doug and as he took his shot she quickly yanked down his briefs making him miss the cue ball entirely. He didn't seem to mind, he just stood there holding the pool stick in one hand and his hard cock in the other.

Claire shot next, and Doug wasted no time looking for payback as he quietly got behind her. When she bent over, he grabbed her hips like Richie had done and pulled the tiny bit of fabric covering her pussy aside and with her still bent over rubbed his bare cock up and down her cunt. Claire moaned and then spread her legs even further apart inviting Doug to penetrate her pussy as my friends watched.

I heard Doug comment on how tight my daughters snatch was as he pushed deeper into her cunt, then Claire said something about the size of his cock. I heard him tell her to "Just relax" as he continued to work his big shaft slowly into my daughters pussy. By now she was moaning and squirming up a storm, until finally she had Doug's big cock balls deep in my daughters fuck hole. Doug was grunting wildly as he slid his tool in and out of Claire's hot cunt.

From where I was I had a view I never thought I'd see, my daughter bent over my pool table as my friend Doug gripped and spread her ass cheeks allowing Eric, Richie and I to see her wet pink cunt being fucked.
Eric and Richies eyes were as big as saucers as they watched in amazement, Doug sliding 8 inches in and out of Claire vigorously. Pulling out and then slamming back into her as she gasped and maoned the whole time. Doug reached forward and grabbed a hold of her big beautiful titties, squeezing them with each thrust deeper into her wet snatch causing her to groan with pleasure.
This went on for at least 10 minutes before he stiffened and unloaded his balls deep into her quim. He pumped her for a few more strokes and then pulled his softening cock from my daughters pussy.

I could see the cum start to leak out of her cunt and run down her thigh. The look on Doug's face was pure satisfaction as he turned to the others and calmly said "Next".
Richie quickly took his place and put his cock to Claire's freshly fucked hole, grabbed her hips and easily slid the length of his prick deep into her with one powerful thrust.
"Oh Fuck yes" she moaned as he began a knee deep stroke that soon had her building toward and orgasm. As my Horny daughter gasped and moaned, the expression on her face revealed her extreme pleasure.

It wasn't long before Richie announced he was cumming and then pulled his throbbing cock from Claire's pussy, shooting his load all over her ass and cunt. It was a huge load of sperm and left her dripping. He then gripped his cock and slid it back into her well lubed fuck tunnel for a second round of even more furious pounding.
Claire flayed as her tits swayed back and fourth, still bent over the pool table.
"Fuck me, Fuck me harder" she exclaimed.
Without even realizing it, I had my cock out of my briefs and was stroking my dick as I watched my daughter being fucked like a porn star.

Richie grunted, unleashing his second load. This time he held Claire's hips, his cock deep in her womb, pumping his cream into her as he let out a final groan and collapsing on top of her before pulling his cock from her gaping cunt. Richie was breathing hard as he stood up.
"Fuck, that was a good ride" he said. "Get in their and fuck Jakes daughter." I heard him say to Eric.
It was only a quick moment before Eric stepped between Claire's legs, but I could see what a sloppy mess my friends had made of my daughters cunt. It was gaping and oozing hot cum that Richie had just deposited.

Claire's legs were spread wide, she even reached back and began to rub her clit in a circular motion. Again she let out a long approving moan as Eric sank his cock balls deep into my daughter.
"oh god yessss, fuck mmmmm" she moaned.
They fucked for about 5 minutes then, as he sensed her building toward another orgasm, he slid his index finger into her asshole and she came instantly.

I couldn't believe what happened next, after Claire caught her breath, after her third shuttering orgasm, she pulled herself off Eric's cock, stood up turning around to face him.
"Fuck my ass!" She said as she hopped up on the edge of the pool table. His eyes got big and his jaw dropped, but he was eager to grant her request as she positioned herself on the table with her legs spread and pointing up to the ceiling.
Richie grabbed a couple of pillows off the couch and put them under Claire, then he and Doug got on either side of her holding her legs.

Eric stepped up, putting the tip of his fat cock against her asshole and slowly eased into her. She reached down and placed her hand on her ass cheeks opening herself as wide as she could as Eric pushed deeper into her anus. Amazingly I again had a good view as his dick started to disappear into her ass, Claire cursing and screaming with both pleasure and pain.
"God dammit, fuck my asshole, fuck me deep, deeper!" she kept screaming, gritting her teeth. Her eyes got glassy, with tears forming in the corners.

Doug and Richie were still holding Claire's legs as Eric worked her asshole, but now Doug was alternating between playing with her tits and her pussy all the while encouraging Eric.
"Fuck her ass Eric. She loves it. Do you believe were fucking Jakes daughter? Man, fuck that ass deep."
With just a couple of inches of cock still showing, Eric asked Clair if she wanted him to stop and pull out.
"Don't you dare" she spit. "Just give me a moment"

So he stopped for a minute, taking a deep breath until she snapped back at him.
"what the fuck are you waiting for, I thought you were hot to fuck my asshole?"
Eric continued to ease his way up Claire's ass, nice and steady when Richie suggested maybe he should stop.
"Maybe you should mind your own fucking business." she said, and then looked back at Eric.
"I want it all, keep fucking my ass!"

He started pushing in again, a fraction of an inch at a time. Gradually her grunts and moans turned into oohs and aahhhs. He took this as encouragement, and began to fuck gently in and out, and then picked up the pace a bit, sliding his cock in a bit deeper with each thrust.
Several minutes later as Claire gurgled and panted, Eric buried his dick balls deep in her asshole. He fucked her faster and faster, until she started to shake violently as she climaxed for the fourth time. Eric stiffened, pumping his cum up my daughters ass. When he pulled his cock from her asshole, she collapsed back on to the pool table exhausted. Both Doug and Richie let her legs go and they dangled over the edge of the pool table, sperm leaking out of both her fuck holes.

After a few moments Claire sat up, and climbed off the pool table, her legs still woobley. Doug helping to hold her up, his cock still semi erect.
"I've still got a load for you" he said as he took her hand.
Claire Smiled, as he led her back to the bar where he sat on a stool. Claire sinking to her knees in front of him, eagerly taking his cock in her mouth, licking it up and down.
"That's it baby, suck that cock" he said encouraging her.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I had just witnessed one of the greatest fuck sessions of my life. I had been stroking my cock the whole time. I don't even remember doing it but I walked up behind Claire holding my dick and knelt down behind her and started to ease my cock into her ass just like Eric had done.. Startled at first, she just smiled as she glanced back over her shoulder and moaned "mmmm, yea. Fuck my nasty asshole daddy" then she went back to sucking Doug's throbbing member.

Her ass was loose and slick from Eric's fucking and load of jizz he had pumped into her bowels. All I remember is how incredible it felt to have my cock deep inside my own daughters tight asshole. By now non of the guys were shocked by anything they were seeing and started to offer encouragement as I pumped 7 inches of hard cock in and out of my daughters sphincter.
"Fuck her Jake, fuck her ass deep. she loves it. don't you Claire?" Eric said
"I loved fucking your daughters asshole Jake. Can you feel all my cum lubing it up for you?"

I increased my pace as Claire fingered her twat, grunting and moaning, waves of euphoria overwhelming both father and daughter. I fucked her hard for about another 2 minutes, then just as Doug was cumming in her mouth I erupted in her ass, filling her with a second load of sperm coating her insides.

I nearly passed out as my cock came loose from Claire's brown eye. Before I realized what was happening Richie and Eric grabbed me by the arms and sat me on a bar stool. Claire didn't hesitate and was soon sucking my sweaty balls and all the cum from my cock that had just been deep in her asshole. She was like a women possessed.

Now it was Richie turn. My daughter was becoming an anal whore right before my eyes as a third cock violated her spunk filled rectum.
I heard a voice ask "Whats it like to watch your daughter get gang fucked Jake?"
My head was spinning, all I could do was moan with pleasure as Claire worked furiously on my throbbing prick.
"Looks like they both love it" somebody said
"Fuck that ass Richie, give the anal slut another load. She loves it doesn't she Jake? Bob asked.

I felt my balls tighten and looked down at Claire, our eyes locked and then I gently nudged her off my dick just as I exploded all over her. I released a torrent of sperm all over my daughters face. Her tongue still licking the head of my cock as she pumped the shaft for every last drop of cream.

"MMMM, tell him to fuck me harder." Claire said. "I love it up my ass"
I was still in a fog, not really able to speak when I looked up at Richie, his hands on Claire hips moving back and fourth. His face contorted with pleasure and lust. My balls completely empty, my dick went soft. I got up my mouth dry as a desert, looking for something to drink.

Eric handed me his beer. He and Doug stood watching Richie sliding the length of his tool in and out of my daughters asshole. I downed half the beer in a single swig and then stared transfixed at Claire's body, her large tits swaying back and fourth, her face covered in my cum, her pussy and ass filled with the white milky fluid overflowing down her thighs.
"I want to hear your balls slapping against my cunt" Claire gasped between thrusts.

"That's one hot piece of ass Jake" Doug said to me as Richie increased his speed, his flesh smacking against Claire. I could see him tighten his grip on her hips and make one last deep push up my daughters rectum before groaning with unmistakable pleasure adding now a third bucket of cum into Claire's ass.
"Ohhh fuck, take it all slut" Richie cried
"MMMMM oh yessss, I can feel you filling me, more! give me more!" Claire moaned

It looked like Richie was experiencing the same sensation I had felt after I came. He nearly fell over with exhaustion as he withdrew his spent cock from my daughters asshole. Just as they had done with me, Doug and Eric lifted Richie up onto a bar stool in front of Claire where she had no hesitation in taking the dick that had just savagely ass fucked her for the last 10 minutes into her hungry mouth.

Doug moved back behind her and knelt down holding his hardening cock.
“Damn Jake, come take a look at your daughters ass and pussy. What a fucking mess” he said with a laugh
He was right, Claire's asshole was red and swollen with 3 loads of cum oozing out of it and the lips of her pussy were still open even as Doug inserted two fingers past his knuckles into her.

For a moment I thought I should stop this, she couldn't take any more. Then she lifted her mouth off Richie's dick and said “Fuck my ass! Put your cock in my ass.”
I could barely believe what I was hearing, let alone seeing.
Doug lined up hs cock to Claire's ass and for the fourth time, my daughters rectum was being filled with a buddy's cock. Her asshole was slick with jism and Doug was balls deep with little effort.

I had fallen back onto the couch, to stunned to do anything but watch as Doug made a point to angle himself and Claire's behind so that Eric and I could see each time he plunged in and out of her.

“You like my big cock up your ass don't you Claire?” Doug asked, his breathing starting to quicken.
“Uh huh” she moaned still slurping on Richie's dick.
“mmm, Jake. I can't tell which of your daughter's fuck holes I like better.” He said looking my way. His dick sliding easily in deep. Then he pulled all the way out leaving Claire's ass gaping wide. Then he guided his prick into
Claire's cunt.
“Mmm, thats nice too. Fucking hot pussy, ass and mouth” Doug groaned burrying his stiff member into Claire's cunt again.
“Oh god yesss, keep fucking me, mmm yesss I love it!” She purred

My dick grew stiff again and I couldnt help but stroke it as I watched his cock move in and out of my daughter.
“Jake, you never got to try her cunt” Eric said
“That's right, you didn't Jake. You've had her mouth and ass, you should have her pussy too.” Richie said leaning forward to play with Claire's tits as she licked his balls.

“Don't you want your dad's cock in that hot little pussy of yours Claire?” Richie asked.
“Mmmm, yes. I need to be fucked raw. Fill my cunt, I need it bad!”
Doug had pulled out leaving her empty and splayed open, rubbing her clit.
“No, I can't. I can't do it... I think we've all done enough.” I said, still stroking my cock.
“C'mon Jake, you've already fucked her ass and mouth. You might as well.” Eric said
“We've all been balls deep in your daughter's fuck holes and she's loved every minute of it.”

“Her pussy is still nice and tight Jake.” Doug said as he pumped his cock into her for a few strokes and then pulled out again.
“We're not going to stop until you get your cock balls deep in Claire's snatch Jake.”

I reluctantly got up from the couch, not believing what I was about to do, but I knew the guys meant what they said about not stopping until they saw me penetrate Claire's pussy.

Doug moved aside as I got behind Claire and put my hands on her hips aiming my dick at my daughter's well fucked cunt.
Richie leaned forward and whispered in Claire's ear.
“That's your dad's cock about to fill you”
“Oh god yesss, fuck me daddy, fuck me deep!”

The head of my cock pressed past Claire's outer lips and easily slid deep into her womb.
“Oh my god” I moaned, my eyes tightly closed.
“fuck her Jake, fuck her good!”
“Yess yess fuck me daddy, fuck my pussy. Mmmm”

Richie had gotten up and moved beside us to watch me plunge my cock in and out of my daughters cunt.
“That's fucking hot.” He said as all three of my friends watched Claire and I.

I felt another load building in my balls, as Claire's pussy started to quiver, her muscles clenching my cock.
“Oh fuck daddy, ohh yesss I'm cumming, I'm cumming daddy, fuck me, fuck me. Ahhhh yessss yesss, ahhhhhhhhhh. She moaned

At that moment, I blew my third load of cum into my daughter's pussy, pumping hot white cream deep into her cunt.
I remember right before we came I had reached forward, holding both of Claire's tits and then collapsing with her into a heap on the floor, my dick still twitching and spewing cum even as I passed out.

I don't know how long I was out. It couldn't have been very long, but when I opened my eyes all three men had a cock in each of my daughter's holes. Moaning with intense pleasure, Claire encouraging all three to give her their cum.

“uh huh, mmm, fuck yesss. Fuck me. Fuck me harder!!” She said licking Eric's cock. And then as if on cue, all three men shifted to another fuck hole. Eric moved from her mouth to her pussy. Richie went from her pussy to her ass. And Doug went from her ass to her mouth.
“I bet you love this don't you Claire?” Doug said to her. “Being fucked non stop.”
“Oh yesss, I love it. I love being fucked like a slut. I love feeling your cocks in me. She said between grunts and moans.

The three men switched again after a few minutes. They had no problem inserting their dicks into Claire, she was so streched and lubed from all the fucking and cum.
“Fuck I'm going to cum!” Eric moaned
“yesss, oh godd yesss!” So am I Richie said as he fucked Claire's cunt
“ahhhh fucckk, take it slut!” Doug said, blasting another load into claire's mouth. “That's it, swallow it all baby. Make your daddy proud.”

Claire started to convulse, her body shaking as another wave of pleasure went through her body.
“Oh god yesss yess ohhhh my fuckk yess ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” she babbled
Each man dismounted from her leaving her spasming on the floor as cum flowed out of each of her orifaces.

“Holy fuck!” Bob said, catching his breath.
“Whew! Thats one insatiable cunt!” Richie said still pulling on his dick.
“Damn Jake, We'll be over to play pool every weekend if Claire's going to be here.” Doug said with a grin.

Eric and I helped Claire to her feet. She could barely stand let alone walk. We got her to the couch where she quickly fell asl**p still covered in cum from head to toe.

The guys got dressed and thanked me for an amazing night. Claire slept the rest of the night on the couch under a blanket. I took a shower, went to bed and quickly fell asl**p.

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25 days ago
Just Read This Fucken Crazy HOT Story Dude!! WOW!! Totally HOTT!!
6 months ago
Fuck I wish he was my daddy ;)
1 year ago
awesome story
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really good
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a well written story
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Everything worked in this story, you had taboo, you had voyeurism, you had anal, cocksucking, facials, DP and even 3 at a time, you didn't have anything missing. Awesome and look for more of your writings.. Keep it up
3 years ago
This story is so amazingly hot. The way that the Dad cares for his daughter well being, yet lusts for her at the same time is such a turn on. 4 guys was a bit much, but still had me hard for the whole story. Keep them coming.
3 years ago
awesome use of imagery too
3 years ago
loved every single part from beggining to end dont change a thing man
3 years ago
great immagery
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Great story thanks
3 years ago
Truly a great story!! I particularity liked the first halve, started to get alittle ridiculous after that (but that's my personal taste coming through.
3 years ago
This was a fantastic story this is where the father find out that his duather is a cum slut not only enjoys getting fuck in every hole she has. thisis so fantastic you had me jacking off that was three times it was so hot thanks for your story it is why i love xhamster thanks
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good job getting her satisfied....nice story
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very good!!! hot!!!
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Seemed to be a little out of the realms of possibility with the number of times a guy can regenerate, but the words paint a very vivid image that makes it stand out from other literature I've read.

Well done.
3 years ago
So fucking HOT. It was well written and had a good storyline. Personally, I would have preferred if it had been his wife instead of daughter, but that is just my preference and does not reflect on the way it was written. I like stories involving strip poker or pool or whatever, just as long as it has the girl losing and getting fucked. It was a great story that would make a Very Hot Porn Flick.
3 years ago
I appreciate the compliments but i would love to hear what specifically you enjoyed about the story and if you thought there was anything that didn't work as you read it
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Yes 5 stars is not enough..
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great story so hot!
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great story 5 star....!!!!