Imagine my tongue
very soft and sublime
Traveling down
the length of your spine
Tickling your hips
then parting your thighs
Your taste brings me pleasure,
you voice pleasurable cries

Imagine my hands
As they inspect and explore
Make your nipples erect
your body hungers for more
Then plumbing the depths
Your attention they get
Bringing you close to the chasm
But not over not yet

Imagine my arms
As they encircle your waist
Lift you up and on top
You slowly settle in place
Then they pull you in close
Around my neck your arms slide
The slow dance of lovers
In ecstasy we both glide

Imagine my eyes
Dark pools of desire
Mirror the lust in your soul
Reflect the need you inspire
Feel my eyes caress
Upon your heated skin
You’ll succumb to the longing
When you look deep within

Imagine my lips
Warm and moist against yours
Feel them on your neck
On your breasts, at your doors
Imagine my lips
Hear them whisher your name
When they whisper cum for me
Will you whisper the same

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