Confessions of a serial swinger: Origins of a sex

The further you go from the beginning the closer you come back to it. That truth seems to be guiding me now. Things have come full circle as I follow a path of serendipity through this maze of ugliness and greed before me. Providence tells me it leads the way to you...exert 3-28-12 from JOURNAL

chp. I
My memory dims as I strain to recall my earliest sexual stirrings. As a young lad I was always curious about the opposite sex. I was never one of those boys that said ewwww girls yuck. Quite the contrary, I was always giving girls valentines and fishing for their kisses. For some reason they always wanted to play "doctor" with me.

Around the age most boys find a playboy magazine or see their first naked picture I came into possession of a stack of Hustler magazines taller than I was. With wide eyed amazement my friends and I would spend hours in the clubhouse we had built to hide my coveted collection. No one outside our clique was allowed to know of my collection let alone see it. However it wasn't long before some of the other boys were bragging about my treasure trove of smut. I quickly decided to liquidate my prized cache before it was pilfered.

I cut up the magazines and glued the pictures into folders. I organized each folder: blonds, brunettes, redheads, boobs, butts, pussy close ups. I charged $1 for each folder, which happened to be the amount each boy had for lunch money. I made around $200 dollars for my effort.

It wasn't long before the folders began to show up at school. Some dumbass accidently handed in one of the folders he had bought as a homework assignment. My extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit earned me the honor of being suspended from the 7th grade. The principal also wanted to paddle me, but my mother wasn't having that. The principal had a bit of a reputation as a sadist that liked hurting boys. She had injured one boy the previous year with her zealotry. Cunt, I could tell by the way she eyed the folders that they went right into her private collection. One of my first lessons in the hypocrisy of the establishment. Goddamn fakes and phonies.

It was near the end of the school year and my suspension would last until Summer break started so I wasn't returning. My mother decided I needed a sterner hand when it came to discipline. I was sent to stay with my aunt and uncle in Indiana for the Summer. My mother worked two jobs and simply didn't have the time to deal with an adolescent boy that was acting out against authority. My aunt and uncle lived in an extremely rural area of Indiana on a small farm. I was to help around the farm and do anything else my aunt and uncle told me to. Jim and Nancy weren't actually my aunt and uncle. Jim was my mother's cousin, but he and Nancy had always treated me like their favorite nephew. Their son Samuel was one of my favorite cousins. We were exactly the same age and liked all the same music, movies, and clothes. I wasn't as close with his older s****r Samantha, she was 3 years older than us and a true mid-western beauty.

I thought southwest Ohio was bleak growing up, fuck, I was in the ass end of nowhere now. The closet town was 15 miles away from the farm! I had been at the farm for a few days when one night my aunt caught me masturbating. She had walked into my bedroom to see if I needed anything before I went to bed. I was crazy embarrassed, but Aunt Nancy barely reacted. She just smiled and said "I'll check on you later Thomas, goodnight sweetie". What the fuck!? Needless to say I couldn't finish. Eventually I drifted off to sl**p wondering what the hell just happened?

I awoke later, startled by the fact that someone was in the bed next to me! It was my Aunt Nancy. She had a silky, cream color night gown on and had it pulled up around her waist! The shock of it left me speechless! "Don't be worried Thomas, it's ok", she said. She was rubbing herself and touching her pussy.

"I don't want you to be embarrassed about earlier it's perfectly natural for a boy your age"

"Ok Aunt Nancy"

"Here give me your hand sweetie, I want you to touch me".

As I did what she asked she got on her knees on the bed.

"I didn't know that's what one felt like Aunt Nancy", It was dripping wet.

"Feel how wet it is, that means a woman is ready."

"Ready for what", I asked?

"Ready to have sex Thomas". "But your not ready for that yet, first auntie needs to teach you a few things". My heart was beating so fast, the room kinda felt like it was spinning. I was a virgin, the furthest I had been was second base. It was all so surreal, I couldn't believe this was happening!

Chp. II

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awesome start
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Awesome start..