The party

This is a true story about an experience I had when I met a boy his name was Jake. Me and Jake had been talking for about a week when he asked me to go to a party but it was 3 hours away. He said it was the biggest party of the year. He told me to wear a a skin tight dresses that barely covered my ass and I wasnt allowed to wear a bra or underwear. So I thought I liked where this was going.
So I went out and bought a skin tight red leather dress that you could just see the bottom of my ass in and some red high heels to give me some height because I am only 4'11". The night of the party came so I had to sneak out of my house so i didnt get caught. I had to walk 2 blocks from my house where Jake picked me up. He was in shock by my clothes that he couldnt stop starring at my chest and legs when I climbed in his car. On our way to the party all we could talk about was how d***k we were going to get and how much fun we were going to have.
Then out of no where he layed his hand upon the top of my thigh and slowly caressed it gliding across my nice, smooth skin slowly working his big hand to my inner thigh. I couldnt help but get an urge. I looked up at him and he turned his head and smiled and I grinned back. My pussy started to get damp as he moved closer to it and then as soon as his fingers touched my clit I was dripping juices all over his hand. Then he says "hmmm, somebody likes this. I wish I could see that sweet, tight pussy." So I lifted my hips and hiked my dress up for his liking. He then started rubbing roughly where you could here my pussy juices run through his fingers. I started to moan as he pushed 3 fingers in my pussy with ease. Jake looked at me and said " I guess your looser then I thought." I replied saying "yeah I have had my share of experiences." Then he told me to "shut up," I didnt know what to say or think I havent been talked to like that before in this type of moment, but I knew I liked it. He was fingering my pussy so hard that I was squirming all over the car and it felt like I was sitting in a puddle. Which I was there was juices from my pounding pussy all over the seat. Jake then slipped 2 fingers into my ass which startled me and I grab onto is lap. There I was Jake now fingering my ass and I had a grip on one of the largest cocks I had ever felt and it was in his shorts. So I slowly slid my hand down into his shorts and grabbed it it was huge. It was so big around my finger tips couldnt touch the tip of my thumb. I was scared because this was quite a big surprise. I pulled it out and it was so long and thick that I didnt think I could fit it into my mouth. But I was gonna give it a try so I leaned over to suck on it and I could tell that we were at the party by the music and voices so I pulled his fingers out of my ass and put them up to my mouth and slowly sucked on them slowly using my tongue wrapping it around them. I pulled them out and said "that was a great warm up, thanks." Then I kissed him and threw in a little tongue and got out of the car and went on to the party...... Too Be Continued
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2 years ago
Can't accesss the profile anymore, I'm guessing bogus account set up by jilted lover...too bad because I'm in Elbrdge......and pretty hot, baby.
2 years ago
part 2!!!!!!!!!