the secret #1 with the tenant

it was getting late i went to double check the locks on some doors and got hand out the rent notices as usual. i took the stairs up as 2 guys walked into the lobby. when i got to the third floor i said hi to the two white men and put the net slip under the door. when i got to their door it was still open. i went to put the envelope under the door and it opened i got up and said hello again, being respectful to the luxury condo owning tenant. he offered me a drink i passed saying i was still on the job he said well when do you get off so since he wouldnt take no i said ok one drink. he swore he wouldnt tell so my job was okay. i sat down at the table the other guy sat down and brought some drinks over and pointed me toward more at the bar area across the room. i sat down as alvin as he introduced himself poured me a glass of vodka. i chugged it quick so i could leave but i noticed alvin kicked me then rubbed his legs up to my crotch he was pokin at my dick with his foot making me hard. i looked at him wanting to tell him stop im not gay but he got up took my hand and lead me into his room. he pushed me onto his bed i stood back up but he got on his knees and quickly pulled my cock out and began to suck me. it felt so good he was a model type white guy yet he was on his knees sucking my black cock after knowing me less then 5 mins. he stood up his cock now hard and took his pants off and rubbed our cocks together i looked down at them it made my cock throbb i looked up at him and he kissed me like he was my wife i kissed him back as our cocks were being squeezed tight together. he said your so ho blow me and pushed my head down toward his cock. i sat down on his bed and began sucking his cock. i could see the other guy his roomate i guess walking by in the hallway. i hesitate and alvin begins fucking my mouth im looking up at him he is so hhorny i just let him use my mouth. i coughed and it went deeper he loved it because he kept me there deep by his balls he pulled me off and layed me down. we ended up doing a 69 untill i came. he swallowed all of my cum and kept sucking my cock as i got soft. i started feeling weird now but right then i felt him thrust and his cum began filling my mouth it was warm and salty and i ended up swalling all of his cum and suckin him dry too. after that he got up and we kissed some more, i said i think i have to go finish up he said ok well stop by again sometime. and he gave me the rest of the bottle and i left. i felt like such a dirty slut leaving but i left with a smile.
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