Nina & Tom's Night with Amelia

This is a story I wrote with my friend margiehank about our night with our cocktail server Amelia. We bring her back to our hotel to share her for the night. I hope you like it and comment, if you do please do us the honor visiting margiehank's site as well. Thank you and have fun, we did!


We are sitting in the corner booth of a local bar waiting for our server to take our order for a nightcap after dinner and a movie. We are playing around a little bit, kissing and touching, it was dark, not many people inside. I move in for a nice kiss when I noticed our server was standing there with a big smile on her face.

She excuses herself and asks if she can take our order, I have to finish my kiss to you as she watches. No problem dear, as I give her our drink order. She smiles, turns and walks away to the bar to place our order. You and I grab each others thighs as we watch her sweet butt sway as she walks. Her round butt checks show nicely through her tight skirt.

My hand runs up your thigh and between your legs, you spread them for me to play with you. I lean in as you move your hair away from your neck as I kiss it while I play with your mound that is covered by your silky panties. Your hand is playing with my building member inside of my pants.

We hear our drinks being placed on the table, you jump at the sound and release my bulge, and I keep my hand on your pussy, running a finger between your lips, sliding your panties slightly inside of you. I turn my head from kissing your neck, smile and give our server a wink of my eye. She says have fun you too, I’ll check back with you later.

You comment on our servers breasts so full and natural, the way they move as she walks. You also comment on her nice lacy bra which you seen under her blouse as she bends over to serve our drinks.

I lean into you as say you like her, don’t you as I part your lips with my tongue, you say yes as best you can as you share your tongue with me. I slip my finger into your drink and bring it to your mouth, you play with the tip of my finger with a devilish smile on your face and a cute look in your eye before you take it deep into your mouth….Mmmmm good drink you say….


I pull my lips from the tip of your finger as your hand continues to busy itself teasing me through my wet panties. I take my hand & reach to find you again. Mmm you are still hard & as a matter of fact I think your cock is even harder now.

Amelia is checking on her tables making sure that everyone is drinking & having a good time. We continue to play under the table & as she approaches us she starts to smile. I see you two barely touched your drinks...something else must be keeping you occupied she says. I laugh & turn slightly away with a flush of embarrassment. You take your free hand & reach for your drink. Emptying the glass you say I think that you should start a tab for us Amelia the night is just getting started. A big smile comes across her face. I look at her & her features are stunning to me. Beautiful big hazel colored eyes, smooth skin & full lips. You notice that I am admiring Amelia's beauty by the look on my face. You feel that I am admiring Amelia's beauty by the fact that you fingers now feel wetter. I guide one of your fingers just under my panty. I want you to know just how wet my pussy is. I love the look on your face as you turn to me. Your finger under my panty continues to explore as you spread my wet pussy to place the tip of it inside. I gently bite my lower lip & take my glass to my mouth. I drink all the while looking into your eyes.


Amelia dear, would you mind bringing us another round of drinks please and bring one for yourself too I say to her as my finger explores your very wet pussy under your panties. I hear you moan in approval as I order the three of us another drink. I whisper, just loud enough for Amelia to hear, doesn’t she have a wonderful ass! As I say this to you she turns and winks at us and gives her butt an extra wiggle or two as she goes to get our drinks. I slip my finger between your wet swollen lips to open you up a little as I kiss your cool lips from the last sip of your drink. I feel your hand on my pants as you unzip me and slide a couple of fingers inside of my pants to touch my hard cock. We moan into each others mouths as we kiss and touch each others pleasure zones.

I remove my finger from between you wet pussy lips and clean the juices off my fingers. Mmmm you taste so good Nina, I say with a lustful smile on my face making sure to get all of your sweet pussy juice cleaned off of my finger. Then I take an ice cube from the glass which you just finished your drink. I bring it to your mouth and hold it while I watch the tip of your tongue work to clean off the liquor from the ice. I take the cube away and bring it under the table. Open your legs for me honey.

You open them for me, I feel your hand slip inside my pants and grab my very hard penis, and I lift my ass against your hand from the pleasure of your touch. I slip the ice cube under your panty in between your hot lips. I watch your eyes as they open wide with the touch of the ice cold cube on your hot pussy. You lean your head into my shoulder as you feel me slide the ice cube between your lips. I watch your breath heavier and I see your nipples beginning to show through your bra and blouse as I pump the ice cube in and out of your warm, soft, juicy pussy. Your hips are moving to meet the movement of my hand inserting and removing the melting ice cube from you.

Amelia is coming back to our table with our drinks. I look into her eyes as I remove the ice cube from your pussy and place it into your mouth as you lay against my shoulder in a state of lust. She smiles as me as I place the ice cube in my mouth and suck on it then eat it. You open your eyes to see her and all you can do is smile as well, you are feeling so hot from our play.

Amelia places our drinks on the table, including one for herself. You two look like you are enjoying each other, with a wink of her eye. She leans over to take our empty glasses giving us a perfect view of her cleavage. I will be back in a few minutes to have my drink with you. As she walks away again I ask you Nina, Would you like to take Amelia home with us Nina, have her be our playmate for the night?


I reply yes Tom. I want Amelia to be our playmate for the evening. I want to enjoy the pleasure of having both you & her. If the fun we just had is just the beginning of our night together we stand to have an amazing night.


I kiss you and ask you to invite Amelia home with us. I noticed how she was looking at you Nina as I was playing with your pussy with the ice cube. Mmmm ok, I will you say....

You take your fingers and slide them into my pants, you feel the tip of my cock, it is wet with pre-cum from our fun of the night. You smile and take your fingers and swirl them in your drink and them lick them clean. So sexy Nina. I slide my fingers into your pussy taking some of your warm liquid flowing from your excited woman hood. I then take your juice that is on my fingers and rub it along the rim of Amelia's drink. You smile at me and give me the look of the devil.

You move over to me and lean against me. I take my hand and unbutton a single button on your blouse so I can slide my hand inside. You lean back on me with your head tilted, I kiss your neck. My warm hand slides into your blouse and cups your warm bra covered breast. I can feel you breathing and your heart beating through your flesh, I hold your breast to continue to feel your breath and heart. I feel your nipple rise in the palm of my hand.

Amelia is walking back to our table. I hold my hand firm to your breast inside of your blouse, she sees this and her face light up in excitement. Amelia dear, please sit down with us for a moment and have a sip of your drink. Amelia takes her glass and brings it to her lips, see takes a sip and her eyes open wide as she looks at us....

What did you do to my drink, it has the smell and taste of a woman on it, yummy. I tell her how I was playing with your pussy and rubbed your juice on the rim of your glass.

Amelia tells you she loved your smell and taste and commented on how she loved watching us play at our table and how she would like what I have in my hand right now, which is your breast.

Nina dear, don't you have something you would like to ask Amelia?


I turn to Amelia. I am a bit nervous but summon up the courage to get the words out. Amelia I have always fantasized about being with Tom & another woman. Would you please be that other woman ? I think you are a beautiful woman with an incredibly sexy body. I would love to touch you, smell you, feel you, taste you...delight in all that is you.

Much to my surprise Amelia replies yes. She tells us that her shift ends in an hour. We settle our tab, provide her with directions to our hotel & head out the door. Back in our room we set out to create a mood. Dim light, soft scented candles & a bottle of champagne left to chill. The knock at the door startles me. I loosely tie my robe. Short & sheer it is barely covering my breasts. I go to the door & look through the peep hole. Amelia is on the other side. She looks stunning her long hair let down dr****g over her shoulders. I open the door & she smiles. She leans in & kisses me on the cheek. As she walks in the room I once again am mesmerized by her. I look over at you & your eyes meet mine & you can tell. You kiss her on the cheek & offer to pour us all a glass of champagne. We make conversation & begin to unwind from the day.

Of all the women you could have chosen why me Amelia asks. You start to answer but I say that that I felt a connection. Something unspoken,erotic,sensual. Aside from the obviously features of beauty. Something else struck a chord inside of me. We continue to chat & sip. A relaxed vibe now filling the room. Amelia has moved her self to have been sitting with me most of the time we were chatting. She reaches to tuck my hair behind my ear. As her hand moves away it gently falls to my breasts. My nipple responds to this touch & begins to become visible through the thin fabric covering it. I lick the center if my lips & let out a soft moan. I kiss Amelia's lips as her hands are now caressing my breasts. Mmm she says your breasts are soft it is no wonder Tom couldn't keep his hands off of them at the bar.


As our mouths meet & we share in a kiss I take my hand & place it behind Amelia's head. I press her face tighter onto my breast as the tip of her tongue teases my aroused nipple. Your tongue & mine twisting together in the intense heat of the moment. I feel my breath becoming shorter as we continue.

Amelia slips my arms out of the robe. She takes my breasts in her hands, cups them & pushes them together. She licks & kisses each one. You have removed your robe. Erect & hard you start to stroke your shaft. Amelia begins to kiss down to my belly. Her hands caressing first my sides & then my inner thighs. Her soft touch causes me to purr softly. I can feel myself becoming wet with each touch.

I can feel the warmth from her mouth as her face hovers near my wanting pussy. Her lips grazing over mine as she teases me. I tell you to come back over. I take your cock in my hand & I gently begin to stroke it. Mmm it is so hard & I want to taste it so badly. Amelia's mouth starts to taste my flesh. She sucks my clit & I begin to moan. You then lower your cock to my mouth & I take you in. Amelia uses her tongue to taste me, to fill me. I raise my hips to feel her deeper. At the same time I arch my back & throw my head back to take you deeper into my mouth. You moan as your cock fills me. I start to suck you faster. My lips & cheeks tightening as you pump in & out. I push Amelia's face deeper into me so she can drink my juices. The pleasure of giving & receiving both at once is almost more than I can stand. I moan louder as I continue to enjoy the taste of your cock fucking my mouth while Amelia is slipping her tongue in & out of my tight hole.


The idea that while Amelia is face deep in my pussy her wet pussy is engulfed by your tongue & lips is so hot. Your tongue finds her clit & she is so taken by it she pulls away & looks up at me. The passion in her face says it all. I sit up & watch the two of you. As you grab Amelia's butt cheeks you look over & see me watching. I fondle my breast & lightly play with my clit. Mmm watching you please another woman the way you please me is such a turn on. I reach to catch Amelia's breasts. They are bouncing now as she is slowly grinding herself onto your face. I kiss her lips & taste myself in her mouth.

I say that I want you Tom & Amelia moves away. I tell you to lie on the bed. Amelia moves to the chair to watch. I slowly lower myself onto your face. My gosh your tongue feels wonderful. I cup my breasts & lean back in pleasure. Your cock standing so hard I have to taste it. I lean forward & take all of you into my mouth. I feel the vibrations of your moan on my clit. You fill my mouth as I work it up & down your shaft. You taste so good. I move my lower body to one side & my head to the opposite side. The rhythm we have is driving me wild. I slide myself from your face & down onto that hard thick cock. Mmm it feels so nice sliding it & out. All the while Amelia has been watching. Just as I had been earlier Amelia was fingering herself. A dildo in her mouth as she couldn't suck on you. No longer content with watching she puts down her toy & starts to walk over to us.


I am deep inside of you, your pussy is warm and moist, I love how your velvety vagina holds me as we rock together in our nice rhythm. You lean back and hold on to my thighs as I watch our lovely juices flow from your pussy alone the length of my cock and we move together. The smell of our passion fills the room...All of my senses are on overload.

Amelia comes over to us, she brings her mouth and takes one of your hard nipples into it. She is sucking on your hard nipple while she flicks it with her tongue. You grab her head, bringing her deeper into your breast. I hear you moan as she takes your breast, I feel your pussy tighten from the sensation Amelia gives you with her mouth.

Amelia released your nipple and swings her leg over me. She lowers her pussy close to my face, it is slightly open, her lips puffy, her juices gather to the entrance of her womanhood. Nina, you find Amelia mouth and give her your tongue as she takes yours, the sound of your two kissing is driving me while.

Amelia lowers her pussy to my mouth, I use my tongue to gather her juices that are now beginning to drip from her, she moans deep into your mouth as my tongue penetrates her pussy. I grab her butt checks as spread her open to gain deeper access to her.

My rhythm increases inside of you from the added excitement of Amelia's pussy an inch from my mouth, I bring my tongue up to her clit that is standing out from its hood, at the same time you release your kiss with Amelia and take her nipple into your mouth. She instantly cums from the intense sensations we are giving our server. She is shaking in passion, she holds your head to her breast as your feel her sensitive nipple grow inside of your mouth as she is cumming. I am flicking her clit with my tongue and gathering juices from her running pussy as her legs try to close together as she is cumming, I feel her thighs shake through her orgasm.

She cannot take it no more and raised her pussy from my face and rolls off to the side of the bed, smiling and praising you and me for the pleasure we are bringing her. You bring your body down on me, we are still in our gentle rhythm of love making as you kiss me and clean Amelia’s juices from my face....Hmmmm she tastes so good.

Then you feel Amelia behind you, you feel her hands on your ass, she is kissing and licking your butt checks....


She moves up to your ear and whispers to you as you and I move together in perfect rhythm with me inside of you, I heard you talking to your Tom about your ass being taken... I will love to take your virgin ass with my tongue and finger while Tom is inside of you. I give a nod in approval waiting for yours.

Amelia, oh honey, you say, I did love to but I am nervous... Amelia says that is ok dear, I will warm you up and see what happens. She moves down your back, kissing you along your spine working her way back to your butt which is pumping with me so erotically.

Suddenly you feel her tongue touch your rosebud, the new feeling overwhelms your and you orgasm hard almost instantly. You butt checks clench, trying to suck Amelia's tongue inside of you, you drive your pussy down hard on my cock trying to get it as deep as you can inside of your tightening cumming pussy, I feel your cum running off my balls down to my own ass exciting me more. You bend down and bite my shoulder moaning into me shuddering in delight and I am deep inside of you and our playmate's tongue is all over your anus....


You feel Amelia's tongue push through your tight rosebud, your virgin ass! Ohh god Nina, you are so tight, your pussy is clamping down on me, I am driving as hard as I can inside of you, so much precum flowing from me adding to your juices flowing out of you. Amelia's saliva is adding to our wonderful pool of fluids below where my cock and your pussy meet. The smell of sex is strong. Amelia must be pleasuring herself I hear her cum, muffled of course because her tongue is inside of you.

Amelia pulls away from your butt, she is panting from the orgasm she gave herself, she reaches down between us and takes my cock from inside of you as you recover from your orgasm from the first time having you anus licked by another.

She asks you to move up a little on me, she takes my cock in her mouth and get it all wet from her thick saliva, which is much thicker than normal from her arousal. She then lets a thick stream of saliva fall from between her pretty lips onto your rosebud. Then she says to you, Nina, I am going to help Tom take your virgin ass. Will you let me help you Amelia asks?


I feel a mixture of excitement & nervousness both at once. My heart is racing but I want it so badly. Yes Amelia yes I say. She tells me mmm honey you won't regret it. It's a pleasure that will take you to a new height.

Amelia takes her tongue & works the stream of saliva that fell from her lips deeper onto my rosebud. I look at you & you move the hair that has fallen on my face & place it behind my ear. You tell me that you want to see the pleasure on my face when you enter me. Nina honey why don't you move back a lil says Amelia. I anxiously sit back. I feel the head of your cock just on my tiny hole. I out of instinct move forward away from the feeling. You see my trepidation & pull me close to your chest. You kiss my ear, my neck, my cheek & then my lips. You reassure me that you & Amelia will be gentle with me & that anytime I feel uncomfortable we will stop.

I move my body closer to your cock. You reach up to kiss & fondle my breasts. Amelia kisses the back of my neck. Her hand around my mid-section she arches my back. I feel her once again teasing me with the head of your cock. I don't pull away this time. Your tip starts to enter me. I gasp a little & tense up. Your mouth on my breasts I begin to start relaxing my body. Amelia spreads my ass cheeks wider so you can enter a bit deeper into me. Mmm I moan tossing my head back. I am now rocking slightly back & forth. Each motion draws you deeper into my tight ass. Amelia kisses me on the small of my back. The uncertainty is slowing drifting away. Her hands then find my waist & she begins to pull me back & forth. Nina sweetheart I promised you a new experience...tell me how does Tom feel inside your ass ? I reply to Amelia with a moan.


I feel the head of my hard cock enter your virgin ass. I feel your rosebud opening like a flower to accept me, the gift of you ass. My pre-cum coats inside of you as Amelia helps you, slowing insert my cock deeper inside of you. Once small push deeper and deeper. I feel your nipple grow in my mouth as your excitement grows but I need to watch your face as I take your ass for the first time.

Your lips are pursed open, your eyes are cloudy, your breathing is deep and slow, I believe you have entered subspace. The new sensation has taken over your body, an almost out of body experience. Amelia now has her head between my cock and your rosebud. She is drooling over your butt and my cock. She has one hand at the base of my cock as we work together to get my full length inside of you, her other hand is working on her own pussy. The excitement of my cock penetrating your ass has excited her so much so needs to touch herself.

The three of us work together until my entire length is inside of you. Mmmm I love the way you feel around my hard shaft. I can feel my pre-cum as it flows up my shaft to inside of you.

I take you gently by the head and bring you to me and we kiss as we stay still for a moment getting use to the wonderful new sensation for the both of us. We can hear Amelia finger her wet pussy hard now, she is breathing hard and beginning to cum as she has two fingers inside of her massaging her pelvic bone and her other finger rubbing her clit.

The sound of her orgasm makes you turn to her and watch her orgasm as you begin to slowly raise and lower yourself on me.

Amelia is breathing harder & moaning. Her eyes meet with mine. Her cheeks are flushed. Her hands busy. She begins to buck her hips. Her fingers feverishly moving deeper into her wet pussy. You being fully inside me I am now a ill more relaxed. I watch as Amelia's orgasm takes over her body. Her legs quivering as her head thrashes about. As she comes down a smile goes across her face. She's watching us. Your hard cock sliding in & out of my tight ass. I am moving up & down your long shaft. Slowly...I want to feel everything. You place your hands upon my ass cheeks. You lift me up some & you take over. You're pumping into my tiny hole a bit faster now. Mmm it feels so wonderful. Tom I'm so glad that I agreed to this. Amelia comes over to me while I'm riding your thick cock. She pulls my head back & kisses me. Our tongues intertwining. She then places two of her cum soaked fingers just past my lips. I can still taste her juices on them. She places her still moist opening over my mouth. I run my tongue across & lick Amelia's clit. Mmm taste so sweet. I feel you so deep inside my ass. Every back & forth of my hips draws you in.

Amelia lies down. She spreads her legs slightly & uses her index finger to call me over. Her body is gorgeous. My lips meet with hers & we share a quick kiss. I softly kiss her neck as I fondle her breast. You are off to the side as you watch us enjoying each other. Amelia's soft skin brushing against mine I then take her nipple in my mouth while my hands graze her inner thigh. I leave a trail of kisses as I move lower on her body. I pause as I'm drawn to her center so warm & inviting. I use the pad of my finger to touch her clit. Amelia softly moans. I inhale the sweet smell of her & I exhale over her. My warm breath against her causes her to want to pull me nearer to her. I give in a little. The tip of my tongue up & down the sides of her wet lips. I hear you expressing your pleasure as you watch. I sneak a glimpse & see you stroking your shaft. I turn back over to Amelia. I thrust my tongue deep into her. She moans loudly & arches her back. Mmm in & out quickly as she pushes my face deeper inside. I take a free hand & lightly stoke my own wetness. I moan softly. I know you are now walking over. I continue to touch myself as your hands reach to spread my cheeks apart.

As I spread your cheeks apart I hear you giving Amelia's pussy pleasure with your mouth and tongue, I see her face in subspace as your tongue is as deep as it will go inside of her, the pad of your finger gently rubbing her clit.

I hold you open, your ass is still open very slightly from me being inside of you a few moments ago, I am still very hard and dripping with pre-cum. I take the pre-cum with my finger and rub your rosebud with it. By now you love the sensation of my playing with your ass, you back into me a little, my finger slides into your tight hole. I hear you moan into Amelia's pussy and you rock you butt back and forth on my finger.

Your pussy lips are so full from all the excitement, you are dripping with excitement. I reach down with my tongue and lick up all those wonderful juices flowing from you. You taste so sweet, a true woman. I lick you between your lips, up inside of you a little. You moan more into our playmates pussy which drives her crazy, the vibrations from your moans vibrate through her puss and clit. She is holding your head to her with one hand and playing with her own nipples with the other.

I slowly pull my finger out of your ass and then begin to slide two into you. At the same time I suck your labia into my mouth and enjoy your sweet flesh. I feel you pushing slowly and evenly back to me, bringing my fingers deeper inside of you. I turn on my back and slide my head under you with my fingers still in your butt and start licking you clit with the tip of my tongue. I feel you push further back on my fingers then I take your clit into my mouth and suck it.

I am going crazy, my cock is throbbing, I feel my juice running from me onto my belly. My mouth is playing with your clit, I have two fingers in your butt; we are now moving nicely together now, I do believe you are now fully enjoying any part of me inside your ass. Your mouth is still all over Amelia's womanhood. I hear her breathing faster, I feel your body tense up around my fingers, you are pushing your pelvis harder against my mouth

I take the dildo that Amelia was toying her self with earlier. I ask you if you will insert it in my pussy to make it nice & wet. You do so & then hand it back over to me. I press it against Amelia's ass & allow the tip to enter her. She lets out a moan as I continue to drink in the juices of her now flowing pussy. My tongue flicks over her clit as I insert more of the dildo inside her ass.

I feel your tongue flicking over my own clit while your fingers are sliding in & out of my tight ass. I moan as you continue. No longer content with just your fingers inside of me. I reach back to guide your hand away. "Tom" I say to you "I need to feel your throbbing cock in my ass...Please will you do that for me." You stop & move behind me. I stop licking Amelia but continue to dildo her ass. I feel your legs against mine as you position yourself to enter me. I moan & arch my back as your shaft stretches me open.

In reaction to my own pleasure I begin to increase the pace in which I toy with Amelia. I start to finger her at the same time. You grab & clench my cheeks as you pump in & out of me. It feels so tight.

I feel your ring holding me tight as I increase my movements deeper and faster inside of you. I feel you moving with me and love the sound our bodies make as we meet together while we are together. I reach under you and slide a couple of fingers inside of your wet tight pussy, I feel your muscles trying to pull me deeper inside of you and I find your G-spot and begin to massage it. I am leaning over you, sweat dripping off me onto your back, I nibble your neck as I listen to you moan as you lick Amelia's pussy.

Amelia is forcing her mound to your face encouraging you to slide your tongue deep into her, you do so. You are sliding her dildo inside her ass as she begs for you to go faster, which you do as you take her clit back into your mouth. You suck lightly on her sensitive button while flicking it with your touch. She also feels the vibrations from the moans you are making while my hand is pleasuring your pussy and my hard cock is inside your ass.

All three of us are approaching our ultimate climax. I feel my cock thicken, my balls are beginning to rise, I see the chest of Amelia flushing and her eyes glaze over, I feel your pussy tighten around my fingers, you are pushing back on me with more urgency. I feel we are all about to climax at the same time...

I feel you push 2 fingers deep inside my wet pussy. You turn them to tease my G-spot. All the while your hard cock sliding in & out of my tight ass. My walls gripping your fingers I feel your balls hitting my ass cheeks & I start to throw my body back to meet yours. Fuck it's all so much at once. Amelia tells me that she loves the way I tongue her so deep. I then take her clit between my lips sucking it. Moving the dildo in her ass faster she moans. I too moan into her wet mound as you work both my tight holes.

I feel Amelia's hand grip the back of my head & her thighs start to quiver. Her lips starting to flow into my mouth. My own body is starting to be out of my control. My pulse racing...your fingers, your cock...I feel my muscles tighten around them both. I moan loudly. You moan too. I cry out Tom I'm I'm...

You cry out your cumming to me, muffled because your mouth is pleasing our friends love button who is cumming with you. I feel the muscles of your pussy tighten around my fingers massaging your G-spot, your brown ring hold me deep inside of you as we hold each other as deep as we can, butt check to pelvis.

My own orgasm approaches as I feel my balls rise, my cock thickening inside of you, you tell me you feel me thicken in-between breaths of your own orgasm. I pump my cock hard and with short strokes until I feel my cum begin to squirt from the tip of my head, deep inside of your ass. I grab your hip with one hand, the other still on your G-spot and drive as deep into you as I can.

Amelia is holding your mouth against her clit with one hand, pulling and pinching a hard sensitive nipple in the other moaning and breathing rapidly and she bucks against you.

I feel your juices flow from you along my hand and onto the bed as you cum from the stimulus of my fingers massaging your pleasure bed and the new sensation deep within your ass, you whole body is shaking, moaning into your playmates puss adding to her sensations.

I feel wave after wave of cum leaving me and entering your ass which you have given me. You tell me you feel the warmth deep inside of you.

I pump everything I have inside of you, I lean over you, remove my fingers from inside of your pussy, my chest resting on your back, my arm wrapped around your pussy. I take the fingers that were inside of you and bring them to Amelia’s mouth, she eagerly cleans them of all of your juices and you kiss her pussy bringing her down from her orgasm.

I kiss your neck and roll over, Amelia asks you to stay were you are and slides from under you. To the both of our surprise, she moves to behind you and starts cleaning my cum that is leaking from your ass and running along your pussy... I take your mouth and kiss you, cleaning Amelia's cum from your mouth as she cleans both mine and your cum from your ass and pussy... you let off a mini orgasm as she cleans your puss... I love to feel you moan as our mouths and tongues play.

Amelia then encourages you to move on your back as she gently guides you next to me on the bed and places her head above yours. You see her mouth is full and she is beginning to let its contents flow from her mouth, you open yours and gladly take what she is about to give you.... Our server never forgets to give us our cocktails.

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2 years ago
A good start. With character development and some well structured expansion of the story, You woiuld be ready to self-publish on Amazon. After that the sky is the limit.
2 years ago
Good story, and very original the way you two managed to co-write it!
2 years ago
This is a really hot story. I was imagining that I was sitting in a chair and masturbating while I watched the three of you. Nice collaboration!
2 years ago
Comment Left for Both of You : The story is marvelous! ... and ... what fun to have someone co-author with you! TREX

PS ... mostly toons here ... some may make you smile!
2 years ago
a hot story and interesting effort for the two of you....keep writing and more fluid with it
2 years ago
well done! I am dripping precum from the tip of my now swollen cock!!!
2 years ago
It was a pleasure writing this fun story with you. I look forward to sharing with you again Nina. Amelia is a part of us now:)