Storm on the beach.

The delicate metallic sound of chimes awakens you from your sl**p. A cool, sporadic breeze causes the sheer d****s over the doors to the balcony to bellow gracefully into the darkened room. The two walls of open glass doors to the 15th floor wrap around balcony allow a panoramic view over the Gulf of Mexico. The entire end corner of the room is briefly illuminated electric-blue by lightening. Shortly thereafter thunder rumbles in the distance. A storm is gathering off-shore.

Sliding out from under the soft cotton sheets, the feel of the fabric against your bare skin is soothing and luxurious. Lying slightly propped up on a mound of pillows against the headboard, you peer out through the parted gossamer d****s over the water and into the building storm. A refreshingly cool breeze flows over your bare breasts, causing your nipples to harden. Your hand finds its way between your slightly parted legs. Slowly, gently, your fingers probe into your pussy as they slide between your moist lips. As one hand continues to work between your smooth thighs, you kneed a breast with the other, rolling and pinching the hard nipple, pulling it as you switch to the other.

The wind picks up. The gently melodic sound of the chimes becomes more frantic as does your arousal. Your fingers dive deeper as your clit becomes fully engorged. Moaning, you begin to grind your hips against your hand. Your pace quickens and the very first tingles of an orgasm begin to shoot through your body. Closing your eyes, lips seductively parted, you savor the sensations.

So lost in the feelings of your self-pleasuring and the building tempest, you do not notice that I have come to your end of the bed. Kneeling between your fully parted legs, I pull your hand from your wet pussy. Your eyes pop open in surprise. Taking your hand in my mouth, I suck your juices from each finger one at a time finally licking the palm. Placing your hand at your side, I lick and kiss each inner thigh steadily making my way toward your sweet womanhood.

At last I place my lips on your swollen, dripping lips. The tip of my tongue caresses your pussy. I lick from top to bottom and back again, darting between them and into you with each pass. When I arrive at your aching clit you push my head down against you. I circle it, teasing a bit, and then flick my tongue over it. You push my head down harder, wanting me to bring you over the edge.

Sliding my hands under your ass, I lift you a bit to get a better angle. You respond by taking an ankle in each hand to pull your legs back and apart. I grind my face into your soaking pussy, sticking my tongue deep inside. After a long, slurping lap from your dripping snatch, I take your clit and gently suck it into my mouth. My tongue rolls around and over it. You buck against my face, gasping and panting. Soon the orgasm builds to critical mass and explodes through your body. Still firmly clamped to you, I suck and lick you single-mindedly. Your legs lock around my head and shoulders as you cum fully. I eagerly lap your nectar as you pant and buck against my face.

As the climax recedes you pant, recovering from the effects. When you relax your hold around my shoulders, I withdraw from between your legs. Our eyes meet. I smile, my lips and chin still glistening with your juices. You return the smile as a hungry look moves across your features.

Without a word, you push me onto my back. Now you kneel between my legs. My hard shaft rises before you, the purple head covered in sticky pre-cum. Looking over my throbbing cock you can see the storm approaching. The wind, once a steady breeze is now a strong blast of moist air. Frequent lightening fills the room with an unnatural green-blue strobe-light. Thunder rolls for long seconds, occasionally shaking the room.

First you lick my smoothly shaven balls. Taking one at a time in your mouth to gently roll around with you tongue. Then, moving lower, you lick the sensitive area between my balls and anus. I moan my pleasure as you titillate me with your expert attentions.

At last you start to work your way up my hard member. Your lips are soft and exquisite as you lick the base and underside of my cock. When you reach the top, you use the tip of your tongue to scoop the pre-cum from my drooling head. I nearly shoot into your mouth as your lips enclose the head -- your mouth is so warm and inviting.

Taking more of my manhood into your mouth, you flutter your tongue on the sensitive ridge on the underside of my dick, causing me to shudder in delight. I take your head in my hands. Stroking your hair, I pull you down, wanting you to take more of me into you.

Your head bobbing, inch by inch, my penis disappears into your face. When at last you reach the base, you pause for a few seconds before sliding up to the head again. You repeat this, fucking your face with my cock, slurping and sucking as you do.

I feel my balls tighten and begin to fill with cum. As pleasing as your mouth and lips are, I do not want to finish in your mouth, but want to fill your pussy. Taking your chin in my hand, I lift your head to make eye contact. I simply nod “no.”

The storm is nearly upon us. The wind, now a full gale, blows the d****s completely away from the doors. A lamp is blown over in a gust. A cool mist fills the room as the first rain begins to fall.

Your pussy is burning to be filled and you quickly roll into your back. I take an ankle in each hand and pull your legs apart. Your pussy is soaked and ready to be fucked. I place the engorged head of my throbbing and aching cock against your quivering lips. With just a slight push, I enter you easily.

Thrusting fully into you, filling your eager pussy, I feel you contract around my penis. I pump you slowly at first, just relishing the silky feel of your womanhood. Bending down I kiss you roughly. Your tongue seeks mine. Our hands roam freely, exploring the others’ naked body.

Breaking our impassioned kiss, I roughly tilt your head up and to one side. I bear down on your exposed neck, gently biting and sucking. You hold me tightly, your hands on my ass, pushing me deeper into you. I leave your neck to take a breast into my mouth, moaning as I suck on the hard and tender nipple. Biting it quickly, I move to the other but continue to roll the nipple of the first between my thumb and forefinger.

Then, rearing up, I throw your legs over my shoulders pushing deeply and fiercely into your saturated cunt. My balls slap against your ass with each powerful thrust, the head of my cock bottoming out your pussy I ram into you without mercy. You cry out and shudder as an orgasm pulsates throughout your body. Digging your fingernails into my back, you nearly draw bl**d.

The storm is full upon us now, rain blows in gusts as lightening flashes continuously, dancing around the building. Booming thunder rocks the bed as with nearly as much f***e as our unbridled fucking. The frantic music of the chimes is lost in the melee of the storm and passion.

Pulling out of you, I take your hand and lead you out onto the balcony. The cold wind-driven rain pelts our naked bodies, stinging slightly. I flatten one of the cushioned lounge chairs and have you lay on your stomach. Straddling you from behind, I give you a swift smack on your firm, round ass and plunge my member again into your willing pussy.

We keep pace with the storm. Your lips hug my steel-hard rod so tightly you feel every vein on its surface as I pump you wildly. Our grunts and moans are lost completely in the tempest around us. Wind howling and thunder booming my orgasm nears. Grabbing your hips roughly with one hand and your long hair with the other, I grind and slap against you, lost in the carnal pleasure of your sensuous body and the raw fury of Nature.

You feel me swell and harden even more inside you, causing another orgasm to build within your core. You long for final and complete release and only as I fill your lustful body with my hot cum will you reach it.

My pace is as frantic as the storm and you know the time is near. Bucking against each massive thrust of my cock into you use the muscles within your pussy to draw the hot cum from my balls into you. I cry out and fuck you wildly then pull your hips hard against me as I unleash my load of molten semen deep within you.

I roar as my orgasm grips me. Buried to the hilt inside your cunt, you feel each titanic squirt from my erupting hose fill you, flowing deep within your hungry body. Your orgasm is triggered. Screaming, you tremble as you are consumed by wave after wave of your third and most intense climax. Locked together in physical and carnal lust, we spend ourselves and our passion simultaneously -- the storm indifferent to our cries and exhibition.

Still inside you, cum oozing from your swollen lips and down my semi-hard shaft, we watch the storm spend itself on the beach. After the core of storm passes, we walk naked in the rain along the shore. Each hoping that the storm will resume again soon……

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