A male raised as a girl my boyfriend in high schoo

I knew as I grew up that I was always different from my s****rs. My body was smaller and it seemed to me that I didn't have the right body. I was a girl in a mans body. Growing up our f****y didn't have that much money and I wore my s****rs clothes at night.

During the day I wore panties and a half slip instead of a T-shirt under my jeans. In gym the guys would tease me but it was the way life was.

At home it seemed right wearing panties, slips and a skirt or dress. I never understood it but this is how I was raised.

Hand me down dresses and blouses was what I always wore.

School was horrible and the guys fought me all the time. I had to defend myself all the time. Then one day I stopped school and my s****rs taught me at home. I finally graduated from high school.

I dated here and there but I was always attracted to guys. One day I met a guy and he was wonderful.

He was exciting and on a date we ended up his parents home while they were out of town. Tommy and I kissed and hugged and I played with his cock and gave him a great blow job. I did everything my s****rs and I used to read about in magazines.
Tommy and I drank some booze and he and I had a great time. I showed him my outfit under my clothes. He let me wear some of his s****rs clothes to finish my outfit.

I took off my jeans and sweatshirt and put on a bra and a short skirt.

He enjoyed my soft thin body and later that night he used lots of lubricants and he made love to me. Tommy had read magazines also and he kept calling my bottom an ass pussy.

Tommy played with me and felt me off. He kept feeling my bottom and played with my small cock. We hugged and kissed and he was so cute. Tommy fingered my bottom and then he rolled me over onto my stomach and mounted me. I laid still wondering what was going to happen and he slid his hard cock in my bottom. I just laid still and relaxed as he lifted his hips up and down and slid his cock in my bottom. He had enough control that he lasted a long time and he slid deep in me each time.

He kept telling me as he did me that my ass pussy was great. I tried to squeeze my bottom to make him enjoy me more and I did. Tommy had an orgasm and he squirted his load in my bottom. This was the first time and it stung in me. It felt like it burned deep in me. We hugged and kissed and later that night we did it again and again.

Tommy fucked my bottom for the longest time in the middle of the night. He was laying on his side behind me and he screwed me. Ten minutes later I sat on his cock and rolled my tiny butt around and around on him. A few minutes later I was on my back with my legs spread and he laid between them.

Tommy and I kissed as he continued to pump his cock in and out of my ass pussy. It was awesome and that was the first time. He had reached an orgasm at least five or six times and each time I either swallowed his sperm or he came in my bottom.

We dated for a few years and every time we got together all we could think about was sex. He tried to wear me out as he would tell me and I loved it. My ass pussy was what he was after all the time. I wanted him in me or in my mouth and it was a great time in my life.
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4 years ago
Thank you dor s great story i was able to jack off while i read it thanks
4 years ago
very sexy story