My Pussy And Butt For Son

My Pussy And Butt For Son

Hey guys,
this is my first story hope you all like it.
i****t is a sin
according to Hinduism but then we can’t control certain feelings.
One of it is i****t let me introduce myself first I’m Rathika 52 dark skin with huge pair of boobs. I’m not thin but at the same time I’m not fat I’ve got a sexy body shape which all guys will die for highlights of me is my big butt and hairy pussy which will be always wet.

I’m married and having a son he is too handsome for his age I can’t control my cunt from dripping when see him in boxers or when he is not wearing any tops, he is 18 this year but he looks very matured and hot any horny woman will be dreaming of having sex with him. Let me start my story, even though i am a horny slut, but at home ill still maintain as a good wife and mother, my sex life with my husband "was" superb which means he is no more fucking me not to say fuck, he don’t even kiss me!

One night:

Me: hey honey how was your day?

Husband: ya, it was a tiring day

Me: do you remember that today is our anniversary?

Husband: oh sorry dear (he kissed me on my forehead and it was yuck-no feelings)

Me: but honey I’m really waiting for you I’m thinking of having sex with you today.

Husband: no baby not today

Me: ohhh come'on dear my cunt is starving for a cock it’s dripping day and night.

Husband: if your cunt is seeking for a dick, just go and fuck our son..

Me: wtf! What do you mean by that?

Husband: zzzzzzzzzzz

The next day morning I got up a bit late (after my husband gone to work) I recall what happened yesterday why he said so? And why not I just give a try since he allready give me a green signal but at the same time I should realize that I’m his mom, will he accept me as his sex partner? But my cunt can’t be control anymore. I badly need to get fucked in both my holes so I decided to seduce him.

So my first move was went to his room just with a towel (I do wear my sexy black bra and silky pink panties) he was using his ipad on his bed.

Son: what’s up mom?

Me: nothing baby, the tailor's sent me the blouse I just wanted to try it on me.

Son: ok that’s fine, let me go out first.

Me: it’s ok darling you continue with your stuff furthermore I need your comments for those blouse that’s I’m going to try.

Son: are you sure mom? (it’s so obvious that he wanted to peep on his mom while she’s trying those clothes)

Me: I’m very sure you can tell me whatever u feel let me start with the red one, since it’s your favorite color. I let the towel to drop on the floor I can see my son checking out at my stunning body through the mirror even though I’m shy but I’m still happy that I’m an attractive woman at this age.

Me: so how it is?

Son: mom, I’m telling deep down from my heart you are such a beautiful woman

Me: you must be k**ding Rohit

Son: no mom I dare to swear then I decided add on the heat,

Me: what do you think about this one (showing a green blouse to Rohit)

Son: why this one looks different?

Me: this one, I should wear without any bra.

Son: I see (excited, going to see his mom's boobs for the first time)

Me: let me take this off baby can you help to unhook mommy's bra?

Son: with pleasure mom

Me: make sure you don’t look at mommy's boobs kayy if not you will fall to your own mother hahaha

Son: (while unhooking the bra) sorry mom, but I can’t stop starring at the shape of your black round boobs

Me: (while laughing) its ok honey it is fine to see but make sure you don’t touch them. Once I finish my sentence, he already grabbing my boobs and start squeezing my both nipples that was an amazing feeling.

Me: It’s ok to touch it son I hope you won’t lick me there.

He started to lick me since he understood what I’m instructing him to do. He then carries me to his bed and start to smell my outer layer of panties. I then stopped him by holding his hair.

Son: why mommy? You don’t like your own son smelling your aromatic pussy?

Me: It’s not that young man! Carry me to my bed and fuck my fucking wet cunt there.

Son: what’s wrong with this bed mom?

Me: I want my son to fuck my brains off where his dad uses to fuck me once upon a time.

Son: sure momma! I will take you there.

While carrying me there, I instructed him not to mention me as his mother just call me a slut or bitch ill be more hornier when my own son call me as a bitch or a slut or even a slave and baby, what i wanted is hardcore don’t fuck me like an old man fucks his wife

This made my son to hold his erected crotch and throw me on my bed with out wasting time, he took off his boxers and insert his 7 inches dick inside my mouth what else can I say? It’s 10 times delicious than his father's and huge too.

Son: suck my balls you bastard bitch!

Hmumm mmrm um olkolkolkolkok

Me: It’s really tasty love your pre-cum in my mouth don’t waste the time!

He put his mouth on my panties which already soaked my liquids he bites it and pull it off simply love that act!

He then harshly inserted his tongue and rolls it inside my watery cunt it was tremendous

Me: ow ow I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum in your face (once I squirted) fuck your bitch you mother-fucker!

I grab my own son's long and huge bulge and lead it towards my pussy lips I teased a little bit.

Son: enough of teasing me you mature slut let it enter your vagina, the place where I came for and screw it.

We fucked wildly on my bed for almost one hour my son fucked me in both my pussy and ass and the best was anal simply loved it! Besides, he so licked me without leaving a single place (he tasted my whole body little mother fucker) we fucked until the father came do
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3 years ago
I love ur mother and son stories
3 years ago
That was super kinky. Love to see some pics of you!
3 years ago
i wanna fuck u bitch...i wana make a creampie
3 years ago
Mmmm. Love your story. Wish it was me. Please, give me more of your sweet wet pussy.
3 years ago
mmm hot
3 years ago
great story!!!!!