I Got Erected With Mom

I am 24 years. In our culture i****t is forbidden sin. But it happens in my life it is changed me all of sexual thoughts in my life, I am cool and very good looking guy with well built and fair complexion. I never thought that it would happen with me. The names involved, excluding mine, have been changed for obvious reasons. But believe me; it is all true, though it happened just 2 days before.

My mom is 44 years and she is very sexy with height 5 .7 feet and 60 kgs with big size boobs. Just more about my mom, she had a housewife and her skin was normal colored. She had thick black long hair up to her buttocks, striking black eyes; mom is 34-30-32. In our f****y me, my dad and mom are there. My dad is retired now days and he is busy with other social works all time. Mom is always busy with housework with wearing saree.

We are very much frankly with each other. We talk anything. Mom also knows my girlfriend. Everyday after reaching home at evening mom asks about the day with my girlfriend. One day dad was gone to Pune for around a month. My mom and I were in home. Mom told me that she wants to go for market to purchase something and asked to be with her. We first went to a dress shop. Mom takes some clothes for both. Finally she told that keep wait as we want to take some ladies wear.

She bought some bra and panties. I was beat shying while buying and the same time mom was laughing to see my face. She said why are shying. I didn’t say anything. After reaching home mom asked me to try new dresses and she also went to change the clothes. I changed the fast and went to mom’s room. As soon as and enter the room I got shocked and same happened from mom’s side also. Mom was standing in bra and panty only. Immediately she covered the body with bed sheet.

I said sorry and get out from the room after seen this, immediately my dick being hard. After a few minutes my came out and seen towards me again I said sorry mom said it’s OK Baba. As soon as mom went to kitchen and went to my room and remove my boxer and started to jerk.
After cuming and went to bathroom and washed immediately. The same night after the dinner I was watching TV. Mom finished here work and sat near me and started chatting casually. First she asked about my girlfriend.

She asked where you were gone till date. I told her. We went to Gorai beach. Then she asked me did you did something wrong with her? I said “no mom, Mom again asked really I said I just kissed her that’s it again she asked did you touched her body I said No Mom, but why are you asking such all this things” She replied after seen me in bra and panty, I saw what were you doing in your room” I said sorry mom; but I couldn’t control myself at moment.

She again said it’s Ok, but did you seen anybody before naked. I said no then it is your first time” I said no I have seen but in TV only” She said OK do you wish to see now” for a minute I got shocked but later I said yes. She continued but on one condition, this is shall in between us only. Not to disclose with anybody. I said yes that’s my promise. Mom asked me to stand. I was wore shorts only. Mom asked to remove and told me to don’t fear she will take care of all.

Slowly she unzipped my boxer. I was standing completely naked in front of my mom. My saw my dick and said “it’s great to see your dick. It’s a quite big and hard than your father baby. I was totally afraid and could not say anything. She takes my dick in her hand and started up n down. This was the first time somebody took my dick in hand. It was great and unforgettable moment in my life. Mom asked me how you are feeling I said I am in heaven mom.

She stood and keep her lips on lips and our tongue been locked after some licking session and get stood and moved back. She removed her nighty and thrown on side table. Now she was in only bra and panty. She was looking georgius. She again asked how I am looking. I said you are so beautiful mom. Then she removed are bra. First time in the life I was saw real and completely naked body and that is also my own mother. I moved my hand towards mom’s breast and started to rub.

It was too soft. I kept in mouth started to licking. Mom closed her eyes and started moaning. I was licking her breast, lips, neck and everything whatever I can see. Ten minutes later she removed her panty also. I asked mom can I see the hole where I came out and seen the world immediately she lay down and spread here legs. Now I can see her clean shaved pussy which I think she shaved afternoon. Mom asked to put my hand there and rub slowly.

I was feeling that I should bite there minute by minute I was going to crazy. I can see now mom’s juice flowing from her pussy. I kept my finger in her pussy and started to in and out. One two three all my three fingers was in n our fastly. I increased the speed and mom was moaning uhhuuu aahhahaahha. We both were in heaven suddenly she stopped my I think she cummed. She holds my dick in her hand and started to in and out by her mouth.

As soon as she insert my dick in her mouth I cummed in her mouth. This was my first time so couldn’t control myself. She cleaned everything and again started giving blowjob. She is good dick sucker. Again I went down and started licking her pussy by tounge. I can feel her aroma. It was quite saulty but I liked it in 20 minutes I cum twice as this was my first time. Again 5 minutes of some rest I asked my mom that will you love my dick in your pussy. I cupped her breast, as I rammed my dick in her pussy.

She simple moaned as I pinched her nipple say mom, say” Will you please. Mom said “Fuck me. Fuck me hard beta, fuck me front back both side.” she said breathlessly. I could see her wince in pain as I pushed my cock deeper into her pussy. She spread her legs further to receive my cock. My cock was throbbing in the warmth of my mother’s pussy. Her pussy was grabbing my throbbing cock. I knew I was not going to last mush longer. The excitement was mounting.

I started thrusting harder and faster and deeper. I also heard my mother moan in pleasure and pain again ooohhh aaahhhh harder deeper fucks me fuck me deep fuck fast more! She pushed back on my fucking cock. It encouraged me to fuck faster. I thrust further in longer strokes. I was also moaning now mom you are awesome amazing I love you mom ohohh, I love you mom I did not know what I was saying but I was seriously fucking my mom’s pussy now in long hard strokes. Mom bucked back against my cock.

Oooohhh yes, I am cumming beta please do fast please fast aaaaaahhhhh. Mom was moaning loudly and blurting more words she had never uttered. I roughly grabbed at mom’s ass in each hand and spanked hard. I was really riding her pussy. Oh! Oh! I love you beta mom was also coming now. Screaming loudly she came on my cock. Ahhh her loud orgasm was enough to make me cum too. I began to spasm load after load of semen into her pussy. Once I had finished, I kissed my mom. I said I love you, mom in her ears. I love you too, Beta. We hugged each other tightly and slept. I hope you also liked the story please comments me
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2 years ago
loved the story sweetie , very hot !!
3 years ago
Skipping too many words in your story.
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
you say your I am cool and very good looking guy with well built and fair complexion..............i think your vain and your fully up your self
3 years ago
Great story. Very hot!