Grandmother Is My Wife

I am Nandu from Kerala I want to share my sex experience with my grandmother Prema. I am living with my grandmother as my parents are abroad she is 60 years old. My grandfather’s name is Kumaaran. He is having Alzheimer’s disease he is always in his bedroom. My grandmother looks after him for 3 years he does not getup from bed coming to the story my grandmother is really a sex bomb she has 36 size boobs and a great well built figure her boobs are in awesome shape like 2 mountains projecting .

Her cleavage was main attraction she always show her cleavage to me. When I look at that she suddenly stop showing me. Her navel is a great hole with sexiest figure and shape she always wear blouse and dotty inside the house she always covered her boos and navel with a white towel which is always there when she work outside the house when she is inside the house she removes the towel as it is hot. When she removes the towel her deep cleavage is visible.

I never missed her scenes inside the house we has 3 bedrooms in our house one is bath attached that is grandfather rooms that bathroom is having a keyhole. I always look through the keyhole when she is bathing I never missed her blouse unhooking scenes and bra removing scenes I like that very much grandfather will lie on the bed and look at me masturbating by looking at his wife her nipples was not clearly seen because the bathroom is long she removes her dress and went near the shower for bath. I daily masturbated by looking at her blouse removing scenes she will take almost 45 minutes to complete her bath.

She always clean her pussy neatly one day we had a strike in our college so I came back at early time as my grandmother does not expect anybody. When I opened the door there was nobody. I heard some sound of my grandmother from my grandfather’s bedroom. I slowly went to the door it was opened and I saw my grandmother sitting in my grandfathers stomach he was lying and grandmother is trying to make an erection she was scolding him you mother fucker please fuck me you bl**dy asshole pleas fuck me man you are a vegetable.

She was catching his hands and pressing her boobs and other hand was in her cunt she was moaning she fingered her pussy with his hands he is not having any feeling by looking at my grand ma who is a great sex bomb my grandfather does not had an erect cock as it is dead like a snake she then stud up and went to his moth and making him to lick her cunt. She asked him to lick it he does not know that she then put her boobs inside his mouth and asked him to bite her nipple, oh god that was the first time I was seeing her nipples it was brown in color like a g**** which was little long projected in shape.

She asked him bite you bitch eat my nipple please my chaetta please fuck me. I am starved for sex pleas but it was of no use I by seeing this had a great erection. she is trying her best for getting an erection .she tried to eat his cock but of no use .suddenly I got some courage and went inside the room she suddenly saw me and told why you came so early by putting her dothy down and buttoning her blouse and I told what were you doing with grandpa she stood saying nothing I told her grandma I can help you in this mater. She shouted and said I am your grandmother in front of grandfather how can you say this?.

I unhooked my pants and showed my erect cock to her she was looking thirsty to it. I just went near her and kissed her tightly and said grandfather is of no use I am there for my grandma I will show you heaven. She kissed tightly in my lips and she suddenly sucked my cock at that time I removed her blouse and dothy and my shirt grandfather was looking at this I was ashamed. She then stud up and went near grandfather.

And slept near to him and said to me lick my cunt and eat my juice. I obeyed and licked all her love juice. I then inserted my cock in to her cunt and started moving upward and backward and made my movement like that she was catching grandfathers cock also she moaned. She was making grandfather hurt by pinching his cock. She was saying that this is of no use I will cut his cock she was angry with grand pa for not pleasing her for sex she was getting comfort now like anything as I am fucking her harder and harder she moaned like anything I made my ejection inside

Her cunt and took it add put inside her mouth she drank it fully like a thirst dog I was tiered and lied into her body she kissed me in my lips .we kissed for 10 minutes again and lied kissing each other and pressing her boobs and eating it at that time my cock inside her cunt became erect again for a war after five minutes she again came in to action I was lying near grandfather she was sitting in my cock and started fucking me I was smiling looking at my grandfather tears came from his eyes grandma was moaning I catch her me loan and eat her nipple like a baby. she asked me to eat my boobs

I am your wife not this vegetable’s I will be thankful to you always my Nandu I put it fully inside my mouth and the other I pressed tightly it hen fingered her cunt and put all my finger inside her cunt she was like a volcano she exploded her juice again she was satisfied fully. We 3 lied nude there for 15 minutes then we both went to the bathroom for a shower inside the bathroom we both where playing like c***dren’s I put soap inside her ass

And cleaned inside her ass and then inserted my cock into it and fucked she made a good blowjob for me my cock s skin was little tore because of her blow job. We came out of the bathroom and cleaned the body each other. I dressed her bra and blouse she liked catching her navel and pressing it we fuck daily now in the prescience of grandfather we both now lead a great sex life am the happiest man in the world this is my real experience hope you all liked the story.
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2 years ago
nice story need some more imagination +
3 years ago
Outstanding story