Horny f****y

Horny f****y


Hai my name is Raja from kerala. I am now studying in college. I am good looking, tall, and a smart guy. All my relatives like me as iam the last son of their f****y. I used to visit my relatives home regularly. They also like me. So they invite me to come and stay in their homes. I have many auntys and I will stay in their home.I was introduced to sex by my one of my uncle. I saw him masturbating. He said me to shake his dick. I also do it. I was admired at its large size because I don’t know anything about sex. I saw a white fluid from his dick. I asked about it. He said that I will also get it when I grew big.

Next day I shaked the dick like him. My dick also grew larger in size. At climax I felt like heaven but no fluid came out. But I liked it. From next day onwards I daily masturbated. at home. So my grand mother and grand father also stayed with us. I usually slept with my mother. Some day I will sl**p with my grand parents. In their room only one bed is present they both sl**p in that bed. One day I was shaking my dick laying in the bed. My mother saw it when she came to sl**p. I thought that their was nothing in shaking the dick. She came and sat beside me.

She was wearing only lungi and blouse. All kerala ladies were only that at their home. I saw her breasts moving fast. As I reached the climax my dick shaked. Then I buttoned the short. My mother laid beside me. She said that it is a wrong thing. I said it feels nice. She said not to do it in front of others. Then she slept hugging me. Her boobs are crushing at my chest. Next day I sl**p with my grand parents. I saw my grand father’s face was buried in grandmother’s boobs. She was pressing his head towards it. After some time he slept facing next side. She turned towards me. She saw I was waken.

Her blouse buttons are till open. She smiled at me. I placed my hand on one of her boobs. I don’t know what to do with it. She said nothing. She pressed my hand against it. After some time I slept. I used to masturbate only before my mother. She used to watch it. On the summer holiday I went to my rani aunty’s home. She was beautiful .She was in her late 40’s. Her husband was a engineer so he is mostly out of town. She had two girls. They were studying in their college abroad. When I went to their home their was only aunty. She hugged me pressed me against her boobs. She asked me about my studies. On that night she slept with me. The above two buttons of her blouse was opened. She saw I am watching at her boobs. She asked what are you watching. I said grand father used to sl**p by placing his head on grand mother’s boobs. She smiled and asked whether I saw grand mother’s boobs. I said I touched it. She asked whether I want to sl**p with the head in between her boobs. I said yes. She came close to me and said me to place the head. I moved little down and placed my head above her blouse. They are touching my face. She asked how is it.

I said that grand mother’s blouse was open. She smiled and opened the hooks of her blouse. I saw her boobs for the first time. She parted her two boobs and asked me to place my head. She pressed my head with her boobs from both sides. It felt nice. I feel that my dick has grown large. She asked me to suck her boobs. I sucked it. She removed my shorts and began to shake my dick. I said that my mother told that it is wrong. She smiled and said that nothing will happen. She said me to not to tell it to mother. She then sucked my dick. I reached my climax in her mouth. She then said me to lay over her body. I laid over her. She inserted her boobs in my mouth and said to suck them. While I was sucking she parted her legs wide and my half body was in between her legs. She removed the lungi from her front part I saw her nude legs. She holded my dick . I felt that it was inserted into some hole. Some flesh is holding it from all sides. We both slept in that position. Next morning when I was taking my breakfast she said that she has honey in the fridge.

I like honey so I asked her to give me. She said after breakfast. After breakfast she brought the honey and sat on the sofa. She said me to open her blouse. I opened her blouse. She was not wearing bra. She took a spoon of honey and dropped it above her nipple. She said me to suck it and drink the honey. I sucked her nipple. Like that way I drank it for about half hour. She then removed my short and removed the foreskin of my dick and placed honey. She then sucked it and drank the honey. A woman servant was working in their home. She came at afternoon. Her name was Shanthi. She was wearing only blouse and lungi. She began to wash the vessels. My aunty was taking bath. Shanthi was in the age of 36. I went and stoodclose to her watching her boobs. She saw me and smiled. In the mean time aunty came after her bath. She saw me standing near shanthi. She called me and asked what.

I said that her boobs are good. She smiled and went to shanthi and talked with her .Shanthi looked at me and smiled. Aunty came to me and said me to go to bedroom and lay there. I went and laid there. I don’t know what is going to happen next. After some time shanthi came there and sat beside me. She asked is I like her boobs. I said yes I like them. She smiled and laid beside me and opened her blouse. She took one of her boobs in her hand and said me to taste it. I fondled her breasts and sucked it. She shaked my member. After some time I reached the climax. She sucked my thing for five minutes and left . After she left aunty came and asked whether I was satisfied. I thanked her and hugged her and massaged my head with her boobs. Aunty said that she said to shanthi to stay that night in our home. At that night I went to bed. After some time aunty came and removed her blouse and laid on one side.

I began to suck the boobs. Suddenly I felt like someone is removing my shorts. Shanthi was removing it. She then removed her blouse too and laid on the other side. She holded my dick and fondled softly while I was playing with aunty’s melons. Aunty then put her hands on shanthi’s boobs and pressed it. She moaned in a erotic way. Shanthi then stood and removed aunty’s lungi and inserted her finger into aunty’s cunt. Aunty said her to finger fuck her. After some time I said shanthi to come near me and began to suck her balls. Aunty sat and put my thing into her mouth. She inserted her finger into shanthi’s cunt and finger fucked her. Later shanthi inserted my dick into her cunt and said me to move up and down. I does the same. After few minutes I reached the climax and laid above shanthi.

Aunty took me and inserted her one boob into my mouth and asked shanthi to suck the other one. Shanthi sucked one while she inserted her finger into her cunt. After about one hour we slept. On next day afternoon aunty went to shopping. Only me and shanthi were at home. I went to her and hold her breasts. She said me to go to sofa. She came and told me to suck her. She saw the honey bottle near sofa. She then removed her lungi and laid in the sofa. She widened her legs and poured some honey in her cunt hole. Honey filled her whole cunt. She said me to drink the honey with tongue. While iam drinking I licked her cunt she was making sounds.

After that she again poured honey in her hole and said me to insert my dick in the hole. I inserted through the honey. She moved back and front. Me also moved. Sounds like water clasping came from her cunt. After my climax I took it out. She sucked my dick and drank the honey and me also drank honey from her cunt.

Through out the vocation we enjoyed like this. I left to home when my vocation finished. On next vocation aunty called me in phone and said that shanthi had gone to some other village so she kept another women for doing work. She said me to come to her home on that vocation. I will tell you about that vocation in the next part.
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4 years ago
you should try chocolate next time.
4 years ago
Except for a few typos and odd style of writing, not bad. My dick wants to be freed ... Rating: 3X out of 5X
4 years ago
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
it sound like you and antie are have lots of fun sucking with the honey
4 years ago
I also want to fuck my chachi but i have seen her bathing