Inspiration To Fuck Mommy

Inspiration To Fuck Mommy

This is an i****t encounter of my closest friend.

It all started in my native, when i was studying SSLC. I have a friend named Ranjan originally hailing from Kerala. They settled long back in my native. He is 2 years older than me. His father worked in Dubai and they were a wealthy f****y. He had 3 s****rs. All elder to him. 2 s****rs got married when this happened. Their house is at the west end of our village. After their house starts the paddy fields and sugarcane fields of their own. Normally the houses in our village are separated at least by 200 feet. His house is has a big gap of 500 feet or more.

He and I are friends from my 5th standard. He taught me lot of things, which are required knowledge at that age and some are more than required. One among them were sex. We used to talk about sex from my 7th std itself. He has shown me some Malayalam books also. I started watching soft porn after that introduction. He used to describe female anatomy in detail. He would explain it in a way that you will think that he watch them closely. I even asked him how he knows that. He would reply me that he will tell it later.

One day he said that he watches a lady bathing in our village daily. That is how he came to know about the female anatomy. As a 9th std student I got excited and asked him who the lady was. But he didn’t tell me. I thought a lot about who the lady was, but didn’t get any clue. After my thoughts turned to sex, I noticed some of the ladies in our village were very beautiful and sexy like the ladies in the malayalam sex movies. To mention some of them would be the dhobi’s wife, two from our street and one from 3rd street.

They looked more like the actresses in the malayalam sex movies with large breasts and wide hips and tummy. I also thought of how he could watch a lady bathing. Normally in our village, all bathrooms were made of coconut tree leaves. Most of the bathrooms will be located at the rear of the house. Due to the gap factor and the position of the bathrooms, I thought he is watching someone close to his house, which narrows the gap to only one lady from the

3rd street. I thought of watching the lady bath. Even tried for that but couldn’t get the guts as I’m afraid off if something happens wrong. Even after my constant questioning he didn’t tell me who the lady was. so I started watching him without his consent. But still after a month or so, I couldn’t find him watching the lady at any time I watch him. This got me to think lot about that. As things gone this way, I got the opportunity to find out the lady. One day, my school was given leave because of the death of the founder of the school.

Normally I would return from the town to village by 6 PM. but that day I returned by 10 itself. With the thought of talking with Ranjan, I quickie changed the dress and went to his home telling my mom that I’m going to play with him. I went to his house and called him, But no answer was available. so, as usual I entered his house to go to the back yard. That is when I noticed that he was standing in front of the bathroom door keeping his dick in his hand. the bathroom door was wide open. Lot of things started running in my mind.

Is he watching his s****r Renuka bathing? From the scene, it seemed to be that she is willing to show her body to him. How it all started happening? Where is their mom and what is she doing leaving her c***dren doing this? Whatever questions running in the mind, I thought of watching his s****r bathing. I came out of his house and slowly crept to the fields, From the hiding of the sugarcane crops, I could only see some part of the bathroom. I was waiting to see some flesh of his s****r. Till that point, I never thought of her as a sexy girl.

But after that incident, it seemed that she too can be added to the list of sexy ladies in our village. I was waiting for her to complete the bath and come out. She also came out of the bathroom. But that is the time when I lost all my consciousness. I was expecting Renuka and I saw Ranjan’s mom Sharada. She was wearing her petticoat in her hip. Her boobs were dancing in front of him. That instance made me think to add her also in the sex ladies list.

They talked something that I couldn’t hear because of the distance. Once, they get inside the house, I came out of the hiding and went to the backyard. I stayed calm at their back door to see what they are doing and hear Ranjan saying (They talked in Tamil, to reduce the burden of typing in Tamil and English, I’m giving the direct English version. From here on, this will be carried out in dialogue form )

Ranjan: Today read a sex book in which the heroine name was sharada. At once, I started home to watch my mom.
Sharada: You need a reason to come home for me and you get it this way.

Ranjan: No mom, Promise. The heroine’s name is Sharada. See this is the book.
Sharada: Yes, My son didn’t lie to me.

Ranjan: Why are you wearing your blouse then?
Sharada: I have work to do Ranjan. Need to go to the paddy fields for fertilization. Renuka will be waiting for me.

Ranjan: Can’t you go there after an hour?
Sharada: Do you think of fucking me now?

After that sentence from her, I couldn’t believe that I’m still hearing that. I would have fainted there itself.

Ranjan: Yes mummy. I’m in full mood. I would just tear you with my dick.
Sharada: You little bastard. you are so like your father. No matter how many times you fuck, still you need a fuck. I don’t know whether the semen will dry out or not.

Ranjan: I know You chose me because of that. I’ more like father. Also, my semen tank will not dry up if it for my mummy.
Sharada: Lock the main door and come to the bedroom.

He went to the front of the house, watched for people around the house, locked the door and went in to the bedroom. I slowly crept into the house through the back door and went near their bed room. the door was not locked, the mirror in the hall will show the things in the bedroom if looked from an angle. I stayed there and watched for their play.

Ranjan: Mom, Your boobs are getting bigger and bigger every day.

Saying this he started pressing her boobs with both hands. They still are standing.

Sharada: Yes Ranjan. They will get even bigger if you play with them like this.

All of a sudden he put his mouth over her right boob and started sucking it. His mom gave a long moan and she started biting her lips. After that, there were only moaning sounds. He started to suck and chew both her boobs. Now both lie in the bed with Ranjan on top his mother. His hands were doing something below, which I don’t know at that time. After that only I came to know that he fingered her.

After some time he undressed himself. That is when I noticed that his dick was big in size, both in length and girth. He kneeled between his mom’s spread legs and started pressing his dick in her. This is the first time, I’m watching a fucking scene. Not even in movies I had watched fucking scenes as Malayalam movies will not show the scenes.

Sharada: aaaaaaaaa. Ranjan, you are still big after having you these many times.
Ranjan: Yes mommy, youa re so tight even though I have fucked you so many times. Your pussy is the heaven on earth.

Sharada: Yes, Son. Enjoy the heaven…mmmmmhhhhhhh give me my heaven completely.
Ranjan: Here it comes mom.

Saying this he started humping her with a new found vigor. His thrusts were very hard that his mom was literally crying like……After that, I thought of starting to home without them watching me. But, then came another shock of my life.

Ranjan: Mom, why are you going so early? Wait we can go for another round…
Sharada: Poda….you dirty bastard. I have to go to the fields. Your s****r will be waiting for me.

Ranjan: Mom. This is not going to help me. I have to go another time please.
Sharada: You are so adamant. Wait I will go to the fields and send Renuka and you play with her. She will be correct for you.

I almost got fainted. Here is a guy with whom I’m been friends with for such a long time. And he is fucking his mom and s****r. How come he is able to do all that? I was momentarily paralyzed. I quickly left out of their house with a satisfied feeling that I’m able to see a fucking scene and that too lively. I had a very rigorous masturbation after I came home. It had nothing to do with my sexual things. It was the incident that changed my mind and made it to lust for my mom. I didn’t confront him then for the fear of losing his friendship. But later I had confronted him
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