Mom’s Alternative

Radhika loves her only son Raju. Her husband Ramesh is a d***kard. He works for an IT concern as a manager. Radhika works as a school teacher. Raju is studying XII standard, and is 18 years of age. Ramesh has to withstand a lot of pressure in his IT job to survive and earn handsomely. Sometimes he returns home after 3 full nights of work. Such is his job. So he drinks heavily to relieve himself. But he does not make any ruckus. He drinks and sl**ps off.

But sometimes when he dozes off, he forgets to empty his bottle. This would leave some bit of alcohol and Raju started tasting the alcohol. Soon he got addicted to it. This was noticed by Radhika and expectedly she was shocked and sad. She tried controlling him from not taking alcohol. But he continued to drink.

She was scared about Raju’s future. Raju was giving the same excuse as his father gave. It was pressure. Raju felt his studies too hot to handle like the IT job for his father. At school teachers beats up students if they don’t complete their homework or scoreless marks in tests. Raju too was one of them who gets beaten up regularly by teachers. So Radhika understood why Raju drinks to relieve himself from the pressure of his teachers.

She felt sorry for him, but she wanted to stop him from getting addicted to alcohol any further. She goggled in the internet about ways to stop her son from getting addicted any further. But she only slipped into irrelevant sites. One of those were i****t’s. She was disgusted to read such dirty stories in the beginning. But her feminine self enjoyed it. She could feel never felt before moisture in her cunt.

She found one of the stories interesting. She saved that story in her personal folder. For another couple of days she read through the story multiple times. Somehow she convinced herself that there was nothing wrong in doing as per what was described in the story. She found that as a creative way to save her son from getting addicted to alcohol.

The next day, when Ramesh her husband was out, Radhika approached him and politely told him to stop drinking. But Raju didn’t listen and explained to her how much the pleasure of drinking relieves him from school tension. Radhika then offered Raju a deal, an alternative to his drinking pleasure. She said she would massage his penis if he promises her that he would stop drinking. But Raju did not take it seriously as he did not know anything about sex or masturbation.

He questioned her how would her penis massage replace the pleasure of drinking. But Radhika convinced him that it would give him great pleasure. So that day night after dinner, Raju went to his room to study not eager about the hand job his mother offered him. Radhika made sure that Ramesh, her husband was asl**p. She then knocked the door of Raju’s room. Raju opened the door. She came inside Raju’s room. Raju asked her what she wanted. Radhika reminded him of the deal.

Raju then asked her what he should do to get the pleasure. She asked him to remove his shorts. Raju removed his shorts. He wore nothing inside. His penis hung limp. It had a few hairs around. Radhika did not take her eyes off her son’s penis. She told her son to lie on the bed. Raju went and lied on the bed. She then came close to her son and kept her hands on her son’s balls. Raju felt goosebumps across his body right away. He soon realized that his mom was right.

Radhika wandered her palms all over her son’s balls and massaged his penis slowly. Raju could feel his penis grow. The sensation was new. The sensation was great. He gasped for air, he was immersed in a pleasure which he felt like never before. His penis grew hard. It must be six inches now. Radhika circled her palms around her son’s penis shaft and she slowly started to jerk off for her son. Raju muttered words like wow mother it feels so good aaah!

She took her time and rhythmically but slowly did the jerk job for her son. Her son thoroughly enjoyed it. When the climax was built in Raju’s penis his moans got harder. His breath got harder too. Radhika had to shut her son’s mouth to make sure that he doesent moan loud enough to wake her husband. As Raju reached his orgasm, he spurted huge loads of cum on his mother’s hands. Radhika just wiped off the cum with the pallu of her saree. Raju thanked his mother and acknowledged that the pleasure was greater than that of alcohol and that he would stop taking alcohol. Radhika assured Raju of more pleasure provided he would concentrate on his studies.

From that day onwards Raju started studying his lessons sincerely. He would get frequently masturbated by his mother. This went on for about three months. The XI std annual exams approached. Raju slowly lost interest with his mother’s hand job. He wanted something more exciting. Raju’s mother first refused to do something different for her son. But Raju threatened her that he would start drinking again. This f***ed Radhika to try something different. She then started giving blow job to her son. Something she had not done even with her husband.

Whenever Radhika started giving Raju a blow job Raju was in seventh heaven. When he shoots his cum on his mother’s mouth he could see the stars in heaven. He performed in his annual exams well and got promoted to XII standard. Raju then received frequent blow jobs from his mom. Radhika too started feeling good licking her son’s balls and sucking his prick. She had developed a liking for his meat. Raju would walk around naked when his dad was not around, in front of his mom. He would study naked. Whenever he needed it mom would just come, suck, and go.

As Raju’s XII board exams neared, Raju was finding even mom’s blow jobs boring. He wanted something more different from mom. First Radhika rejected it, but later had to succumb to Raju’s blackmail of getting back to the drinking habit.

Radhika is a conservatively dressed South Indian lady. She only wears saree at home. She has wheatish skin. She does not have great looks, but she has medium sized breasts with thick nipples. She has great pumpkin like buttocks and a deep navel around her medium sized tummy. She has a pussy with dense hair.

She was sure that her son would enjoy every bit if she would start revealing herself. So to motivate her son. She would hand over her pallu to her son. She would ask her son to pull the pallu of her saree. As his son pulls the pallu of her saree, he would remove her saree completely of her body. Thus, she would expose her tits poking out of her blouse and her navel to her son. She would walk shaking her ass to stimulate her son even further.

She would then hug her son tightly against her body. Her son by that time would close his eyes unable to bear the huge amounts of pleasure thrusted on him by his mom. As Raju would mostly be naked in front of his mom, when they lie on bed, Radhika would lie over her son. She would kiss his cheeks and would then kiss his lips with great passion. She would put her tongue inside his mouth and suck his lower lips.

She would then kiss his nipples and lick all over his body.
She would rub his thighs to tease another blow job. She would then lick his ass hole and stimulate him further with great amounts of pleasure. As a grand finale she would finish it off with a great blow job. This continued for some days. Raju thoroughly enjoyed it. But exams approached even faster. Therefore, Raju and mom reduced their bed time games to just a kiss and a quick blow job.Whenever each and every examination had more study time in between. They would enjoy each other the same way as described above.

Most exams passed. Raju was confident that he did well and would surely get 90% and above in all and his mom was elated. The last exam was the toughest of them all. Radhika made a deal with Raju. If Raju would study hard and do well in the last exam then they would do something very different in bed. Something Raju would never forget for the rest of his life, promised Radhika. Raju was up for the challenge. He wondered what that experience would feel like. He knew that if he studies hard for these few days, he would win the ultimate pleasure. So he started studying hard. He did the final exam very well, perhaps he expects the highest marks in that exam.

He went home, he saw his father at home. Looks like he was on an off for a couple of days. Raju was frustrated internally. But his mother secretly told him to hold his feelings for a couple of days because after a couple of days Raju’s dad is flying to US on an onsite project and would take a month to come back. Raju was elated. He was biting his time off for those couple of days. Finally Ramesh left for US. Those two days went like 2 decades as he was waiting and wondering what was that pleasure that his mom promised him.

As soon as Raju dropped his dad in the airport and came back, Radhika too waited biting her nails. As soon as he came back to the house. Radhika immediately locked the door and hugged Raju tightly. Both literally fought each other as to who should kiss whom first and where. Raju murmurred that he had waited long and so did Radhika.

They went to bed. Radhika stripped off her saree. Raju stripped off all pieces of clothes that stuck on to his body. Radhika first asked why Raju’s abdomen was flat and hard while her abdomen was soft and bumpy? Raju answered no. Radhika then took Raju’s palms on to her navel and said that’s the first difference between a man and a woman. She then asked him to put his index finger inside her navel hole. Raju inserted his finger. Radhika said that was the connecting point through which she fed him when he was inside her womb.

Radhika then ordered raju to worship her navel by kissing her an licking her navel. Raju enjoyed licking her navel. This went on for about 10 minutes. Radhika then asked did Raju ever wondered why his chest was flat and thin while her’s was round and fat. Raju said no again. She then said that is the second difference between a man and a woman. She asked Raju to remove her blouse.

Radhika never wears a bra at home. As Raju removed the hooks of her blouse, Radhika removed her blouse and threw it off in a flash. Now Radhika was standing topless in front of her son. Raju couldn’t believe what he just saw. They were round, average in size and the size of her thick, dark, and pointing nipples put him in a mesmerizing state. She then hugged Raju tightly and rubbed her breast against her son’s chest. Raju was moaning in joy, so was his penis which jumped in joy.

It then oozed with pre cum. She then stepped back. She let her son admire her breasts inch by inch. She then spoke with a husky voice that god created a woman’s breasts so rounded because they could carry milk. She then commented that her nipples were bigger and more pointed than his so that he could suck her when he was a baby. Saying so she bought her son’s face close to her nipples. Even before she passed her son orders,

Raju instinctively started sucking her nipples hard. Now Radhika was in heaven and she started breathing heavy. Her son played with her breasts licking her breasts all over. She then brought her son’s hands on her breasts and asked him to squeeze her breasts as hard as he can. Raju squeezed them like a sponge that was wetted by water. Radhika shouted in joy.

After Raju thoroughly played with her breasts. She asked Raju another question relating a woman’s bodily mysteries. She asked her son why women shake their ass while walking. Raju said he had no idea again. She then said that women have so much of flesh beautifully molded in their ass that they can’t help but boast to men how beautiful they look. Saying so she turned her back against Raju and stripped off the last cloth that was sticking on to Radhika which was her petticoat.

Raju was dumbstruck again to see his mother’s pumpkin like buttocks. Radhika ordered in a husky voice again, to play with her ass in any way he wants. Radhika adviced her son to enjoy her ass in as many ways as he wanted to. She also adviced her son to follow his instincts. Raju first hugged his mom from her backside and rubbed his penis real hard against her. He cummed instantly.

He then kissed her neck and licked her back. He then knelt down and started to kiss her ass. He caressed her butt cheeks with his palms and thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of her buttocks. He then inserted his tongue much similar to how his mother used to lick his buttocks and licked her wild. Radhika was moaning hard out of great pleasure. She was never stimulated this much by her husband also. After some great time with mother’s ass, Radhika told Raju to take a break.

Raju first refused but she said like a mother to have dinner and then continue. Radhika served Raju with dinner casually without wearing anything stark naked. Raju also had his dinner stark naked. Raju couldn’t take his eyes off his mother as she was standing in front of him in a never seen manner. He enjoyed the pretty size of the poking thick black nipples of his mothers and that wide, fat and plump buttocks of his mother. But in spite of his mother’s womanly possessions he found something different and something more magical with his mother. He couldn’t figure out what it exactly was.

They had their dinner. After dinner, Radhika washed the utensils before resuming their love games. As Radhika was washing the utensils, Raju stood beside her and was thinking deeply as to what was that something different that he noticed in his mother. He took a deep look at her nipples. He took a look at her buttocks. Then his eyes shifted to the pubic hair. He saw his.

Although he had some bit of hair around his penis, he was aroused at the view of thick dense pubic hair that his mother had over there. Aha! Now he realized what was missing. He had a penis, but she didn’t. As they went to bed. He asked his mother the same question. Mom then reminded him of his eighth standard biology lessons on Bee and Flower. Raju recollected the lesson and asked his mother what is it got to do with the game.

Radhika said pointing at her vagina saying that Raju was the bee and her vagina is the flower. Lying on the bed, Radhika spread her legs and parted her hair. She then parted her pussy lips to show the inner pinkish vulva of her pussy. She asked her son if he could see the pink flower. Raju nodded in affirmative. Radhika then educated her son saying that every girl has a vagina and it looks like a flower. She also said that men are born to lick the vagina and get the nectar out just like a bee.

Raju lied down and inserted his tongue into his mother’s vagina. As he started to lick his mom’s pussy, his mom started moaning louder. She was enjoying her son’s touches with his tongue. They felt like a cold sponge on a hot tunnel. The more she moaned, instinctively, the more was Raju encouraged to lick harder. He continued to lick and Radhika instinctively pushed her son’s head inside her cunt encouraging him to lick harder.

She reached her orgasm and cum on her son’s face. She then said that this was the nectar that every man must take out of a woman to keep her happy. She also reasoned out that a flower blossoms brighter after a bee deflowers it by taking the nectar. Saying so, she pulled Raju to her breasts and pressed his head on her soft breasts. Raju continued to kiss her breasts. Radhika licked all over her son’s cheek and face. She then kissed her son’s mouth and their tongues entangled again.

After a few minutes they broke the kiss. Radhika then said the final game will be the ultimate one. She asked whether did he wanted to know how he was born. Raju replied with a yes. She then caught hold of his penis and guided it inside her vagina. It was reasonably tight as it did not have a fuck for a long time. She encouraged her son to push his penis harder with all his might. Raju was hesitant to start with. But Radhika said it was ok and he won’t harm her by trying to push his penis aggressively inside her cunt. Raju pushed his penis inside her cunt as hard as he can. Radhika supported him by circling her legs against his buttocks and giving him extra f***e to push his penis inside her cunt.

Now Raju’s penis was deep inside his mother’s cunt. It was wet, warm, and he felt as though he was in a pool of lukewarm water. His mother too enjoyed the hardness of her son’s penis. Instinctively Raju started to push in and out his penis inside his mom’s cunt slowly. Radhika said this was what happened between her and her husband during first night and that’s why he was born.

Raju listened to it with heavy moans. Radhika then with a moaning voice said the hole that he is pumping right now is exactly the hole out of which he was born when she was 26 years. She also said that 18 years later, she feels so great to know that her own son is going back to her womb with his penis by fucking her.

As Raju fucked his mom harder there were no more words exchanged. Only moans. Both mother and son were in their extreme ecstasies. Raju wanted more of his mother’s cunt pleasure. He fucked her harder. His orgasm started to build. That gave him an even intense pleasure. He started to fuck her even harder. His orgasm quickly approached the climax. Raju moaned high. Soon he spurted several loads of cum inside his mother’s vagina.

Though Radhika did not cum, she understood that her son was a rookie and needs more experience to handle the situation better. She embraced her son while her son fell on her out of tiredness and fell asl**p quickly. Hence started the love journey between a loving mother and son.
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