Fucking my maid

Hi friends, I love ISS and have been an active reader since 2-3 years now. This is Rahul from Hyderabad. I am 23 now but this is the story when I was in class 8th. This is the first time I am sharing this story and I have not shared this to the best of my friends…

I used to live in apartments and just next to the apartments there used to be small slum with 5 families living in huts. I was in class 8 and masturbating was something which I started at that time.. Next to the slum used to be our cricket ground.

One day while playing cricket one of my friends hit the ball out of the ground and it went in to the slums, as I was fielding at the boundary I went to fetch the ball. The time was around 4 in the afternoon and the place was quiet.. When I went to fetch the ball, I was stunned to see a women aged between 25-30 with one of her breasts out (to feed her c***d) sl**ping on the floor.. She would have fallen asl**p while feeding her c***d.. Anyways I was happy. I was seeing a women with large breasts for the first time.. I checked it for some time and before anyone could see.. I took the ball and left.. The lady was Rajamma with a great bust.. I never measured it then but now I think the size was 38D.. I have never seen any boobs bigger than that till now..

From that day I started watching her everyday.. I used to watch her take bath from my window.. She used to take bath around 2 in the afternoon when the place was quiet.. And in my summer vacation. I used to love watching her take bath..

During the month of may, my servant maid ishwaramma went on vacation for a month and we needed a maid who could work for a month with us.. As my parents are working. We preferred a maid to wash clothes and dishes.. Since it was summer vacation, my mom asked me to check with anyone in the slums who can work for a month.. I was really excited and agreed immediately..

At 2 PM, in the afternoon.. I went to the slums to find rajamma.. I wanted only her to work at my place.. As I went.. I could see her taking bath.. She was nude.. She yelled at me.. Get out from here.. I said sorry and told that we are looking for a maid.. She asked me to come after 15 minutes.. I went back to the slums after 15 mins. And she agreed to work at my place..

Next day in the morning, after my parents left to work.. Rajamma came with her k**. I showed her my house and she started working.. Her saree was transparent.. She did not wear a bra and her breasts were seen my dick was you know. Highly excited… it was erected as I saw her.. She put the k** on the floor and went to work.. My dirty mind was thinking of some ideas.. Then I started playing with the k**.. And while I was playing.. The k** started crying.. Then I took the k** to her and said the k** is hungry I guess.. Then she took the k** and started feeding her in front of the TV.. She was sitting down and I was sitting on my sofa watching some telugu movie.. I could see her breast milk flowing in to the k**s mouth…after some time.. She was deeply engrossed in the movie the k** stopped drinking and milk came out of the k**s mouth…I told her that the milk is coming out and she placed the k** on the floor and turned to me with her breasts open and then covered with her saree.. I went in to the bathroom and started masturbating…

After some work.. She told me that she will take bath and come in the evening.. Then I said to her that.. Why are you taking bath in a public place. She said. They are very poor and don’t have a place to live… She said sorry for yelling at me the other day.. But most men come there to see her take bath nude. I was showing full sympathy and asked her to take bath everyday during my vacation in my bath room..

She said ok and I showed her the bathroom.. My bathroom had a tub and then I filled it with water. And then said her to remove her clothes and get in to water and left the place. She removed her saree in the bed room and went in to the tub and she started taking bath. She didn’t close the bathroom door. I saw her nude and just walked off ignoring.. I hid her sareee and closed my bed room door, the k** started crying again as it couldn’t find the mother.. I took the k** in to the bathroom. She sat up in the tub and started feeding her. Then I was staring at her boobs.. She was like… Babu.. Stop staring and go out of bath room.. But I was not in this world.. I was still staring.. She got up from tub… She was nude. This was the first time I was watching a nude women so closely my dick was up in my shorts and she noticed the bulge.. She ran in to my bed room and took her saree.. I came to the bed room and said can I suck your breasts.. She was like noooooooo wayy… I said I will give her 25 rupees… When I said that. She said okie… And called me. Then I got nude. And I went to sl**p on her lap. She put her breast in my mouth and I started sucking like a hungry bull I drank the milk for at least 30minutes.. She was moaning all the way…I took the other breast and sucked it for another 30minutes.. It was all fun and my dick was at 90 degrees through out the hour. Sucking breasts was my fantasy and I was so excited that I achieved it.. Then I got up and started masturbating in front of her.. She was laughing and helped me on masturbation. I finally cummed on her face. And she said. U are a big boy. I thought u were a k**

I asked her different questions and she agreed to have sex with me the next day… She said… She got her operation done and I can have raw sex without a condom. I was so happy and the day finally arrived.. Rajamma came home at 10 in the morning. Then I asked her to lie on the bed. I removed her blouse and started sucking her breasts. I liked boob milk so much. I asked her to put it in to a glass and store it in the refrigerator.. Then I removed her entire saree. And saw the pussy with hair… I was scared.. I asked her what the hell is this. She started laughing and said.. This is where I pee from.. She said you have to kiss me here. As per m instruction I kissed her there… The lady was huge in front of me.. She turned me around and started sucking my dick.. That was 69. I was so damn happy that someone is sucking my dick like a lollipop.. After 5 mins.. I started coming out and she took it inside. She was also enjoying me sucking her pussy.. I didn’t like the taste. So I got some choco powder and put it there to suck it.. She was so happy…

What happened next will be revealed in my next story…
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nice story!
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good story you have wonderful chance to fuck in your chilhood.
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