Fucking Sex St raving Grandma s****r and Her Daugh

Fucking Sex St raving Grandma s****r and Her Daughter

This was happened when I was 21, one day taking leave from work I want to my native , I reached native , I came to know my mother was in hospital and my father and my only s****r is hospital. I went and see her she was happy and another a day or 2 she has to stay in the hospital, In the evening my mothers chithi( my grandma s****r) she came to see her ,she is a widow and only daughter is a nurse in Bangalore ,once in a 2 month she will come ,so grandma alone in the village, she never went out of the village and she was 65 ,in her age she was well built and strong ,nice look ,white in compaction, she looks as 50 ,
She saw me she was happy and she told my father ,to go home she and me look my mother careful for 2 days Father and s****r went home ,In the evening me and grandma went for a film in the theater ,there in the “Q” she was rubbing with her thigh and butts, some time with her boobs ,and always she was holding my hand and shoulder, from the back she press her boobs on me, some time me also turn around and we face to face touching her boobs, my erected rod was touching her butts and thighs, sometime later I also bold and put my hand on her shoulder. any way we enter the theater and sat one corner, there she was telling her husband’s story about how he was & how she got married and now she was missing last 10 years, and she is alone she want live with someone, I told come with me to Mumbai and you can stay with me and some time you can stay in Bangalore with your daughter, She agreed and she hold my hand kiss my hand ,I put my arm on her shoulder and told her I like you and love you, you have to come to Mumbaii,
She agreed, and told me your mother never permit me to stay with you, I told don’t worry I will get from Father and mother; I put my head on her shoulder and was seeing the film. after the intermission she put her arm on shoulder and rubbing my arm and she stared kissing my left face ,I came to know she need me and she want fucking ,I put my left hand on her right thigh and stared rubbing ,she help me to do ,I moved upwards and reach her pussy side ,she moved her thigh and hold my hand with both thighs, then I hug her and ,we kissed each other, and squish her old and gold breasts, she hug me tightly, I slowly moved my one hand to belly and moved to her pussy, she took one leg on the chair and gave room to do lift her sarry up and insert finger in to her pussy. Already it was ousting and wet. suddenly film was over and .we left to hospital In night after food my mother was sl**ping ,we 2 was sl**ping next room on a coat, it making notice when we were moving, It was a disappointment for us ,I put my hand and squeeze her breasts, my road was hitting to her butts, she turn and kissed me, we 2 was kissing hugging each other ,I asked her to do fucking , she told your mother will kill me and she never allowed me in to your house and ,I have to kill myself, then I put my hand on her pussy and insert my fingers to her pussy and she was moving her butts up and wow ,then I took her thigh on my thigh and told her touch my road to her pussy,
She agreed, and I never had fuck any body, she roll up her saree and hold my road and started rub on her pussy, she never shaved last several years, then I told her to do with hand and ejaculate my semen, she sat near me and did for me and pour our my fluid, we slept, and morning she got up. looks like normally, and the 2 days we spend in the theater and in the night ,only hand work, The 3rd day father came and mother discharged ,and I asked mother and father ,that I am taking to grandma to Mumbai , because the home owner will allow me only families, both agreed and told grandma are you willing to go Mumbai ,she gladly agreed and we were traveling to Mumbai on the trainee ,then I asked TT any vacant in the first class ,he arrange one ,we both enter the cabin and closed the door, I hug her and kissed her and told grandma this is my first time ,I am going to fuck ,you have to tell me how to fuck, she left and sad this is nothing but, how both male and female is cooperating each other, and how both loving each other. suddenly TT nock the door and sad he also coming this cabin because he not have place to sl**p.
I got up set, she grandma told don’t worry, we will do once reach we Chennai. Morning 4 am we reach Mumbai station before that we finish toilet and brushing the teeth in the train and get ready for fuck once we reach home, we catch a auto to home, we reached 4.30 am ,No one was in the compound ,we just enter the house and I locked the door and I move to the bed room and ,first I change my dress in to lungi , she was looking around the home ,I sat on the bed and little nerves and I don’t know how to start the play ,I call her to room ,she came to the room and stand in frond of me , I stand ,she press my shoulder and told me to sit ,I pull her close to me and kiss her boobs, she cooperated me to do ,she pull down her sarry and I opened her blouse, now she naked ,I suck her boobs and messaging her buttes, and I insert my fingers to her hairy pussy, then she sat near me and kissed me , we both enjoyed kissing , she slowly laid on the bed ,I also laid remove my lungi and hug each other ,she was village beauty very strong body ,she hold my rod and rub her pussy, and it was wet ,I moved on her top and insert my road to her pussy, it went inside, she told me to pump slowly started pumping and she was moving her butts up and down, it took about 5 min I about to cumm ,she told me do slowly then I did slowly ,after some more time I was fucking ,my semen poured in to her pussy, this is my first fuck in my life. Then she went to toilet and cleans her pussy, and called me and she cleaned my road also,
Then again we sat on the bed ,she pull me on her lap and she started kissing ,I was sucking her firm boobs, she hold my road and started masturbate, it again become 90 degree ,she told me to laid on her top she bend her leg v shape ,asked me to suck her pussy it was hairy ,I little bit hesitate and did sucking, she was moving her buttes, then she pull my hair up and ,I started fucking again, we did a nice fuck , she told me this is her fist fuck after my grandfather died. hole day we enjoyed, more foreplay and sucking but fucking only four time till night 8.pm. Then we took bath and we went for food. Around 11 pm came to home. now she was more beauty and active, I helped her to remove her dress and she become naked and she laid on the bed, I also remove my dress and, we started next round, In the hole night and till morning she allowed me to fuck only 3 times .Like every day we are enjoying our fun in fucking. I took her to all the places n when I went ever I go for official work, we enjoyed like honey moon after 2 month, she went to native for 15 days,
I was waiting for her arrival 20th day she came .I went to station in the morning ,the train came the right time., she came out of the train and hug me ,and told me in my slowly she can’t live without me, we catch a auto and reach home ,she close the door ,I carry her to the room and laid her on the bed , I removed her dress and me also naked we two are hugging and kissing ,she asked me to do fuck, she badly need ,I insert my road in to her pussy and started fucking ,she moving her butts and enjoying my fuck finely I pour my semen fill her pussy, she gave me a big and long kiss, and insert her tongs in my mouth ,I suck her tong, and without cleaning her pussy I started sucking her pussy it was shaved looks like teens pussy, she turn around she started do blow job, she was pulling my rods fours kin in and out with her mouth and sucking ,it shows she was experience one in sex ,no shy are ugly.
Every day minimum 2 fucks we do , one day we are standing on the terrace, we saw through other house window ,the next door neighbor was fucking her wife ,she bend front and he was fucking her back, no one was seeing us, I went grandmas back and she holding and lane the wall ,and I message her buttes for awhile and roll up her sarry and sit rub my road to her buttes, she wide her legs and she told me to insert my road to her pussy ,I slowly started fucking she was not able to stand for a long time she sat on the floor and she ,did a nice blow job fore me, and then we went room and she showed her pussy and fucked her like dog fucking, it was nice and new experience for me. then one day I bought one sex book, we read the book, she like to read sex books, when ever new passion we saw we will try and we are enjoying the days, for 2 years it went, one she told me to fuck her daughter who was in Bangalore, she don’t have c***d, she was 28, I will tell the story later,
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3 years ago
Very sexy story.
4 years ago
oh yes tell us about the Daughter
4 years ago
yes please tell us about the daughter