Sex With My Mother’s s****r


Sex With My Mother’s s****r Sex With My Mother’s s****r

I am Parveen and want to share some of the incident of my life here after a long thought. I had a sex with my Aunt (mother’s s****r) and it all happened without planning.

Quick Start:
Marriage was there in our house and all relatives were there and house was jam packed and in this I have to sl**p with my aunt and b*****rs on one bed, so I think four of us were sl**ping on one bed and first time when I realized that something gone wrong, when my aunt said to stop now it is morning, everybody is awake and trust me till now I don’t know what I did with her that night. Only thing I remember that I was pushing my face ageist her boobs and when she stood up from the bed when was adjusting her boobs into her bra.

That action gave me courage, it means my aunt does not have any objection but she is scared of the relatives. My Aunt lost her husband in the accident but her age must be 40 at that time and had grownup daughters. We never discussed, what happened that night but I was getting closer and closer to her, particular looking for time to spend her when she is alone. I use to take her on scooter for any reason and try to spend more time on roaming on the street. One day I took her to a see a under construction house and it was too hot day,

So we sat on the cot of care taker of the house in the small hut and I don’t what happened to me that day I hugged her and she said pl. leave me , but I think we were close enough and I were confident to lift her shirt up to kiss her boobs and she was hot at that time. But we did not do anything more that day. But w took one more step forward in our relation. So the day onwards I use to touch her pussy and boobs while driving on scooter and she use to hug me from behind. And we use to hug each other and kiss whenever we get time.

It was the day when I fucked her was when her daughters went to school and her mother went to other city and she was along. Ii called her at 8:30 approx. in the morning and confirmed if I can come. She said I can come but do not dare to do anything with her. I went to chemist and buy condoms and planned that at any cost I am going to fuck her. I went to her home knocked at door; she came and opens the door. She was washing utensils at that time. I went to kitchen with her and stand behind her and start taking and she was washing.

I started rubbing her shoulder and kissed her on the neck and hugged her from behind and start rubbing her tummy and my body was touching full with her from back. Within no time I started pressing her boobs and I can she her hands become weak for washing. But I did not said anything and continue pressing her boobs over the shirt and then took my hand below to touch her bare skin of her tummy and start lifting her shirt up and pressed her boobs over the bra and touched the nipples.

First time she said please don’t do…. but is low voice. I understood that she is getting hot i took no time to unhook her bra from behind and put my both hands to cover the naked boobs and started twisting the nipples. she stopped washing and bends a little further to take support of shelf with her elbows. Now her boobs were hanging downwards and her body was bend I took her shirt up from the behind to kiss on her bare back. Now I was kissing her on her back and twisting her nipples with both my hands and she was silent.

I took one more step to untie her lower and let it go on the floor, she just hold it with her hand and said NO please…… but it was too late as I left the lower and took my hand to nipples and start pressing them, she left the lower and bend again and give support to her body holding shelf with both her hands and I can feel, she was feeling weakness in her legs. Now I put one of my hands to rub her thighs and nipples with second hand and kissing her back. and with in no time, I was rubbing her pussy with hand and her lower was sitting on her feet and she was out of control.

I hold her tight from the behind and turn her to face me and hugged her tightly. I took her up in my arm and in that action her lower left on the floor and she is free from lower from my body. Now she was nude below her tummy as she was not wearing any underwear. Inn jerk i took her shirt out and she was complete nude. She did not say a word. I lifted her up in my arms and took her to bedroom and start kissing her and sucking her boobs. Now i took my T shirt and lower out and i was wearing only underwear.

And she also started to hug me. When i was taking more time to do oral First time she spoke. Somebody might not come. So i took it like she want to finish it before somebody come. So i took the condom from my pocket and put on my penis and saw her. She was ready for that. I positioned myself in between her legs and she guided me and the other min i can see satisfaction on her face to my penis inside her. She may be hungry for that for long time.

I waited for few seconds and then start pumping her and she crossed her legs on my back and her face was full of sex and she was controlling her moans by tightening of her lips. Her hairs were s**ttered on the pillow lips closed and little sounds coming from the closed mouth and i was pumping her hard. I don’t know what happened to me i was really pumping her hard that day and she was enjoying it. I felt that she is losing her legs from by back and feeling relax, so i under stood she got her orgasm

But i was in a different mood and i took my penis out of her and rounded her to see her back and lifted her from the waist and dragged her to bed side and i stand on the floor. Now she bend her legs and her ass is behind giving me full view of her pussy from the behind. i inserted my erected penis from the behind and start pumping her hard and she was responding back by pushing herself back. i fucked her for some time till my condom filled with my fluid.

And she just rolled over the bed and i took the condom out and left it at side and joined her on the bed. First time she hugged me so tightly and brings my head toward her breast and dragged the bed sheet to cover us. We slept there in each other arm and only wake up when it was 1.00pm and she asked me to leave as her daughters will be coming soon.

She did not said anything , not discussed anything but hugged me and kissed me while i was leaving. So this was my first sex with my Aunt.
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sooooo hot
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Very hot!
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Great story, now you need to fuck her daughters too.
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hot a good story only works if she is single
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Well maybe family reunions won't be so dull after all!
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oooo nice